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Arsenicum Album - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Arsenious Acid, Arsenic, Arsenicum, Ars. Alb, Ars Alb, Arsenic alb, Ars.

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HPUS indication of Arsenicum Album: Vomiting
Common symptoms: Vomiting, Worry, Chills, Diarrhea, Bruises.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Arsenicum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs




In two cases within my knowledge the nails altered color and peeled off,

Theridion Ther nails were of a dirty yellowish-brown color, with longitudinal furrows and cracks,

Nails livid, Viola Odorata violet,

Swelling of limbs,

The muscles of the upper and lower extremities were atrophic,

Arms and legs paralyzed, with violent pains in muscles and in bowels,

The upper and lower extremities became paralyzed, first noticed after five weeks; on attempting to rise from bed her legs gave way, and she was unable to rise without assistance,

Extremities rigid and painful, with spasms,

Occasional spasmodic twitchings of muscles of limbs,

Trembling of the limbs with the attack,

Limbs tremble, cannot support the body,

Excitement of muscles of extremities,

Constant agitation of the hands and feet,

Threatened paralysis of both arms and right side and leg,

The flexor muscles of the four last fingers of each hand of all the toes were in a state of contraction, and the two last phalanges were flexed upon the first, and the balls of the fingers and toes rested upon the palms and soles, on account of which the patient walked with great difficulty,

Almost complete loss of power in the extremities, more of the left side, without loss of sensibility (seventh day,)

Lassitude in the extremities,

Remarkable insensibility of hands and feet,

Numbness and pain in arms and legs,

Tingling in limbs,

Legs and arms feel as if something were gnawing them,

Cramps in the limbs, ,

Pains in limbs,

Acute pains in limbs,

Shifting pains in extremities, particularly in the arms, which had not their usual strength,


Hands and feet as if mummified, so that the skin hung in many folds about the bones, which protruded unnaturally, but were not at all enlarged,

Contraction of the limbs,

The flexor muscles of the upper and lower extremities contract,

Drawing together of the upper and lower limbs,

Strong contraction in the knees and elbows,

The toes and fingers were continually flexed; after being straightened by any one they again returned to the flexed condition,

The contraction of the fingers and toes disappeared after a profuse loss of blood by vomiting, and from the anus; after being bent straight they remained in this position, but appeared as if dead; after a warm bath life returned to the hands and feet, but fingers and toes again remained bent,

Distortion of the limbs,

Twitching of the limbs,

Upper and lower extremities convulsed,

Convulsions of the limbs and knees,

Tremor of the limbs, and others.

Tremor of the extremities,

Trembling in all the limbs,

Trembling in the extremities, , etc;.

Trembling of the upper and lower extremities,

Violent trembling of the limbs,

Trembling of the limbs, even after a moderate walk,

Trembling and very violent motion of the limbs,

Trembling and jerking of the limbs,

Trembling of the limbs after the vomiting was over,

Violent startings of the limbs while falling asleep,

From time to time he stretched the extremities and remained several moments in this condition on account of relaxation, when vomiting appeared with renewed violence,

Loss of the nails of the hands and feet,


Sensation in all the extremities diminished (eight weeks),

Numbness of the limbs and pains across the shoulders, extending down the arms,

Insensibility and falling asleep of the upper and lower extremities, lasted during the whole illness, and prevents her holding objects tightly,

As the gastro-enteritis got better, numbness and loss of power in his limbs came on, at first only in his fingers and toes, but slowly extended to his knees and wrists, almost depriving him of the use of them,

The mobility and strength of the extremities decreased, so that the patient could only with difficulty hold anything, and his gait became insecure and stumbling,

Almost absolute immobility of the limbs, especially the left; sensation was only diminished, not lost,

Heaviness in limbs,

Lassitude of the limbs,

Great lassitude in the limbs,

Lassitude in the limbs and weakness,

Weariness of the limbs,

Limbs felt tired,

Weariness of the limbs, etc.

