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Arsenicum Album - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Arsenious Acid, Arsenic, Arsenicum, Ars. Alb, Ars Alb, Arsenic alb, Ars.

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HPUS indication of Arsenicum Album: Vomiting
Common symptoms: Vomiting, Worry, Chills, Diarrhea, Bruises.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Arsenicum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Hypochondriac and Umbilical Regions.

Irritation of liver, with yellowish, or sickly pale look,

Pain in the region of the liver,

Violent pain in the right hypochondriac region,

Pain in the right hypochondriac and adjoining lumbar regions, the pain extending from these parts sometimes through the abdomen, sometimes into the right groin and side of the abdomen, like renal colic; urine unchanged,

Acute pain over region of the liver, much increased on pressure,

Hypochondria tense and shaken by convulsions,

Increased tension in the hypochondria during the paroxysm of fever; he is almost unable to lie on one side,

Pressing sensation in the liver when walking in the open air,

Drawing-stitching pain under the left hypochondrium, extending into the chest, when clearing the throat,

Hypertrophy of spleen,

Violent pains about the navel, causing him to bend forward, increased by touch and on attempting to raise himself, or to lie on the back,

Pains in the abdomen below the navel,

Drawing colic in the umbilical region (after two hours),

Dysenteric colic in the umbilical region,

Abdomen in General.

Swollen abdomen,

Abdomen swollen and painful,

Bowels rather tympanitic,

Abdomen fuller than usual,

Excessive swelling of the abdomen,

Swelling of the abdomen and of the orbital region,

Abdomen swollen and tense,

Distended abdomen, , etc.

Distension of the abdomen after stool,

Distension and pain in the abdomen,

The abdomen was soft and not distended,

Abdomen soft and sunken,

Rumbling in the bowels,

Rumbling in the abdomen, without stool,

Violent rumbling in the abdomen,

Rumbling in the bowels, morning on waking,

Weakness of the abdominal muscles,

Tendency to inflammation of duodenum, with violent pains,

Uneasiness in the abdomen, but only when at rest,

Excessively unpleasant feeling in the whole abdomen,

Anxiety in the abdomen, with fever and thirst,

Pain in bowels,

Pains in abdomen, , etc.

Pain over the abdomen,

Much pain in abdomen,

Unbearable pains in the abdomen,

The pain in the abdomen becomes seated in the left side,

Pains in the abdomen, with unbearable anxiety,

Anxiety, with pains in abdomen so violent that he grasped those about him, and again pushed them from him; frequently jumped out of bed and sat on the chamber, or ran about,

Pains in abdomen and legs,

Pain in the abdomen, with heat in the face,

Abdominal pains, with excessive urging to stool, when a diarrhoeic evacuation followed,

Pains in abdomen, with constipation,

Dull pain, with sensation of tension and heaviness in the right epigastric and hypogastric regions,

Violent pains in abdomen, , etc.

Violent pains in the abdomen, even caused screaming,

Intolerable anguish, and very troublesome sensation in the abdomen arrests the breathing, with lamentings about it,

Violent pains in the abdomen, with such great anguish that he had no rest anywhere; rolled about on the floor, and despaired of his life,

Such violent pains in the abdomen that on going home he had to hold on to the houses in order to prevent falling,

Violent abdominal pains, with incessant diarrhoea,

Pains in the abdomen, moving about, accompanied with diarrhoea and pains in the anus,

Violent rheumatic pains in the left side of abdomen,

Frequent but not continued pains in the abdomen,

Constant pain in right side of the abdomen,

The pains, which in the beginning only had their seat in the stomach, pass down into the intestines; he presses with his right hand the navel, and cries that his intestines are burning,

Violent burning in the abdomen (lasting half an hour),

Burning pain in intestines,

Burning pain in the abdomen, noon and afternoon, going off with and evacuation,

Burning pains in the abdomen,

Burning heat in the intestines,

Violent burning in the abdomen, throat and chest,

Violent burning pain in the bowels,

Sensation of warmth in the abdomen,

Violent burning in the whole intestinal tract,

(Burning in the abdomen, with pricking and cutting),

Burning in the abdomen, with heat and thirst,

Tension in the abdomen,

Feeling as if intestines were being drawn together,

The abdominal wall appeared to be drawn in toward the spinal column,

Abdomen drawn in, more tense; feels as in lead colic; little sensitive to pressure,

The abdominal walls are contracted and almost touch the spinal column; the recti muscles are stretched like a rope,

