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Arsenicum Album - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Arsenious Acid, Arsenic, Arsenicum, Ars. Alb, Ars Alb, Arsenic alb, Ars.

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HPUS indication of Arsenicum Album: Vomiting
Common symptoms: Vomiting, Worry, Chills, Diarrhea, Bruises.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Arsenicum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Chest in General.

Yellow spots on the chest,

Upper part of chest yellow,

Anterior part of chest and neck livid,

Wheezing in chest,

Inflammation of the lungs,

On auscultation, the posterior lobes of both lungs were found to be affected with pneumonia, and the lower lobes on both sides were partially consolidated,

Violent catarrh and oppression of the chest with phlegm,

Very tenacious mucus in the chest, difficult to loosen,

Pains in the chest,

Pains internally, in the upper part of the chest (after five hours),

Much pain in the chest,

Pain in lower chest on full inspiration,

Chilliness in the interior of the chest, in the evening, also after supper,

(Burning in the chest),

Great heat in the chest, extending below the diaphragm,

Heat and excruciating pain in chest,

Tightness in the chest,

Tightness of chest, as if bound by a hoop,

Great tightness on the chest; he felt as if he must burst,

(Tightness of the chest, threatening suffocation, for one hour),

Tensive pain in the chest, especially when sitting,

As soon as he walked a little, he immediately experienced tightness of the chest,

Continued contraction of the chest, and short and hacking cough,

Constriction of the chest,

Constriction of the chest with great anxiety and restlessness, evenings,

Constriction of the chest, so that he was scarcely able to speak one word, and came near fainting (third day),

Some constriction and heaviness in chest,

Cramp in the chest,

Compressive sensation in the chest when eating,

Oppression of the chest,

Sense of oppression,

In the evening, violent oppression of the chest,

Oppression of the chest and sensation of anxiety,

Oppression of the chest when walking fast; coughing on going upstairs,

Wakes out of sleep at night, with oppression of chest, or spasm in chest, and great anxiety,

(Pressure on the chest),

Increased stitches under the ribs, and increased headache, as if heat were in it, during cough,

In the chest a stitching tearing, tensive pressing and burning pain,

Dull stitches in the chest when stooping,

Feeling of soreness and rawness in the chest,

Creeping in the chest,

Sides, Sternum, Etc.

Stitching in the side under the short ribs; he cannot lie on that side,

Stitching when coughing, first in the side of the chest, and afterwards (in two days), in the side of the abdomen,

Burning in the right chest, extending to the groin, where it is a pressure,

Sticking-tearing pain in the region of the upper right rib,

Stitching in the left chest, only during an inspiration, which was impeded by the stitching,

Stitches in the left chest, during a deep inspiration, obliging him to cough,

Severe pain at the junction of the upper and lower sternal regions,

(Long-continued burning in the region of the sternum),

Stitching pain in the sternum, from below upwards, when coughing,

Very great praecordial anxiety,

Great oppression in the praecordial region,

The pectoralis muscles seemed wasted, so that the chest had a peculiar sunken appearance,

Tightness and dryness of chest,

Complained of symptoms of the lungs, which were found to be congested,

Sensation of weight upon the chest,

Violent pain in the chest and stomach,

At first talking caused pain to shoot upwards on sides of thorax,

Smarting pain in the chest, along the sternum,

Shock in the apex of the right lung, with a somewhat higher percussion-sound than in the left; auscultation there was increased, vesicular murmur, and large and fine moist râles; the cough and expectoration disappeared after a few days, when no more signs were noticed in the right lung,

Pain in the right side of the chest,


Inflammation of heart, and its results, dilatation and oedema of feet,

The sounds of the heart, but especially the "choc," rather violent; not agreeing with the small pulse,

Heart slow, pulse weak,

Irritable heart,

The heart-beats are irritable,

Feeble and hurried action of heart,

Heart and pulse accelerated,

Palpitation of the heart, etc.