Prostration and lassitude of the limbs,

Excessive weakness and exhaustion of the limbs, obliging him to lie down,

Weakness and diminished sensibility in all the limbs,

Complete ataxia of the muscles of the extremities; the gait was as in an excessive chorea, and the hands could hardly be held up,

Stiffness of extremities,

Motion of limbs difficult,

He can no longer move his limbs freely,

(Stiffness and immobility of all the joints),

Extremities as if paralyzed,

Partial paralysis of the limbs,

Paralytic weakness of the limbs, returning at a certain hour every day, like fever and ague,

As if paralyzed in all his limbs; he is unable to tread firmly,

(Paralysis, contraction of the limbs),

Paralysis is sometimes general, and affects both the upper and lower limbs,

Paralysis of extremities, with anaesthesia and most violent pains,

The paralysis of the extremities related as well to the motor as to the sensitive nerves, nevertheless the parts were extremely sensitive to cold,

Weariness and pain of the joints in the forenoon, more when sitting than when walking,

Weakness and crawling sensation in limbs, especially from knees to toes,

Uneasiness in all the limbs before retiring, going off when lying down,

Inexpressibly painful and disagreeable feeling of sickness in all the limbs,

Pain in limbs; dreads to move them,

Excessive pains in the limbs,

Wandering pains in the limbs,

Pain and stiffness in his limbs,

Arthritic pains in the limbs, without inflammation,

Coldness of the extremities, etc.

Extremities cold and pulseless,

Cramp in the limbs,

Complained of cramps in the upper and lower extremities,

Cramps in the muscles of the extremities,

All the limbs ache,

All the limbs ache, whether he walks, sits, or lies,

Painful drawings in limbs,

Tearing in limbs,

Tearing pains in the long bones,

Muscles of the extremities sensitive,

Creeping in the limbs, as if gone to sleep,

Sensation of numbness in the feet and hands, with fearful pains by day and night, which for three months drove all sleep from her,

Frequent falling asleep and insensibility of the right arm and foot,

Numbness in the tips of the fingers, and also in the feet, where cutting pains were sometimes felt,

Diminished sensation, at first in the tips of the fingers, whence it spread over the hands and arms; then in the toes, whence it spread over the feet and legs,

Loss of sensation in hands and feet,

Complete insensibility of the hands and feet,

Sensation in soles entirely lost; and greatly diminished in the hands,

Complete anaesthesia and paralysis of the hands and feet, equally in the extensors and flexors,

Loss of sensation in hands and feet, so that the tips of the fingers and toes could be pricked without the slightest feeling (chronic poisoning),

His hands and feet seem to have lost their power, and they feel trembling early in the morning,

Weakness of the wrists and ankles, they are stiff and sometimes painful,

Immobility of the fingers and toes,

He lost the use of his hands and feet, with which violent neuralgic pains appeared in the extremities, which lasted for over two and a half years, and did not leave even after the strongest doses of morphia; the paralysis lasted nearly three years,

Occasional pains in the joints, as the shoulder and knee,

Severe pain in legs and arms, very excruciating and like the gnawing of rats, or the boring of a gimlet into the bones,

Neuralgic pains in arms and legs,

Neuralgic pains in the forearm and legs from the hips downward; they did not seem to follow the main nerve-trunks; increased gradually, reached their height, then gradually decreased, and were never lancinating; cold air or cold water excited them immediately; they were most violent between 9 1/2 P.M. and 8 A.M.,

Cramps in the legs and arms very severe,

Drawing pain in the joints of the knees, feet and hands,

Drawing pain, in the evening in bed, in the middle finger and foot,

Violent tearing in the arms and lower limbs; he cannot rest upon the affected side; the pain is least felt when moving the affected part to and fro,

Stitching pains, as of needles, in the hands and feet,

Sudden tearing jerking or stitching, changing to a burning, in the thumb or big toe, in the morning, in bed,

Trembling and prickling sensation in the hands and feet,

Toward evening, but not during the day, crawling in the fingers and toes,

Occasional creeping sensations in the hands and feet,

Upper extremities

Upper extremities weak; the flexors of the fingers retracted (eight weeks),

Heaviness and formication, which soon attacked the upper extremities,

Unbearable pain in the left shoulder,

Convulsive sensation in the left shoulder,

Drawing pains in shoulders,

Tearing sticking in the right axilla.