Frequent griping,

Cramp in the abdomen,

Cramps, which appear to commence in the abdomen,

Colicky feeling in bowels,

Colic-like attacks,

Excessive colic,

Twisting colic,

Colic and diarrhoea during the afternoon; chilliness, the colic continuing after the diarrhoea,

From time to time violent colic,

Violent colic pains during the night,

Excessive colic and pain in the stomach,

Colic, with copious stools,

Colic recurring periodically,

The colic ceases after stool,

Twisting and griping pain in the abdomen,

Twisting of the intestines and cutting in the abdomen, preceded by rumbling, and followed by three diarrhoeic stools,

Twisting of the intestines, with pinching and rumbling in the abdomen, before and during the liquid stool,

Cutting pain in the abdomen (), etc.

Frequent cutting pains in abdomen,

Violent cutting in the region of the abdomen,

Abdominal pains, cutting, burning,

Abdominal pains, as if the intestines were being cut with swords, causing him to cry out,

Cutting pain in the side of the abdomen below the last ribs, increased by feeling of it,

Clawing-cutting pains in the intestines, in the evening after lying down and in the morning after rising; the pains sometimes dart through the abdominal ring (as if hernia would protrude) into the spermatic cord and the perineum; when this colic subsides, a loud rumbling and grumbling in the abdomen set in,

Cutting and tearing in the abdomen, with icy coldness of the hands and feet, and cold sweat of the face,

(Lancinating tearing and gnawing pains in the intestines and stomach),

During the menses, pinching stitching cutting from the pit of the stomach down to the hypogastrium, also in the back and the sides of the abdomen; the pain was so great that she had to bend double when standing or sitting, with loud eructations, moaning, lamenting, and weeping,

Cutting, and sensation in the intestines as of being twisted together, previous to the diarrhoeic stool,

Lancinations in the left side of the abdomen under the short ribs, in the evening shortly after lying down,

Digging sensation, with pressure in the right side of the abdomen,

Stitches from the abdomen down into the vagina,

Stitching in the side of the abdomen under the short ribs; he cannot rest on that side,

A sensation was felt in the abdomen, and thence moved to the head, where was a beating, and, still more, a tearing; afterwards it extended to the left side, where one or two sudden jerking stitches were felt,

Tearing in the abdomen,

The abdomen was so tender that the slightest pressure could not be borne,

Abdomen sensitive to touch,

Abdomen painful to touch,

On touch, increasing pains in the abdomen,

On touching the abdomen, and especially the pit of the stomach, violent pains,

Painfulness and tension of the abdomen, so that he could not bear the bed covering,

Pain in the abdomen, especially in the pit of the stomach, increased by pressure,

Pain as if bruised in the abdomen, or as if crushed, during cough,

Pulsation in abdomen, extending deep into the bowels,

Pain deep in the abdomen,

Sense of burning and constriction in lower abdomen, especially on stretching the feet,

Pinching, increasing unto cutting, deep in the hypogastrium, only in the morning before and during diarrhoeic stool, and continuing even after,

Pain as if the epigastrium were cut off from the hypogastrium, with great anguish and lamentations about his pain,

Lower abdomen painful on pressure,

Sore pain in hypogastrium,

Burning in the groin,

Contractive pain in the left groin during micturition,

Pain as if sprained, when stooping, in the groin and right lumbar region,

Digging, burning pain in the boil in the groin, excited by the slightest contact,

Single violent, slow stitches in both groins,

Sensation of a bar around the flanks,

Inclined to lie on abdomen,

Abdomen distended,

Abdomen much swollen and tympanitic,

Abdomen distended, painful,

Abdomen meteoric, painful,

Tympanitic belly,

Abdominal muscles tense, outline distinct; firm pressure excited a little pain in right hypochondrium,

Abdomen retracted, not painful,

Abdomen retracted,

Mucous derangement of bowels and colic,

Increased contractility of intestine and stomach; increased peristaltic action of intestines,

Abdomen tender on pressure, and somewhat distended,

Abdomen painful, tender,

Occasional uneasiness in abdomen, and sometimes ineffectual efforts to go to stool,


Constant colic,

Dull griping pain in bowels,

Bowels griped and moved freely,

Griping pains,

Very violent pain in the abdomen, especially in the epigastric region,

Abdominal pain and tenderness to touch,

Pain referred to the upper abdomen, but not much increased on pressure,

Pain and tenderness over entire abdomen (after three hours),

Dreadful pains in belly,

Violent burning pain in the abdomen,

Severe burning pain in bowels,

Severe burning pain in whole bowels, but particularly in the side,

Smarting pain in the bowels,

Cutting pains through the bowels (second day),


Violent painless distension of the abdomen after a meal; he had to lean his back against something to be relieved,