Violent palpitation,

Complaint of violent palpitation of the heart,

Violent, tumultuous palpitation of the heart,

Very violent and even painful palpitation of the heart,

Excessive troublesome palpitation of the heart,

Violent palpitation at night,

Strong, visible, and audible palpitations, chiefly at night,

When lying on the back, the heart beats much faster and stronger,

The heart acts violently; one hears a violent blowing sound, with very full pulse, 110 per minute,

Violent palpitation of the heart with small irregular pulse,

Palpitation of the heart and anxiety,

Irregular palpitation of the heart, but so violent at night, that he imagines he hears it; accompanied with anguish,

Violent palpitation, visible in the carotids; causes beads of sweat on the face,

Palpitation of the heart and tremulous weakness after stool; he has to lie down,

The beat of the heart entirely disappeared,

Cramp in the heart, ,

Sensation as if the heart were pressed down,


Irritated pulse,

Extremely feverish pulse,

Increased pulse,

Accelerated pulse, etc.

Pulse extremely rapid,

Quick, rather hard pulse,

Pulse hard and frequent,

Quick, small pulse,

Pulse frequent and small, , etc.

Pulse rapid and weak,

Quick, weak pulse,

Weak, quick pulse,

Pulse small and rapid,

Pulse small and quick,

Pulse regular, not small but frequent,

Pulse hard, irregularly accelerated,

Moderately frequent pulse, somewhat tense and small,

Pulse frequent, full, and quite regular,

Quick, weak, and irregular pulse,

Pulse rapid, weak, spasmodic,

Small, rapid, weak, pulse,

Pulse contracted, frequent, irregular,

Convulsive, small, rapid pulse,

Pulse is small, very frequent and irregular; sometimes wholly imperceptible,

Pulse irritated and frequent, not full,

Weak, small, frequent pulse,

Small, scarcely perceptible, frequent pulse,

Pulse full, hard, accelerated,

Pulse restless and small; increased after repeated vomiting,

Depressed, hard and rapid pulse,

The pulse was small, unequal, irregular, very frequent,

Pulse feverish; at the most, 90 beats,

Pulse 100,

Pulse 104, and strong,

Pulse 118, sharp but easily compressed,

Pulse 120, feeble and irregular,

Pulse 120, weak and rather unequal, with occasional indication of fluttering,

Pulse, when resting in bed, 90; standing up, or walking,

Pulse rapid, 90 to 100, then 130 to 140,

Pulse miserable,

Pulse full, not rapid,

Pulse hardish, and slow,

Pulse 140; irregular,

(Slow pulse, sometimes only 38 beats),

Pulse large,

Tense pulse,

Pulse throbbing and hard,

Pulse full and strong,

Pulse strong, full, and bounding,

Feeble pulse,

Pulse very weak,

Small weak pulse,

Small, oppressed pulse,

Pulse small, contracted intermitting,

Irregular pulse,

Small and irregular pulse,

Pulse intermitting,

Intermittent small pulse,

Intermittent, unequal, small pulse, finally, complete disappearance of pulse,

Pulse trembling, scarcely perceptible,

Pulse small, scarcely perceptible,

Pulse almost imperceptible, small, contracted, irregular,

Pulse scarcely perceptible, etc.

It is possible to feel only the slightest trembling of the radial pulse,

Imperceptible pulse,

No pulse,


Absence of pulse, with frequent, irritated beating of the heart,


(Oppression of the chest, difficult breathing),

Much lassitude and oppression of breathing when walking,

Stitches in the upper part of the right chest, especially when breathing; the stitches are a sort of pressure terminating in a stitch (after one and a half hours),

Oppression in the region of the sternum, makes respiration difficult (for eight days),

Some oppression of chest, with difficult breathing,

Great irregularity of the heart and breathing,

Pulse and respiration scarcely noticeable,

Inspiration normal; at times sighing,

Frequent involuntary sighing,

Shortness of breath,

Short respiration,

Very short breathing,

Respiration short, irregular,

Short and frequent respiration,

Respiration short, accelerated, moaning,

Respiration short, anxious,

Short respiration, especially when walking,

Directly after coughing, the breathing becomes short, as if the chest were contracted,

Frequent oppressive shortness of breath in every position of the body, causing anxiety,

Respiration accelerated,

Respiration rapid and short,

Respiration slow,

Respiration free, slow,

Respiration very slow and imperfect,

Respiration heavy,

He breathes heavily, , etc.

