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Arnica Montana - Generalities symptoms - Clarke

Leopard's Bane, Arnica, Mountain Arnica, Amica, Arn.

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HPUS indication of Arnica Montana: Bruises
Common symptoms: Bruises, Boils, Jet lag.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Arnica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Great drowsiness during the day, without being able to sleep.

Inclination to sleep, early in the evening.

Comatose drowsiness with delirium.

Wakens at night with a hot head, and is afraid to sleep for fear of its recurrence.

Anxious dreams about animals.

Sleep not refreshing and full of anxious and terrible dreams, and waking with starts and frights.

During sleep, groans, talking, snoring, involuntary stools and urine.

Giddiness on waking.


Convulsions, traumatic trismus and tetanus.


Tearing, drawing in outer parts.

Pricking, from without, inward.

Pressing in inner parts.

Tingling in outer parts.

Acute drawing, crawling, pricking, or paralytic pains, and sensation as from a bruise in the limbs and the joints, as well as in the injured parts.

Pain, as if sprained in outer parts, and in the joints.

Pains, as of dislocation.

Rheumatic and arthritic pains.

Restlessness in the diseased parts, which causes them to be constantly in motion.

Aggravation of pains in the evening and at night, as well as from movement, and even from noise.

Unsettled pains, which pass rapidly from one joint to the other.

Soreness of the whole body, with tingling.

Stiffness of the limbs after exertion.

Muscular jerking.

Stiffness and weariness of all the limbs.

Sensation of agitation and trembling in the body, as if all the vessels were throbbing.

Extreme sensibility of the whole body, chiefly of the joints and of the skin.

Over-sensitiveness of the whole body.

Bleeding of internal and external parts (vomiting of blood).

Ebullition of the blood, and congestion in the head, with heat and burning in the upper parts of the body; and cold, or coolness, in the lower parts.

Fainting fits, with loss of consciousness, in consequence of mechanical injuries.

General prostration of strength.

Paralytic state (on the l. side) in consequence of apoplexy.

Dropsy of inner parts.

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