Constant craving for food,

No appetite; still, he relishes the food he eats,

No appetite for dinner,

Loss of appetite, or else unusual craving for food,

Aversion to food,

Aversion to all food,

Great aversion to food,

(He cannot think of food without feeling nauseated),

Loathing of food, ()

Bitter eructations after a meal, with gulping up of a bitter, greenish mucus,

Sour eructations after dinner,

Frequent hiccough after a meal, followed by eructations,

Frequent nausea, with a sweetish taste in the mouth, not always after a meal,

Nausea before a meal; after eating or drinking, distension, or pressure and cutting in the abdomen,

Nausea, with imperfect waterbrash, shortly before and after dinner,

Disgust, nausea and vomiting, mostly two hours after eating, no matter how light the food was,

Nausea at times increases, so that one vomits food, mucus, and a fluid partly acid and partly bitter,

He vomits very easily, even after slight meals,

Violent vomiting, not only of the food last taken, but also of the fluid contents of the stomach,

He vomited several times very violently, at first fragments of food, then water, with great relief,

Vomited all the food he took,

Vomiting of food and white mucus,

Vomiting of food, mixed with a tenacious mass,

At first he ejected food by vomiting, then mucus and green bile,

Vomiting of food mixed with a reddish-brown liquid,

Frequent vomiting of food; soon after, repeated diarrhoea, with relief,

With tormenting retching, violent vomiting of a large quantity of greenish liquid, and two stools, consisting of the food eaten the day previous, almost undigested,

Vomiting, immediately after a meal, without nausea,

Vomiting after each meal,

Disturbed digestion from the slightest food,

Feeling of repletion in the stomach, with aversion to food, and pain in the stomach after eating, in the evening,

Weight in the stomach, as of a stone, after a meal,

Pressure at the orifice of the stomach and in the fauces, after a meal, as if the food remained high up, followed by empty eructations,

Pressure at the stomach for three hours, shortly after breakfast and dinner, accompanied with empty eructations, and a nauseating relaxation of the body,

Loathing of animal food,

For three or four weeks had had dyspeptic symptoms, and frequently had pain after meals, and could use little else than oatmeal porridge or other light farinaceous food,


Bloatedness every morning, with emission of flatulence a few hours after,

Spasms and pinching in the abdomen, in the evening after lying down, with breaking out of sweat; afterwards emission of flatulence and thin stool,

Great flatulence,

Flatulence having a putrid smell (after eleven hours),

The flatulence rises, and causes eructations,

Emission of a quantity of flatulence preceded by loud grumbling in the abdomen,

Rumbling in the abdomen, as of much flatulence,

Gurgling in the abdomen; flatulence,

Drawing and pressure in the abdomen, as from incarcerated flatulence, nevertheless no flatulence was passed,

Eructations occasioned by flatulence moving upward,


Eructation and nausea,


Nausea, , etc.; , etc.

Increased nausea,

Intense nausea,

Daily nausea,

Nausea in the pharynx and stomach,

Nausea, which seems to be seated in the throat, with accumulation of water in the mouth,

Nausea when sitting; water got into the mouth, as in waterbrash; the nausea disappeared on walking into the open air, and was succeeded by profuse discharge of papescent stools (after seven hours),

Nausea, with anguish,

Long-lasting nausea, with faintness, tremor, heat all over, and shuddering, after a few hours,

Pains in the stomach, causing nausea,


Uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen, afterwards colic, and very frequent vomiting,

Violent pains pervading the whole abdomen with continued vomiting and diarrhoea,

Abdominal cutting, with vomiting,

Violent abdominal cutting, with vomiting,

Violent tearing in the abdomen, with nausea and vomiting,

The vomiting ceases; he only constantly cries, "I am thirsty,"

In the morning, when waking, she feels qualmish and nauseated, as high up as the chest; afterwards, she vomits white mucus and has a bitterish taste in her mouth,

Nausea, with frequent inclination to vomit,

Nausea and desire to vomit, obliging him to lie down, in the forenoon; accompanied with tearing around the knuckles, and in the dorsum of the foot,

Nausea, then vomiting,

Constricting nausea, followed by vomiting,

Nausea and vomiting,

Nausea, and occasional vomiting,

Nausea and violent vomiting,

Constant nausea and vomiting for several hours,

Sickness and vomiting,

Inclination to vomit,

Inclination to vomit, without vomiting, etc.