Respiration heavy, and disturbed by frequent sighing,

He breathes heavily, while suffering the pain in the abdomen, as if the chest were oppressed,

Respiration oppressed,

Respiration very much oppressed,

Oppressed respiration, frequently returning,

Breathing greatly oppressed; obliged to get up and go to the window for air,

Oppression; want of breath; a nocturnal asthma makes him spring up at midnight,

Breathing difficult, and often interrupted by sighs,

Unusual anxiety; gasping for air,

Breathing difficult, , etc.

Breathing very difficult,

Labored breathing,

Difficult breathing, with great anguish,

Sleep, with difficult respiration,

(Difficult breathing),

Respiration is painful, from the tender state of the abdomen,

Suffocative feeling when going upstairs,

Air-passages seem constricted; he could not fully breathe, and thought he should suffocate,

When walking in the open air he experiences a suffocative sensation, which obliges him to cough,

He is threatened with suffocation; puts out his tongue,

She is imagines she will suffocate every moment, being so weak that she is not able to take a deep breath,

He immediately loses his breath in the evening upon getting into bed and laying himself down ever so carefully; the trachea becomes constricted, and a fine wheezing is heard in it resembling the sound of a fine string,

Dyspnoea great,

Great dyspnoea, with pain in the right chest and shoulder,

Violent dyspnoea for a long time,

Extreme dyspnoea,

The distress of breathing continually increases,

Continually increased distress of breathing, ending in asphyxia,

Spasmodic asthma,

Asthma; the breathing becomes more and more weak and short, until, finally, she is only able to breathe, and talk very low, by inclining the chest forward,

Asthmatic attack every half an hour, lasting five to ten minutes,

Long-lasting dyspnoea,

Dyspnoea when vexed,

Asthma when fatigued, as from anguish,

Asthmatic attacks during sleep,

Respiration hurried,

Respiration 25 per minute (after five hours); 30 (after six hours); more labored and rapid (after ten hours); ceased entirely (after twelve hours),

Breathing quick and audible,

Respiration labored, sighing,

Difficulty of breathing, , etc.

The breathing becomes more facile, and is accompanied with a certain feeling of comfort,


Larynx, Etc., and Voice.

Obstinate bronchitis,

(Gangrenous croup),

(Suffocative catarrh),

(*Sudden catarrh, threatening suffocation, at night),

Spasms of glottis,

Dryness of the larynx,

Irritation in larynx, provoking a cough,

Smoky sensation in larynx causes cough before going to sleep, evenings, as of the vapor of Sulphur sulphur,

Constant titillation in the larynx, inducing cough, even when not inspiring,

The voice is trembling,

Low voice,

Weak voice,

Voice clear, but weak,

Voice very uneven, now strong, now weak,


Chronic hoarseness,

Voice rough and hoarse,

Rough voice, with hoarseness,

Voice, from time to time, screaming,

The voice is hollow; the speech unintelligible,

The voice almost ceased,


Cough and Expectoration.

Troublesome cough,

Frequent coughing,

Frequent severe cough,

Severe spasmodic cough,

Severe spasmodic cough, with tendency to vomiting; lasted until the heat of summer,

Severe spasmodic cough (while the paper was being removed from the walls),

Violent morning cough,

Cough short, in the morning, after the (usual) tea-drinking,

Cough in the evening, directly after lying down; she has to sit up; afterwards, contractive pain in the epigastric region and pit of the stomach; this pain continued the cough, which made her weak,

Night-cough; he has to sit up as soon as the cough commences,

Violent fits of cough wake him in the night, as if he would be suffocated; the throat became swollen,