Soreness in the axilla, under the arms,

Painful swelling of the right arm and hand,

The right arm became intensely tumefied from the elbow to the wrist and was very painful,

Weakness of arms,

The arms were somewhat weak,

Entire inability to move the left arm,

The right arm goes to sleep when he lies upon the right side,

Pain in the arm of that side upon which one rests, at night,

The left arm feels colder than the right,

Violent neuralgia in left arm, followed by lame feeling,

Peculiar neuralgic pains in the left arm, suddenly, after meals,

Drawing, jerking and tearing from the tips of the fingers into the shoulder,

Tearing in the arm, especially of the elbow and wrist, at night, in bed,

Pains in the elbow and fingers,

Violent rheumatic pains in right elbow,

In the wrists there was very little muscular power; the fingers could neither grasp nor hold anything smaller than the crutches, which they could hold a little, though there was no sensation in the tips of the fingers, even when injured,

Drawing pain in both styloid processes of the wrist, every evening,

Hands and lower half of forearm dark and livid, as in malignant cholera,

(Painful swelling of the hands),

The hands never recovered their former fulness and strength, and the so-called "naevus" (mother's mark) almost totally disappeared (after ten years),

Trembling of hands, etc.

The hands are stiff and insensible for a long time,

The hand can be extended, but not the fingers,

Hands could hold nothing securely,

Hands and arms are powerless,

Lameness of the hand; it commenced with heaviness, but was not combined with wasting,

Cold hands,

The hands icy cold,

Cramp in the hand, when moving it,

Drawing tearing in the metacarpal bones, in the morning,

Tearing sticking in the bones of the hand, and the little finger,

Palms very sensitive, yet he does not know whether he has taken hold of an object,

Violent crawling in the hands at night,

Fine tickling in the palm of the left hand, obliging one to rub,

Ungual phalanges wasted and the nails very hard, brittle, clawlike,

Trembling of the fingers and occasional creeping sensations in the hands and feet,

He moves his fingers and hands during sleep,

Tonic spasm of fingers,

Fingers half flexed,

Flexors overpower extensors, and constant flexion of fingers,

The extensors of the fingers much more powerless than the flexors, so that the fingers were always bent somewhat,

The flexors of the four fingers of each hand are so contracted that the two last phalanges are bent on the first, and the tips of the fingers touch the palms (eight months),

One can bend the fingers, but not extend them,

Rigidity of the fingers, as if they were stiff,

He could not move the fingers,

Sensation extremely slight in the fingers, blunted as far as the wrists, above them normal,

Loss of sensation in the fingers, as if everything stagnated,

After the lapse of years, numbness of the fingers,

The finger-joints are painful when moved,

Painful cramp in the lowest joints of all the fingers,

Painful cramp in the tips of the fingers, from morning till noon (after five days),

Cramp in the fingers, especially at night, in bed,

Cramp in the fingers of the right hand, when attempting to stretch them,

Drawing pain in the middle fingers,

Tickling itching of the right middle finger,

Badly-colored nails,

The nails changed color nearly every month; at first they became fiery red, then black as if suffused with blood, after which they made room for new nails, which were thin and transparent,

Arms in constant motion about head, as if picking at something above the head,

Painful tumefaction of the right arm and hand,

The arms and hands became sore, and mortified and sloughed,

Pain in the arms, particularly the left, of which he had in some degree lost the strength (after six days). The motions of the hands are much less impaired than those of the arm and forearm; in particular the power of bending the forearm on the arm is almost entirely lost,

Tingling sensation in axillae for eight days,

Subsultus tendinum,

Neither extension nor flexion of the hand was complete,

The interosseous spaces in the dorsa of the hands were deep furrows; the hands looked as though they belonged to a skeleton; the palms formed deep concavities,

Finger clenched,

Most remarkable was the complete immobility of the fingers, which were flexed on their two first phalangeal joints, forming an incompletely closed fist,

Feeling of fuzziness in the fingers, extending up the arm, ending in complete loss of the sense of touch,

Lower extremities

In General.