Desire to vomit, and violent vomiting,

Inclination to vomit, after the heat,

Desire to vomit, also in the open air,

Constant inclination to vomit, with rare vomiting, but frequent retching, which as it seemed increased periodically with oppression,

Desire to vomit; qualmishness when sitting up in bed, and frequently sudden vomiting,

Drinking brandy lessens the inclination to vomit,

Constant retching, without real vomiting,

Retching, and sometimes vomiting,

Violent retching and vomiting,

Very violent retching and vomiting,

The retching and vomiting nearly approached convulsions,

Retching, with frequent vomiting of white mucus,

Retching and vomiting as soon as he has taken a few spoonfuls of soup,

Retching and repeated violent vomiting of mucus and bile,

Attempts at vomiting,

Very great effort to vomit,


Vomiting, (), (and numerous others).

Vomited a little,

Vomiting freely,

Severe vomiting,

Violent vomiting,

Violent vomiting, as if the bowels would be torn asunder,

Continued violent vomiting, with the sensation as if it would tear out his stomach and intestines, as with a pair of forceps,

Violent vomiting, lasting, with little interruption, half a day, at times mixed with blood, with cutting in the stomach,

The vomiting is generally violent and incessant, and excited by any substance taken into the stomach,

Very violent vomiting, , etc.

Violent vomiting, with internal burning, thirst, and heat,

Most violent vomiting, with fearful pains in the abdomen and legs,

Vomiting not copious, with remarkable effort,

Excessive and most difficult vomiting of the beverage, and of yellow-green mucus and water, with bitter taste in the mouth, which remained a long time after,

Frequent vomiting,

Repeated vomiting, for forty-eight hours,

Vomiting at short intervals till the next day,

More frequent vomiting, not only bilious, but bloody and slimy, every half hour, day and night,

During painful, continued retching, vomiting repeated at least every ten minutes,

Frequent labored vomiting,

Vomiting, almost incessant, and very severe, continuing six hours, then recurring by spells, for twenty-four hours,

Almost incessant vomiting for forty-eight hours, with fearful burning in the abdomen, and thirst that cannot be satisfied,

Incessant vomiting,

Vomiting cannot be stopped, with violent retching, griping in the abdomen, and pains,

Vomiting bitter, ,

Vomiting of a bitter green-yellow liquid,

Vomiting of ingesta, ,

(Vomiting of the ingesta, for several weeks),

Vomiting of large quantity of fluid,

Watery vomiting,

Vomiting white fluid,

Vomiting of a scanty yellowish fluid, streaked with green,

Copious vomiting of pale yellow liquid,

Vomiting, without effort, of yellow mucus,

Greenish bitter vomiting,

Bilious vomiting,

Severe bilious vomiting,

Copious vomiting of bilious matter,

Vomiting of bile on getting up,

When vomiting, much green bile was ejected,

Vomiting of much green bile in the first hours,

Vomiting of bile and mucus,

Vomiting of green matter at night, of whitish stuff next morning,

Violent vomiting of mucus, bilious and frothy masses,

Vomiting of thick, glairy mucus,

Vomiting, two or three times, of a tenacious mucus and brownish mass,

Vomiting of brown and green substances,

Vomiting of an alternately thin or thick brownish-dark substance, with violent exertion and increase of the pain in the stomach, without subsequent relief,

Violent vomiting of a brown turbid matter, mixed with mucus, and sometimes streaked with blood,

Vomiting of a brownish substance, frequently mixed with blood, with violent exertion,

The vomited matter was colorless, pale-yellow, mixed with a little frothy saliva, or several streaks of blood,

Vomiting of blood-streaked mucus,

Vomiting mucus mixed with blood,

Vomiting of blood,

Profuse melaena; vomited blood, and his sputa was tinged with it,

Violent vomiting of blood, and evacuation of dark blood (with which a violent burning pain was felt in the anus); there was such a mass of blood that not a drop seemed left in the body,

Vomiting of bloody mucus,

Vomiting of mucus and blood,

Vomiting on raising the head,

Vomiting, an hour after getting up (for the first time in his life),

Vomiting every time after drinking,

After each drink the vomiting is renewed, with violent pains in the abdomen and pharynx,

Vomiting periodic, more a retching,

Vomiting every half hour, without pain or other appearance of suffering,

Vomiting, especially in the night, which lessened toward morning, when diarrhoea appeared,

The vomiting is relieved by water,

The vomiting brings no relief,

Violent vomiting, and very violent bleeding of the nose,

Vomiting of a substance which causes constriction of the throat,

Amid fearful retchings and convulsive contractions of the stomach, he had to vomit six times,

Vomiting, and afterwards violent diarrhoea,

Occasional vomiting and purging,

Vomiting and diarrhoea, , etc.

