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Apis Mellifica - Vertigo, Dizziness symptoms - T.F. Allen

The Honey-bee, Bee sting, Apis Mellifera, Apis mel, Apisinum, Apis.

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HPUS indication of Apis Mellifica: Stings
Apis Mellifica
Common symptoms: Stings, Allergy symptoms, Hives.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Apis Mel in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Confused vertigo, very violent at times; worse when sitting than when walking; extreme when lying down and closing the eyes. (During several days, and after several strong doses),

Attacks of vertigo and nausea (fifth day, and lasting into the second week),

Vertigo, with headache (evenings, after sleeping),

Vertigo, with blindness, (A. R. M.).

Headache, with vertigo,

Vertigo, and pressure in the forehead, after sneezing,

Vertigo, when pressing the head,


After sleeping on the sofa, evenings (second day),

Dizziness in the head, during the whole second day,

Whirling in the head, with weakness,

She grows dizzy and faint, while standing,

Her whole brain feels as if tired, gone to sleep and crawling; she feels it at the same time in both arms, especially the left, and from the left knee down to the foot,

During toothache, she feels it in her head, when biting her teeth together,

Headache, worse when reading, increased in a warm room,

Pain spreading from the gums into the head,

With cough, in single shocks, all the evening (first day),

With suppressed menstruation,

Burning, piercing in the head,

Burning and throbbing in the head, increased by motion and stooping, relieved for awhile by pressing the head firmly with the hands; with occasional perspiration (for some hours),

Very violent headache, and sensation of a great pressure, as of congestion to the head, with throbbing and painful burning in the temples, redness and smarting of the eyes,

Bursting, expansive pain in the head, attended by vertigo and confusion of the mind, (A. R. M.).

Inflammatory swelling, and twitching so violent that an apoplectic attack was feared,

The head seems as if too large, swelled to the size of a bushel-basket, causing him to look into the glass, involuntarily,

Swelling of the head,

Head feels too large,

She feels as if her head were too large; with sore throat,

Fulness and pressure in the head and stomach,

Head as if too full; it seems as if there were too much blood in it; heaviness, pressure, and sometimes a sudden rush of blood to the head, during which warm, close rooms are perfectly intolerable,

Great rush of blood to the head,

Dulness and the head feels compressed,

Head pains, as if pressed together,

Throbbing in the head, worse when moving and stooping, relieved for awhile by pressing the head between the hands,

Dull pain over the whole head, relieved by pressure,

Dull, heavy headache on rising, lasting till 3 in the afternoon (second day),

Dull pressure in the head, when rising from a reclining position, or from sitting,

Heaviness and pressure in the head, one hour after taking one drop, lasted three and four days,

Oppressive headache, when in a warm room, and reading,

Oppression of the head,

Frontal headache,


Violent headache, mostly confined to the forehead, with fever (second day),

Headache in the forehead, left side, with single stitches under the left ear, lachrymation of the left eye, chilliness, yawning, and some pain in the umbilical region (evening of eighth day),

Particularly disagreeable pain in the forehead with dulness and confusion (first day), (2d dil.),

Sensation of dulness across the forehead, just over the eyes (third day),

Pressing pain in forehead, with vertigo, after sneezing (at once),

Pressive pain in the sinciput, with vertigo, immediately,

Heat in the forehead, during headache,

Prickling in the forehead (6th dil.),

In glabella, tensive drawing of the skin up toward the forehead,

Dull confusion in both sides of the forehead, exactly from the supraorbital ridge to the frontal protuberances, fifteen minutes after taking, lasting about two hours, and ceasing after breakfast,

Headache in the left side of the forehead, with lachrymation,

Pain in the organs of causality, comparison, and ideality,

Dull, heavy pain in the forehead and sides of the head (temples?) that is relieved by pressure with the hands (St.),

Dull pressive headache in the upper part of the forehead, as if it would burst, extends to the temples,

Violent, pressive pain for several days, in forehead and temples,

Headache, in single jerks, from the temples to the middle of the forehead; therewith, exterior head sensitive to the touch; increases at 10 in the forenoon; the eyes burn; the nose itches; (second day), the same; likewise, the sixth to the tenth day,

Stitches in the forehead and temples,

Pain in both temples; the whole head heavy, sleepy, and stupid (after one hour),

Bursting in the temples,


Violent aching pains through the temples and organs of causality, comparison, mirthfulness, and ideality,

Throbbing and painful burning in the temples,

Throbbing, painful sensation in the temples,

Boring pains in the temples, every morning, on waking (for three mornings),

Boring pains in the temples, continued for several days, at intervals, lasting only a few minutes at a time; beginning the third day (after taking three drops of the 3d dil., every morning),

Dull, pressive pain in the right temple, on waking in the morning, soon changing to the left,

Slight aching in the left temple,

Violent, sharp pain in the left temple,

Stitch in the left temple (evening of sixteenth day),

Pain in the vertex, evenings,

Violent pressure in the top of the head, left side, deep inward, when drawing on boots (after an hour); afternoon, a pain in a little spot, inwardly, in the left front corner of the head, above the extreme end of the left eyebrow; lasts all day; worse when coughing (after several days),

Weight and fulness in the upper part of the head,

Heaviness and fulness in the vertex,

Tension in the scalp, on the vertex, as if everything were violently drawn apart there; not painful, but with great anxiety,

Sensitiveness to touch, ; on the vertex and forehead,

Tensive, drawing pain over the left side of the head,

Headache, with fulness and heaviness in the occiput,

Violent, dull, heavy pain in the right parietal protuberance, as if the surface of the bone were being pressed in; not relieved by pressure (soon),

Dull ache in the occiput,

Aching in the occiput, increased by shaking the head,

Pressure in the occiput, very soon,

Tension from the back of the neck,

Violent drawing from the back of the neck, extending behind the left ear; spreading over the left half of the head,

Falling out of the hair, all through the proving,

Itching on the head,

Itching of the scalp (afternoon of third day),

Head confused and dizzy, with constant pressive pain above and around the eyes, that is somewhat relieved by pressure of the hands,

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