The lower extremities are somewhat oedematous,

Excessively painful swelling of the lower limbs,

The lower limbs become much wasted,

Lower extremities retracted to the abdomen,

Cramps of all the muscles of the lower extremities, especially of the plantaris of the right foot,

Painful cramps in the lower extremities,

Violent twitchings of the lower extremities,

Trembling in lower extremities,

Gait unsteady,

Tottering gait,

Gait tottering, stumbling, as if stiff, with slipping outward of the feet,

Gait heavy, "slumpy;" difficult to raise himself after eating (chronic poisoning),

Unsteadiness and vertigo in walking, across and open place,

Weakness in lower extremities,

Sensation as if the lower limbs would break down in going upstairs,

Cannot ascend a single step, must be carried,

Can only walk a few minutes very slowly,

The lower limbs could scarcely be rotated,

Stiffness of the lower extremities,

Stiffness and immobility of the limbs, with violent tearing pains,

Lower extremities paralyzed,

Paralysis of the lower limbs, (, "not found"), etc.

Almost complete paralysis of lower extremities,

Paralysis of the lower limbs, with loss of sensation,

Going to sleep in lower extremities,

Wooden feeling in lower extremities,

Uneasiness in the lower limbs, he cannot lie still in the night, and had to change the position of his feet all the time or to walk about, to get relief,

Intolerable pains in the lower limbs,

Violent pains in the lower limbs, especially the joints,

Coldness of the lower limbs, especially the knees and feet, covered with cold sweat; they could not get warm,

Lower extremities continued cold (twelve hours),

Drawing pains in lower extremities,

Tearing sticking, apparently in the periosteum, along the whole lower limb, down to the tip of the big toe,

Tearing in the lower limbs,

Tearing in the lower limb, from top to bottom he was unable to tread, sit, or lie down, either in bed, or on the sofa; had to shake the limbs to and for day and night, or else to limp about, and had no rest; worse at night,

Tearing in the lower limbs, especially in the knee and tarsal joints, only during motion,

Drawing tearing in the lower limbs, from the anterior surface of the thigh, as far as the knee and tarsal joint, when walking,

Painful shocks in the lower limbs,

Formication in lower extremities,

Hip, Thigh, and Knee.


Violent drawing-tearing pain in the hips and left foot, in the morning, after a sleepless night (third day),

With the headache, decided stiffness in the thighs, as after a long walk,

On rising in the morning, attack of pain in the anterior and inner portion of the thighs (after four days),

Painful, cramplike contraction of bundles of muscles of the thighs and calves, in the evening when in bed, the toes being drawn backwards, after which he became very weak,

Paroxysmal cramp-pain of single parts of muscles of the thighs and legs; when feeling the parts, there was a jerking, as of something alive,

Soreness between the thighs, with itching,

Itching at the inner surface of the thighs, which next day increases and becomes seated on the left side of the scrotum, with unusual redness of that side only, and of the posterior portion of the penis, and great heat,

Corrosive itching of the thighs causes scratching (after thirteen hours),

Sudden starting of the knee, directly after lying down; it comes on after dreaming that he is going to knock his foot against a stone,

The knees crack when walking,

Stiffness, especially of the knees and feet, alternating with tearing pains,

Weakness of the knees; he had great trouble in sitting down,

Excessive weakness in the knees, even when taking a short walk,

The right knee is unable to support the body, it breaks down,

Paralysis of both knees,

Tension of the bend of the knee, as if the tendons were too short, when sitting or standing, not when walking,

Sensation around the knee as if they were bandaged very tightly,

Stitching pain in the knee,

Pain as if bruised on the side of the knee, only when touched, and when sitting, not when walking; sensation as if the flesh were detached,

Pain in the left knee, as if bruised and sprained, especially when rising from a seat,

Leg and Ankle.