Excessive vomiting and diarrhoea,

Violent vomiting and purging,

Violent vomiting and purging, frequently repeated,

Violent vomiting and diarrhoea for four days,

Violent, continued vomiting, with diarrhoea,

Vomiting, alternating with diarrhoea; after which, lasting constipation,

Vomiting and painful diarrhoea,

Vomiting, and diarrhoea of greenish bloody water,

Vomiting and purging of dark-colored matters,

He vomited, the first two days and nights, about twenty times (which ceased only after eight days), and purged often, especially at first,

Vomiting and diarrhoea bloody,

Vomiting and diarrhoea, during the whole night,

Vomiting and purging, with unbearable odor,

Horrid cries accompany the vomiting, which continues day and night,

The vomiting returned accompanied by violent palpitation of the heart (second day),

Vomiting was followed by pain in the small of the back,

Vomiting, eighteen to twenty times in succession, after which she became very weary, so that she could not speak, could only complain of her abdomen,

Vomiting of a thin, bluish, dirty yellow substance, followed by great debility,

Vomiting with diarrhoea, directly after the swoon,

Vomited several times, then feel asleep, and slept until near midnight,

Violent vomiting, followed by copious sweating,

Incessant vomiting of the milk that had been taken, with roaring like a wild animal, on account of pain,

Vomiting with returning consciousness,

Violent vomiting and frequent unconsciousness, lasting but a few moments; immediately after, trembling, abdominal pain, and repeated stools followed,

The vomiting occurs mostly by paroxysms, without great exertion,

Pains and cramps in stomach, with vomitings and waterbrash, becoming very severe,

Pain in the stomach seemed to be the result of violent efforts to vomit,

Momentary relief of burning and nausea followed the vomiting,

Pain in the stomach, as if full of flatulence; eased at first, after vomiting and diarrhoea, but subsequently returning with greater violence,

The increase of appetite is remarkable, and is almost always observed when the dose is weak. A strong dose produces opposite effects, such as diminution and even complete loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting,

General distress in the stomach, followed by nausea and vomiting,

His stomach seemed to jump, and severe pain, with vomiting ensued. The matter vomited was fluid, apparently the water he had drank, and it relieved him. The pains soon returned, however, and were very acute over the whole belly,



Appetite and Thirst.

Appetite morbidly increased,

Desire for sour things,

Great desire for acids and acid fruit,

Inclination for lard,

Capricious appetite,

Inclination to eat, but everything is repugnant,

Diminished appetite,

Want of appetite, etc.

Want of appetite for eight days,

Want of hunger and appetite for ten days,

(*Want of appetite, and violent thirst),

Want of appetite, and a pressing sensation in the region of the stomach,

Loss of appetite (), etc.

Complete loss of appetite (),

Complete loss of appetite, all through the proving,

Aversion to butter,

Can eat nothing, everything is repugnant,

Inability to get nourishment swallowed,

Thirst (), etc.

Thirst and dryness of the mouth, with a peculiar thick white saliva,

Thirst and anxiety,

Increased thirst, etc.

A good deal of thirst, at night, owing to dryness in the throat, ceasing in the morning,

Great thirst, etc.

Urgent thirst,

Excessive thirst,

Excessive thirst

drinking did not refresh him,

he drinks much, but little at a time, (, "not found").

Intense thirst, , etc.

Thirst violent,

Thirst so violent that he drank eleven jugs of water in half a day,

Violent tormenting thirst,

Violent thirst, not without appetite,

Thirst, violent, continued,

Unquenchable thirst (), , etc.

Unquenchable thirst, with dryness of the tongue, pharynx, and oesophagus,

The thirst became unquenchable in the evening,

Unquenchable thirst, from morning till evening; he has to drink water every ten minutes,

Constant thirst,

(Suffocative thirst),

Burning thirst, (, "not found").

Burning thirst, without especial desire to drink,

Burning, unquenchable thirst,

He calls for refreshing fruits, and sucks slices of lemon with great eagerness,

Desire for vinegar water,

Great desire for milk, which was usually repulsive to her,

Great desire for coffee,

Thirst not very marked,

She does not wish to drink,

Absence of thirst,

No thirst during the chilliness,

Eructations and Hiccough.

