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Apis Mellifica - General symptoms - Nash

The Honey-bee, Bee sting, Apis Mellifera, Apis mel, Apisinum, Apis.

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HPUS indication of Apis Mellifica: Stings
Apis Mellifica
Common symptoms: Stings, Allergy symptoms, Hives.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Apis Mel in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Burning, stinging pains (like bee stings); eyelids; throat, panaritium or felon, haemorrhoids, ovaries, (especially right one), breasts (mastitis), skin (erysipelas, urticaria, carbuncles).

Great oedema; general or local (face, ears, eyelids, especially lower); throat (diphtheria); genitals (especially scrotum); skin (erysipelas and urticaria); everywhere; general anasarca, abdomen. These oedemas are accompanied with the characteristic pains, or no pain at all.

Stupor, with sharp, sudden, shrill cries in brain disease (crie encephalique).

Thirstlessness, especially in dropsies and during heat of intermittents.

Skin alternately dry and perspiring.

Suffocative; feels as if every breath would be his last, especially in dropsical conditions or hot stage of intermittents.

Modalities worse after sleep, on touch (very sensitive), from heat and warm room; better cold room or air and cold applications.

Bad effects from suppressed or retrocedent exanthemata; measles, scarlatina, urticaria.

Involuntary diarrhoea, with sensation as if anus were wide open.

So we see how generally the system comes under the action of Apis Mellifica. In skin affections, especially the acute exanthems, this is the grand leading symptom, and is especially indicated in affections of the brain and meninges caused by a sudden suppression of skin diseases.

Apis Mellifica oedematous condition of Apis may be found in almost any part of the body, but is especially prominent in mouth and throat, eyelids and face, around the eyes (Phosphorus Phosphorus, whole Face); lower lids hang down like bags of water. (Kali Carb Kali carb., upper lids). In erysipelas the swelling of the skin is of this oedematous appearance, and generally with stinging pains.

Sometimes the oedema increases until it forms large blister-like bags of water.

The dropsical effusion may be general or local. It is found in the thoracic cavity, in ovaries, in abdominal cavity, scrotum, and genitals of females. One peculiar symptoms which helps to choose between it and other remedies in dropsy is the almost absolute absence of thirst (with thirst, Acetic acid, Arsenicum Album Arsenic and Apocynum Cannabinum Apocynum).

The sleep of Apis is either very restless, or in brain diseases there is deep stupor, interrupted occasionally by piercing screams. Never forget Apis then. In all inflammatory affections and in intermittent fevers, if you find the patient alternately dry and hot, or perspiring, think again of Apis.

No remedy has this alternation so strong as Apis. Sensation as if every breath would be his last is very characteristic, and occurs not only in dropsical troubles of the chest, but seems also to be a nervous symptom. In scarlatina Apis is especially indicated if the eruption is retarded or retrocedent and serious brain troubles result, and it is no less efficacious in post-scarlatinal dropsies if the symptoms do not indicate some other remedies.