Sweat on the legs, morning (first night),

Dwindling of the legs,

Swelling of the legs to above the calves, preceded by tearing in the calves, which went off by the application of warm cloths,

Swelling of legs and feet, but no preternatural heat,

Twitchings in legs,

Twitchings in the legs with painful drawing from the back,

Jerking in the legs, in the afternoon, when sitting,

Convulsive drawing together of the legs, they bend up under the thigh,

Cramp of legs,

Cramps in the legs (secondary effect, after some months),

Cramps in the legs and feet,

The legs are so heavy that he is scarcely able to lift them,

Heaviness, weariness, and drawing in the legs, with spontaneous bending, unsteadiness, and weakness of the knees, especially in the morning, early,

From the knees to the ankle especial heaviness and weariness,

Lassitude and heaviness in the legs,

Stiffness in legs,

When he turns on the left side, he can easily move the whole right leg, inward or outward; the foot then remains turned in, that is, the toes still point toward the left leg; but in the left leg these motions are impossible; the voluntary extension of the foot is impossible on both sides,

(Paralytic condition of the legs; he is scarcely able to walk),

Benumbed sensation from the toes as far as the knee-joints,

Very violent pains in the legs, especially in the joints,

At times, pains extend along the crural nerve, as far as the heel or toes,

The legs are painful when stretched,

Chilliness of the legs, in the evening, from the calves down to the feet,

Cramp-pain in the leg, early in the morning, terminating in a humming or buzzing,

Drawing pain in the legs when resting upon the floor, perpendicularly, while sitting,

Drawing, tearing, and jerking in the legs, from the ankles to the knees,

Feeling as if a heavy weight were hanging from the legs,

Tearing sticking in the lower and inner part of the leg, at a small place,

Tearing in the legs during the shuddering,

Drawing tearing in the right leg, from the bend of the knee to the heel, as if sprained,

Boring pain in the right tibia,

Sharp, tearing drawing in the tibia,

Legs painful to touch,

Single, violent tearing in the tibia, causing one to cry out,

Spasmodic contraction in the calves,

The calf is hard and as if pressed flat, with intolerable pain, resembling a cramp-pain, causing her to cry out for about an hour and a half; the whole leg became cold, insensible, and stiff, so that she was unable to move it; there remained a tension in the calf, and a sort of paralysis in the leg behind (after fifty hours),

Cramps in the calves, etc.

Severe cramps in the calves of the legs,

Cramp in the calf, when walking (after two hours),

Cramp in the calves, especially in the night, in bed,

Aching pain in the calves,

Tearing pain in the right calf, when sitting (after eleven hours),

Swelling of the ankle without redness, with tearing pains, which can be relieved by the application of warmth,

Stiffness in the ankle and knee-joints, with difficulty in walking,

Painfulness of the ankles when touched,

Tearing in the ankles,

Tearing around the ankles and in the dorsum of the feet, when lying down, with nausea,

Feet and Toes.

Swelling of the feet (),

Feet swelled easily (one week),

Shining, hot swelling of the feet, extending above the ankles, with round red spots, causing a burning pain (after third day),

Itching swelling of the feet,

OEdematous feet (after six weeks),

OEdema of the feet and exhaustion ().