Frequent eructation,

Many eructations, especially after drinking,

Continual eructations,

Unsuccessful eructations,

Violent empty eructations, with confusion of the head (after thirty-six hours),

Frequent empty eructations (half an hour),

Eructations of air,

Eructations tasting of the ingesta,

Eructations of foul-smelling gases,

Eructation and hiccough,

Waterbrash (after 4 in the afternoon),

Hiccough, etc.

During the night hiccough,

Hiccough, at night, when rising, with a scraping repulsive taste in the mouth,

Long-lasting hiccough, in the hour when the fever ought to have come,

Frequent hiccough and eructations,

Violent hiccough,

Convulsive hiccough,

Qualmishness, at 11 in the forenoon, and 3 in the afternoon,

Great sickness of the stomach, accompanied by a copious flow of tenacious saliva,

Unusual tendency to retching, brought on by crying or coughing,


Frequent ineffectual retching,

Ineffectual retching, continues almost without interruption,

(Empty retching),

Violent retching,

Inability to retain nourishment, which is thrown up as soon as it touches the stomach,

Even water is immediately thrown off the stomach,

The matters discharged from the stomach and bowels may have a yellowish color, or may be colored by blood, or by a mixture of blood and bile, and then present various shades of brown or olive-green. They may be milky white, consisting of flakes of mucus mixed with white arsenic,

The ejecta tasted bitter, like acrid bile, and looked green,

Inflammation of the stomach is a constant post mortem appearance, whether the poison have entered the system by a wound or ulcerated surface, or by swallowing,

Severe inflammation of the whole alimentary mucous membrane,

The stomach, duodenum, and rectum were much inflamed (post mortem),

Weak digestion, and dislike to meat,

Digestion difficult (eight months),


Stomach distended and hard,

The stomach begins to distend, and is warmer than the rest of the body,

(Distension of the region of the stomach and hypochondria, previous to stool),

Distension of the epigastric region,

Gastric acidity,

Violent spasms of the stomach and bowels,

Spasm of the stomach, with violent colic, diarrhoea, and fainting fits,

(Excessively violent spasm of the stomach, with thirst),

Feeling of great weakness in the epigastrium, so that she trembled, after micturition,

Uncomfortable sensation in the stomach,

Unpleasant sensation in the stomach,

Anxiety in the region of the stomach,

Anxiety in the pit of the stomach,

Great anxiety about the pit of the stomach, etc.

Anxiety in the pit of the stomach, rising high up, at night,

Pains in the region of the stomach,

Pain in the stomach, , (), etc.


The stomach and pharynx painful,

Pains in the region of the stomach and in the abdomen,

Pain in the scrobiculus cordis,

Pain in the pit of the stomach arresting the breathing,

Considerable pain and great heat in the epigastric region,

Great painfulness of the stomach,

Great pain in the epigastric region,

Great pain in epigastric region in paroxysms,

Severe pain across the epigastric region,

Violent pain in the epigastrium,

He appeared to have violent pains, lamented, groaned, screamed, pressed with his hand on the epigastric region, but did not locate the pain verbally, as in general nothing was to be found out from him,

The child showed signs of great pains in the stomach and abdomen,

He experiences pain only in the stomach,

The stomach was the seat of the most vivid suffering,

Cries and complainings of indescribable anguish in the pit of the stomach, without distension or colic,

Excruciating pain in region of stomach,

Terrible distress in the stomach,

In the evening, pain in the stomach,

Constant pains in stomach (eight months),

Pains in the stomach seemed to be associated with violent retching,

Symptoms of inflammation of the stomach,

Pains in the stomach and intestines,

Violent pains in the epigastric and umbilical regions,

Violent pains in the stomach and abdomen,

Constant internal chilliness in the epigastric region; he is never clad warm enough; the parts feel warm when touched,

Sensation in the stomach as if it would burn,

Heat rises from stomach,

Burning around the pit of the stomach,

Burning in the stomach, etc.

Burning in the pit of the stomach, etc.

