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Apis Mellifica - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

The Honey-bee, Bee sting, Apis Mellifera, Apis mel, Apisinum, Apis.

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HPUS indication of Apis Mellifica: Stings
Apis Mellifica
Common symptoms: Stings, Allergy symptoms, Hives.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Apis Mel in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Morning), 5 o'clock, ague.

boring in temples, when awaking.

pressive pain. headache when rising.

pain in forehead. lachrymation.

adhering lids. sticking in the right lower lid.

swelling of the eyes. blowing blood from the nose.

dry palate. mucus in the mouth.

hawking mucus. accumulation of mucus and hawking.

pain in the throat. burning in chest and stomach.

sensation of soreness in the abdomen.

pain in the abdomen. after rising, pain in the abdomen and urging to stool.

urging to stool and pain.

stool. soft stool. diarrhoea.

hoarse. when rising, pain in nape of neck.

crawling on the knee. drowsy.

yawning. heat.

(Evening), Vertigo, when standing.

dizzy and weak. vertigo and headache.

headache. piercing in the temples.

piercing in the eyes and weakness.

pain in the eyes, when sewing.

lachrymation. cold nose.

coryza worse. chapping of the lower lip.

toothache. dry under the tongue.

pain in the abdomen. pain in the ovaries.

hoarseness, beginning.

cough. chapping of the hands.

feet swollen. faint. sleepy.

sleepy and startled. increased aversion to cold.

chilliness. chilliness and cold fingers.

sensation of heat..

Headache and chilliness, from 8 to 10 in the evening, with some toothache.

pain in the forehead, first left side, then right, thus alternating.

afterwards, in the vertex, right side, where it is also sensitive to the touch.

then in the temples, and, at last, again in the forehead, right side (second day).

morning of the third day, pain again in forehead, left side,.

Piercing itching around the eyes, in the brows, lids, and in the eyes themselves, more in the left, especially in the inner canthi, with a desire to rub the eyes while pressing them hard.

with this, soreness and smarting on the margin of the lids, in the canthi, and in the eye itself.

quivering of the eyeball, and a feeling in the eyes all day as if there were mucus in them, especially in the left,.

A small, rough, reddish tetter in the centre of the lobe of the left ear, extending somewhat back.

remained in the antrum after an eruption caused by preparing Rhus Tox Rhus.

was entirely removed after Graphites Graphites.

after five months, appeared again, a week after taking the Apis, and remained a week.

was only removed after Graphites Graphites,.

Tension in the face waked him at 1 o'clock at night.

the nose was swollen and the right eye and cheek.

stinging pain when touched.

under the right eye, beginning at the top of the nose, red stripes crossed the cheeks, lasted till 4 o'clock.

the following day, again, after midnight, rapid swelling of the upper lip, with heat and burning redness, lasting till toward morning.

third night, a sudden running across the right cheek, like a little insect, and stung him beside the nose, upon which the cheek and upper lip swelled,.

Took the poison of the queen bee.

first, I had a bitterish taste, which afterwards became more sharp and pungent, spreading over the whole fauces to the jaws, forcing the saliva from its channels. The tongue was affected as after chewing the Spanish Bertram root, but in a less degree. There was at the same time great activity in every part of the mouth, as if I had taken ten to twelve drops of the strongest alcohol. Emboldened by this, I tasted the poison of the common working bees, and that of wasps. It was the same, only that of the working bees was milder and less than that of the wasps (Swammerdam)..

Not until some hours after the sting, the throat swelled inwardly, then outwardly.

voice grew hoarse. breathing and swallowing very difficult.

Hoarseness, mornings, with dryness in the throat and no thirst, and drinking is of no use.

at the same time, soreness in the suprasternal fossa, and sensitiveness to pressure, likewise, in the region above both clavicles.

later, violent stitches through the lungs, here and there, through the hips and sides of the chest, with aching all over, but especially in the left breast.

constantly, a peculiar sensation as if cords were being pulled from the suprasternal fossa, downwards and sideways, in different directions,.

Severe cough, especially after lying and sleeping.

the tickling that causes it, in a little spot, very distinctly deep down on the posterior wall of the windpipe (second day, before midnight).

would like something to reach it with and brush over it.

his head aches while coughing.

he must bend it back, and hold it so that the shock cannot act with such violence.

as soon as the least bit of mucus loosens, he is better,.

Cough prevents sleep, after lying down, and wakens him towards midnight, with the same distinct clicking down back, which irresistibly irritates to violent shocks that are felt in the head.

ceases directly after the loosening of a small lump of mucus, which is swallowed (third to fourth days).

cough the fourth and fifth days, only evenings, not at night,.

In the region of the left ovary, pain as if strained, more when walking, evenings at 6 o'clock.

after several hours, also, a bearing down on right side, and a lame feeling in the shoulder-blades.

towards 11 o'clock, when walking, she is compelled to bend forward, on account of a contractive, painful sensation in the abdomen.

still felt the following morning, somewhat to the left (first day),.

At night, on removing the boots and socks, he found that his feet were swollen full, with a sensation of heaviness and stiffness.

the upper parts of the feet felt bungling and itched, and were of a bright red color.

on the soles of the feet and balls of the toes painful fulness, and as if he stepped on cushions when he walked (sixth day, from many large doses),.

Sensation of heat through the whole body, without external sensation of heat.

the trembling feeling, as formerly.

pulse 88. after several minutes she grows dizzy while standing, and as if about to faint.

is compelled to sit. turns very pale, and feels nausea to vomiting.

after lying down on the sofa she fell asleep.

anxious starting in sleep, with some cough.

turns on the other side, and sleeps quietly (evenings, soon after repeated doses, second day),.