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Apis Mellifica - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

The Honey-bee, Bee sting, Apis Mellifera, Apis mel, Apisinum, Apis.

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HPUS indication of Apis Mellifica: Stings
Apis Mellifica
Common symptoms: Stings, Allergy symptoms, Hives.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Apis Mel in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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For several days he was troubled with a morbid excitement of the urinary organs, (E. E. M.).

A very disagreeable sensation in the bladder, with a bearing-down in the region of the sphincter, and so frequent a desire to urinate that he not only did so by day, but was compelled to rise ten or twelve times during the night; soreness and burning when passing urine,

Burning in the urethra,

Burning in the urethra before and after urination (third day),

Burning before and after passing,

Burning and soreness when urinating,

As if scalded when urinating,

Soreness when urinating, as if scalded,

Stitchlike pain in the urethra,

When beginning to urinate, the swelling of the labia minora obstructs,

Frequent desire to urinate,

Frequent desire to urinate, attended with burning in the urethra, with uneasiness in the spermatic cord (sixth day, from large doses),

Frequent desire to urinate, with some burning before and after emission (second day),

Frequent desire to urinate, with a disagreeable sensation in the bladder; a bearing down in the region of the sphincter,

Almost incessant desire to pass urine; in passing, the urine seems to him to be unusually warm, even to burning, with sensation as if the flow were obstructed by a contraction in the bulbus; the quantity of urine is quite as usual,

After taking the 6th dilution in the evening, he was obliged to pass urine every five minutes the following days, (and others).

Repeated urination every few minutes all day (in a person never subject to such attacks; day after taking one drop of the 2d dilution, at night),

Day and night, very frequent passage of colorless urine,

Frequent and excessively profuse discharge of natural urine,

Frequent and extraordinarily copious discharge of urine, otherwise as usual, day and night, in a dropsical, pregnant woman (after three doses of the 30th dilution),

Enormous secretion of urine (four to six pounds daily), greatest when at some outdoor exercise, with flatulence and some looseness of the bowels (bee-bread), (Whitemore).

Decidedly increased passage of urine (first and second days),

Copious passage of pale, straw-colored urine, with brickdust sediment,

The previously very scanty urine diminished to one-half, with a violent burning sensation when urinating, as if scalded,

Urine highly colored,

Urine high-colored, and more frequent emission of small quantities (third day),

Pale-yellow, with brickdust sediment,


The testicle swelled to such a size "that it scarcely had room in the scrotum," with tension, and the most violent itching (after a sting in the scrotum),


A deep, penetrating pain begins in the clitoris, and extends down into the vagina; the labia minora are swollen, and feel dry, hard, and covered with a crust; hindered passing urine at first all day until it ceases, late in the evening, after the application of cold-water compresses,

Much flow of mucus from the uterus and the vagina, with cessation of internal burning in the abdomen,


A pustule, sore as a boil, surrounded by a red areola, and maturated in the centre, arises in the hair of the pubes, remaining sore and painful some days (eleventh day),

Sensation of weakness in the genitals,

Uneasy sensation in the spermatic cord,

Frequent and long-lasting erections,

Desire to cohabit during the day, while sitting at home and when driving (after five, six, and eight hours),

Very much increased sexual desire, in a hysterical woman,

She feels as she does in the beginning of pregnancy,

Bearing-down pains, as in the early stages of parturition (in several cases),

Metrorrhagia at the second month, with profuse flow of blood, heaviness of the abdomen, great uneasiness, restlessness, and yawning,

Miscarriage at the second month (from drop doses of the 2d dilution),

Miscarriage at the third month,

Abortion in the fourth month, with very copious hemorrhage, in a young, perfectly healthy, recently married woman, during a mild attack of fever, for which Apis was given,

Should be given to pregnant females with the utmost caution,

The numbness and dulness, beginning in the right abdominal region (from the ovaries) to the hip, now extends to the ribs, and down over the whole thigh; better when lying upon it,

When stretching in bed, a fine cutting pain in the left side of the abdomen, in the ovarian region, across to the right; first very faint, then stronger and stronger, increased at every repeated stretching; four or five times the same, then ceasing (evening, seventh day),

Great increase of pain and tenderness in the ovarian region, in two cases; one, of large induration, the other, in a supposed incipient stage of development,

In the region of the diseased right ovary, soreness, hardness, and burning heat,

Drawings in right ovarian region (twentieth day),

Drawing in the right ovarian region (twentieth day),


Hemorrhage from the uterus, occurring in a lady who was always regular and healthy; coming on one week after the cessation of the usual menstrual period, and three days after taking the medicine,

Bearing-down pains in the uterus, as if menstruation were coming on, with aching and pressure in the hypogastrium,

Pain in right ovarian region during menstruation,

The right ovarian region very sensitive during the period,

Pressure in the abdomen, in the back, and sacrum, as if the periods were coming on; she distinctly feels it running downward,

She feels, for several days, as if her periods were coming near the right time; but they remain away, and pregnancy has taken place (twentieth and following days),

Bearing-down pains, and sensation as if the menses would come on (in several cases),

As if the periods were coming on,

The period flows two to three days, then stops one day, and returns, and so on for ten days (in two cases),

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