Violent burning pains in the stomach,

Violent burning pains in the stomach and intestines,

Burning in the stomach like fire,

Burning in the stomach like red-hot coals,

In the stomach fearful burning pains,

Intense burning in the region of the stomach,

Intense heat and burning of the epigastrium,

Intense burning pain in the region of the stomach, increased by pressure,

Heat and uneasiness in stomach,

Heat, pain, and pressure in the pit of the stomach,

Constant and considerable burning in the stomach and chest,

Red-hot burning, with great anxiety in the region of the stomach, with tormenting retching,

Burning in the pit of the stomach, with aching pain,

Burning in the stomach, with pressure as of a load,

Burning in the stomach, and pain increased by touch in the stomach and liver,

Severe pain in the stomach, as if it were distended in its whole extent, and would be torn,

Sensation of tension in epigastric region,

Repletion in the epigastric region, with pinching in the abdomen,

Contractive sensation in the region of the stomach,

Violent contractive sensation in the region of the stomach,

Painful contraction in the epigastrium,

Violent contraction of the stomach and pharynx, and painful burning,

Pinching in the pit of stomach toward the right side, causing her to stoop,

Cramps in the stomach, and feeling as if he had an attack of cholera,

Especially in the region of the stomach fearfully violent cramps and pains,

Violent cramp in the stomach and abdomen,

Spasmodic pain in the stomach, two hours after midnight,

Periodic spasmodic pains in the stomach and bowels,


Unbearable stomachache, with constantly increasing anxiety and cries for help,

Drawing pain in the evening when sitting, commencing in the pit of the stomach, and extending around the lower border of the left ribs, as if something were torn loose,

Painful drawing in the stomach, with slight shivering,

Oppressive feeling of heaviness in the stomach,

Weight in the stomach, and anorexia, all day,

Pressure on the stomach painful, etc.

Pressure at the exterior wall of the stomach, when talking (after half an hour),

Pressure in the region of the stomach and pit of the stomach, ,

Pressure in pit of stomach,

Hard pressure over the pit of the stomach (immediately),

Pressure in epigastrium, which is tense, though scarcely sensitive to even deep pressure,

Pressure about the stomach, so that he cannot stand up, as soon as he has eaten something, not immediately, but after a little while,

Strong pressure in stomach after swallowing a little soup,

Strangulating feeling in the stomach, with increased sensitiveness to touch,

(Cutting pain in the stomach),

Cutting, spasmodic pains in the stomach, hypochondria, and chest,

Gnawing, corrosive pain in the stomach,

Stitching pain in the pit of the stomach, during cough,

Intolerable pricking pain in the stomach, as though as thousand red-hot needles were sticking through the stomach,

Tearing in the stomach and abdomen,

Dull tearing, transversely across the region of the stomach, when walking in the afternoon,

Violent tearing-boring pain and spasm in the stomach and intestines,

Tearing, spasmodic, aching pain in the stomach,

Pain in the stomach, tenderness on pressure,

Pains on touching the regions of the stomach and bladder,

Stomach tender to pressure,

Tenderness of pit of stomach to pressure,

Soreness in pit of stomach, when talking, drawing breath, or moving about,

He complained little of pain, but the region of the stomach was sensitive to external pressure,

Regions of stomach and navel sensitive,

Stomach remarkably sensitive,

On touching the region of the stomach slight pain,

Acute pain on pressure over the epigastrium,

At first the region of the stomach, afterwards more especially the regions of the liver and the abdomen, are painful to touch,

The region of the stomach very sensitive, with very violent pains in the intestinal canal,

Pains in and around stomach, which becomes sensitive to pressure,

Throbbing pains in epigastrium; prevent sleep,

Frequent spasmodic jerks from the pit of the stomach to the rectum, causing him to start,

Gnawing and pricking (hard and fine beating) pain in the pit of the stomach, with a feeling of tension,

Itching at the pit of the stomach, obliging him to scratch,

He constantly scratched the skin of the epigastrium with his nails,

Could not bear any wine, even the smallest portion,

The pains in the stomach are relieved by sweet milk,

No appetite, etc.

Appetite there was none; eating became a forced business,

Great loathing of stomach,

Thirsty, etc.

Excessive thirst, , etc.