Cough when going into the open, cold air,

Cough, evenings, directly after lying down,

Cough when moving the body; the cough frequently puts him out of breath suddenly,

Cough caused by a constrictive sensation in the upper part of the larynx, as from the vapor of Sulphur sulphur,

Cough on drawing a deep breath or moving about,

Cough, especially after drinking,

Cough excited when he drinks without thirst,

Tenacious, short, and hacking cough, causing a smarting pain in the chest,

Cough, tightness of the chest, and painful stitching in the chest,

Dry cough,

(Dry, hacking cough),

(Dry, violent cough) (after two hours),

(Dry, fatiguing cough),

Frequent short, dry cough,

Deep, dry, short, unceasing cough, after midnight,

Cough, without expectoration, from irritation in the air-passages,

Frequent short, dry, hacking cough from a suffocative sensation in the larynx, as from the vapor of Sulphur sulphur,

Dry, choking cough, with short, labored breathing and sore pain in the pit of the stomach, as if ulcerated; the pain extends to the middle of the chest,

Cough, without expectoration, but with dyspnoea, in the evening,

Cough, without expectoration, preceded by a jerking in the hip, which seems to excite the cough,

Violent attacks of cough and copious expectoration,

(Short and hacking cough, with pain in the chest and salt expectoration, preceded by oppression of the chest),

Thick yellow and expectoration,

Green, bitter expectoration in the morning,

Salty expectoration (by hawking),

Bitter expectoration,

When coughing violently, much water comes out of the mouth, resembling waterbrash,

Expectorates a frothy saliva,

The mucus coughed up is streaked with blood,

Discharge of mucus streaked with blood; afterwards desire to vomit,

Spitting of blood,

Spitting of blood, with such a degree of nervous irritability, that a current of air caused an attack of spasms and convulsions,

Painful expectoration,

Bronchitis, which yielded slowly,


Thickness and roughness of voice,

Hoarseness, etc.

Voice hoarse, toneless,

Voice feeble,

Voice weak and low,

Voice trembling,

Voice faint,

Voice lost (after several days),


Short cough,

Short, dry, hacking cough,

Cough, worse at night, caused by tickling in throat, worse on speaking, causing pain in abdomen, with green expectoration,

Cough, especially in the morning, with expectoration of slimy purulent masses, but rather scanty,

Cough, with yellowish expectoration, and bronchitic râles in chest,

Heart and pulse

Very decided bruit de souffle of the heart (eighth day),

Tumultuous beating of the heart but no pulse,

Heart's action quick and faltering (after five hours and a half),

Action of the heart rapid, feeble, with no pulse at the wrist,

Action of the heart feeble and irregular,


Severe palpitation,

Pulse quick,

Pulse very rapid and nearly imperceptible,

Pulse rapid and extremely feeble (after six hours),

Pulse rapid and irregular,

Feeble, rapid pulse,

Pulse 160 and very weak,

Pulse above 120, rather unequal,

Pulse 120 to 130, but not hard,

Pulse thready, 120 to 130, and in two somewhat intermittent,

Pulse 120, soft, a little jerking (second day),

Pulse 110, regular, but soft and weak,

Pulse 100, full and compressible; afterwards quick and fluttering; latter weak,

Pulse 100 and weak,

Quick, small pulse, etc.

Quick, wiry pulse,

Pulse quick and somewhat jerky at first, but lowered in power and frequency,

Pulse hard, feverish,

Pulse slightly accelerated (after three hours); 126 and wanting in volume (after five hours); 130 and feeble (after six hours); ceased at wrists (after ten hours),

Pulse became more full and frequent, but sank again, and only beat with greater force and frequency when the dose was increased,

Pulse full and strong,

Pulse very weak,

Feeble pulse,

Pulse small,

Pulse became small and thready,

Pulse small, irregular,

Pulse very irregular,

Pulse 50 and soft (after half an hour); small and thready (after three hours),

Nearly pulseless,

Pulse imperceptible at wrist or temple, and felt over the heart to be beating faintly 150 a minute,

Pulse imperceptible (after five hours and a half),

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