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Apis Mellifica - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

The Honey-bee, Bee sting, Apis Mellifera, Apis mel, Apisinum, Apis.

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HPUS indication of Apis Mellifica: Stings
Apis Mellifica
Common symptoms: Stings, Allergy symptoms, Hives.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Apis Mel in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Desquamation of the whole surface of the skin (wasp),

Inflammatory swelling of the whole body; the right eye entirely, the left almost closed; cheek and nose level; the lower cheek hung down upon the breast; the breast was like a great loaf,

Rapid, considerable swelling,

Swelling of the whole body,

Spreading, inflammatory swelling (humble-bee),

Painful, red swelling,

Diffuse inflammation of the cellular tissues, ending in their destruction,

Swelling and an erysipelatous redness,

Sharp pain and erysipelatous swelling, very hard and white in the middle,

From 1 to 4, mornings, tension and swelling in the face and lips,

Hand, arm, face, and head, swell considerably (after a sting in the middle finger), (wasp),

Face, neck, breast, and limbs considerably swollen,

Swelling of the whole left side of the body (side of the sting, in the testicle), first in the joints,

Blotches on the body, and on the back of the hand, with stinging as of nettles,

Body covered with large wales, size of a Argentum Metallicum silver half dollar, slightly elevated and white (C. C. C.),

The whole body covered with red spots, as if scalded, with burning and sticking (after a sting in the neck),

Red and white blotches over the body and extremities like nettlerash, (A. R. M.).

Red place near the sting, with swelling on the stung spot, and red stripes along the fingers and the arms,

Erysipelatous redness of the toes, ; and the feet,

Redness of the stung spot; not till later, when the attacks were improving,

Red lines along the lymphatic vessels, from a sting in the middle finger and the arm (wasp),

Over the whole body, the most violent inflammation and excessive pressure when rubbing; covered with small white spots, resembling mosquito-bites,

Large, florid blotches appeared upon the skin, resembling erysipelas. This lasted for something over an hour, but was essentially relieved by a solution of Borax borax, (S. D.).

Rash; red blotches, with great sensitiveness of the skin to contact. This sensitiveness extended all over the body, (A. R. M.).

Spots of the size of a dollar swell up, without changing the color of the skin, and become uncommonly sensitive to the touch, as if sore (θ and 1st),

Sudden, indescribable sensation over the whole body, with a stinging feeling; red and white spots on the palms, on the arms and feet,

Her whole body was covered with thickly swelled wales, without itching or burning; whereupon other symptoms disappeared,

Light-red, raised, hard swelling of the sting, and a chilly sensation around it (wasp),

Elevations on the skin, as after the bite of insects, painfully sore, sensitive to touch,

Small elevations on the skin, as after the bites of ants, appear at the extreme end, over the left eyebrow, pain as if sore, and are very sensitive to pressure (third day),

In a few minutes after the cessation of the spasms, there appeared all over her body and limbs, and even on her ears, a red eruption; some of the elevations in circumference the size of a pea, but generally like millet-seed. This eruption continued visible for an hour, and was very itchy while passing away, (J. P. D.).

With swelling of the face, and the whole body, he is covered with a kind of urticaria, that is somewhat paler than the usual color of the skin,

Itching and appearance of blotches, like nettlerash, after scratching, (B.).

Eruption, like nettlerash, over the whole body, with burning and itching (second day, after 30th dil.),

Nettlerash over the whole body, and lessening of the previous symptoms,

Nettlerash after fever,

Very soon, a dense nettlerash over the whole body, that itched very much, and disappeared after a good sleep,

Nettlerash (appeared a week after the sting; the symptoms had disappeared), (C. C. C).

Sensitive pimples, (B.).

Red pimply eruption, covering the entire body, but more evident and thicker upon his chest and back than upon his face and limbs, (E. U. J.).

Tetter on the lobe of the ear,

Eruption around the lips,

Inflammation, violent pains, and gangrene,

Pain of the sting seemed to penetrate deeply, and as if a hook were being drawn out there (wasp),

Violent sensation of burning like fire, in the seat of the sting (wasp),

Sensation of burning heat and stinging, in various portions of the surface of the body, at the same time,

Vivid, stinging pain, swelling and inflammation,

Over the whole body, from head to foot, as if he were being stung by insects, so that it prevented him from sleeping all night,

Stinging, prickling, burning, smarting, itching sensation, all over the skin, (E. E. M.).

Stitch, as from an insect, and then swelling,

Throbbing in the swelling,

Prickling over the whole body, externally and internally,

Prickling all over the body, most on the back and palms of the hands, the face, forehead, and under the eyes; chiefly in circumscribed points (directly after taking the 6th dil.),

Prickling over the whole body, as after the sting (lasting one to two weeks, returning after every exertion),

Intense burning itching all over his body, so severe that he retired to his room, and rubbed himself vigorously with his flesh brush (almost immediately), (E. U. J.).

Burning itching in several places,

Burning itching places, here and there, especially on the back (second day),

Itching pricking in the skin in different parts of the body, more on the lower extremities, and continued through the day (first day),

In evening, an intolerable itching, attended with a burning, fiery sensation, commencing in the arms, and finally spreading over the whole surface of the body, reaching to the feet, (S. D.).

Itching over the whole body (humble-bee),

The most violent itching, like pricking with needles, so that his whole body had to be rubbed with cloths,

Itching over various parts, especially on head and fingers (humble-bee),

Itching on the head, ; on the forehead and face, ; about the eye, ; and about the eyebrows, ; the lids,

In the canthi, ; in the eye, ; on the nose, ; on the back, ; on the hands, ; the palms, ; fingers, ; on the thighs, ; the knees, ; the lower limbs,

Violent itching of the tensively swelled scrotum,

Itching of eruptions, ; the bunches on the joints,

Stinging itching on the posterior surface of the right thigh, like flea-bites; directly after, the same on the right arm; better after scratching, afternoon,

Itching of the feet,

The itching is relieved by friction, (E. U. J).

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