Tormenting thirst,

Intense thirst, with constant desire for cold water, which even in the smallest quantity could not be retained,

The thirst is more excessive in proportion as the quantity of Arsenic taken is greater,



Mucous membranes generally pale and anaemic,

Indigestion in various forms,

Violent gastrodynia,

Stomatitis (third day),

Considerable tenderness on firm pressure on the epigastrium (after five hours),

Tenderness at epigastrium and upper part of abdomen (after second day),

Stomach and abdomen tender and painful to touch,

Slight tenderness of epigastrium,

Sensitiveness of the epigastrium,

Epigastrium painful to pressure,

Burning pain in stomach, ,

Severe burning pain in stomach,

Sense of burning extending from pylorus to throat,

Burning pain in epigastrium and over upper part of abdomen, especially when pressed,

Burning pain in the stomach (after five hours); increased (after six hours),

Burning pain in the stomach (after half an hour); increased burning in the cardiac portion of the stomach (after three hours),

Burning in stomach, great tenderness of epigastrium, and cramps,

Dreadful burning in the stomach, with a great deal of thirst,

In ten minutes she became very sick. During the night there was much burning pain in the stomach. Pain in stomach and bowels, and slight tenderness; more tenderness at the large end of stomach than at any other part of abdomen,

Smarting pain in the stomach,

Sensation of coldness at pit of stomach,

Heat in stomach, throat, and mouth,

Excessive heat in the stomach, and burning like fire,

Sensation of fulness at stomach,

Constant feeling of the stomach being overloaded,

Constant feeling of the stomach being overloaded at early morning,

Spasmodic pain, writhing, twisting about, moaning, and making strange faces. On arriving at the house, found her more free from pain, but with a sensation of burning heat in throat and stomach,

Pain in stomach,

Pain in stomach when she drank,

Pain on pressure over stomach,

In three days he had pain in stomach. On continuing the applications it became excessive; convulsive tremor of the muscles followed, and he died. The stomach was found to be in the highest degree inflamed,

Pain and heat in region of stomach and lower part of chest,

Violent pain in the epigastrium and chest,

Violent pain in the epigastrium, aggravated by pressure,

Extremely acute pain in the stomach,

Intense pain in region of stomach, not materially increased by pressure,

Constriction of the epigastric region,

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea soon,

Desire to vomit,

Five centigrams Arsenious acid taken at supper caused nausea and headache the following morning, with slight diarrhoea, all of which disappeared in the course of the day,

Nausea, followed by vomiting of green bilious matter, and ropy mucus, continuing for thirty hours,

Nausea (after three hours); frequent violent efforts to vomit, though nothing was discharged (after five hours); incessant vomiting for two hours (after six hours),

Nausea and vomiting,

In an hour she was constantly retching, and sometimes vomiting, with violent spasms of stomach and bowels; weak and quick pulse; frequent dark bloody diarrhoea; frequent coldness of extremities. The next day she complained of soreness of stomach,

Nausea and flow of viscid saliva from the mouth, with heat of fauces, stupor, small and frequent pulse (after forty minutes),

Terrible efforts to vomit, which were unsuccessful,

Slight distress in the stomach (after five minutes); retching, with slight vomiting (after ten minutes),

Vomiting, etc.

Vomiting and purging,

Vomiting and diarrhoea, followed by collapse,

Pain and vomiting,

Vomiting (after some hours); vomited matter pinkish,

Drink immediately rejected,

Persistent vomiting,

Vomited severely, etc.

Severe vomiting, almost immediately,

Intense vomiting and thirst,

Chronic vomiting,

Became very sick, and vomited frequently; occasionally vomited blood,

After a drink of milk, or a severe fit of vomiting, she fell back in bed utterly prostrate, and after lying quiet for a time began to toss about her legs and arms, to complain of much pain and sickness, which ended in vomiting and prostration as before,

Vomiting was attended with much anxiety and great prostration of strength, and a sensation of tightness at throat,

Vomited a great deal, particularly, whereby much of the poison was thrown off,

Vomiting for many hours, during which time she was very prostrate. Nothing would lie on her stomach; she continued to vomit a greenish matter, streaked with blood,

Vomited half-digested food,

Sudden vomiting of food, mixed with bile,

Vomiting of glairy fluid, in the morning,

Vomiting of glairy substances tinged with blood,

Vomiting of mucus in the morning, with increased secretion of saliva,

Vomited two or three times a yellowish fluid (after six hours),

Frequent vomiting, watery and bilious,

Repeated bilious vomiting,

Vomiting at first bilious, then bloody,

Vomiting streaked with blood,

Bloody vomiting,

Frequent bloody vomiting,

In one case a few drops of blood were vomited,

Blood appeared in the matters vomited and evacuated by the bowels,

Vomited repeatedly a reddish sort of matter,

Green vomiting,

Vomiting on drinking; vomiting green,

Vomiting, latterly of a green insoluble bile,

Vomited matters of a bright grass green,

Persistent vomiting of green matter,

Vomited matters were a brownish watery fluid, which became green on standing,

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