Swelling of the feet, which long afterwards remain weak and heavy,

Very great oedema of the feet, which lasted many weeks,

Hard, red-blue, green-yellow and very painful swelling of both feet (after twenty-eight days),

Trembling in feet,

Cramp of the feet,

Weakness of the feet,

Weakness of the feet, lasting three weeks,

Weakness of the feet, on great exertion,

When walking, he dragged the feet loosely; when lying, they lie relaxed and fallen down,

Feet would not support him, but gave way beneath him,

In eight weeks she could only move the feet when lying, but could not walk,

Paralysis of the feet,

Total paralysis of the feet,

Paralysis of the feet, preceded by vomiting,

Complete paralysis of feet, hands, and arms,

Numbness, stiffness and insensibility of the feet, with occasional swelling and great pains,

Numb pains in the right foot; when sitting, she is unable to raise it except with the hand,

Feet feel as if furred,

Fuzzy feeling, going to sleep and coldness of the feet, extending a hand's breadth above the ankle,

Sensation diminished in the feet and legs,

Loss of sensation in the feet; on attempting to walk, she could not feel the ground,

Cold feet, with contracted pulse,

Continual cold feet when sitting still; he is scarcely able to warm them in bed,

Pains in the feet,

Pains in the feet, which decreased from year to year, but (after ten years) have not yet quite disappeared, and especially show themselves on the appearance of the menses,

Pain in the foot, as if sprained, when she makes a misstep, or does not place the foot in a natural position,

Cramps in feet,

Constant cramps in the feet,

Drawing in the foot, so that he cannot hold it still; he cannot step rapidly, but only cautiously,

Tearing and stitching in the metatarsal articulations of both feet, with stitches in the joints when treading or walking, as if the feet were sprained; the ankles feel sore and painful when touched,

Stitching pains in the outer border of the foot,

Intolerable itching of the feet and thighs,

The pains in the feet become worse by motion,

Pains in the joints of the foot, on the top of the instep, as if sprained, when stepping,

When walking, steps flat with whole sole,

Numb feeling in the sole,

Soles feel as if made of wood and do not feel the ground,

Soles of feet painful on stepping,

Feeling of coldness in the soles,

Violent burning in soles of feet,

Stitches in the soles (after half an hour),

Tearing in the heels,

In the morning, when waking, the heels are painful, as if they had been lying on a hard place,

Stitches in the bottom of the left heel, when treading, extending to the posterior surface of the thigh,

Toes drawn downward,

The flexors of the toes so contracted that the tips of the toes touch the soles of the feet; walking very difficult; standing upright causes pain (eight months),

The toes are constantly flexed; they can be extended a little by great exertion of the will, but with the aid of the hand very easily; her gait, on account of this loss of power, is heavy and stamping,

Loss of power of the toes; walking was accomplished with the whole sole of the foot, by which her gait became stamping,

The extensors as well as the flexors of the toes are paralyzed,

Titillating creeping itching of the right big toe, as if felt in a healing wound, causes rubbing (after one and a half hours),

In the night, when lying in bed, violent prickling tearing in the corn,

Paralysis of the inferior extremities,

Complete paralysis of the lower extremities,

In one case, which recovered after the lapse of a month, there were partial paralysis of lower extremities and desquamation of cuticle,

Lower extremities cold, stiff, and without the power of motion (second day),

Hyperaesthesia of the lower extremities; the slightest touch caused cries from the patient (after several days),

Curious sensation in her lower limbs (one case),

Violent pains in the lower extremities,

Pain in knees,

Paralysis of legs,

The sharp prick of a pin had no effect on the left leg, and a hard pinch was requisite to excite motion in the right,

Spasms in legs,

Contraction of the extensors of the legs,

Such a weakness in his legs that he with difficulty got into bed,

Want of strength in her feet and legs (sixth day); a few days afterwards she had swelling of feet, with numbness and creeping in inferior extremities,

Cramp in one leg (in four hours),

Much cramp in legs,

Painful cramps of legs,

Cramps in the legs (after five hours); increased (after six hours),

Muscular soreness of legs (after three hours),

Violent and increasing cramps in calves,

A feeling of hot water running down the calves from knee to ankle, lasting six hours; first in left leg, then in right,

Prickling pains in both legs, from soles to about two inches above knees. Sensation was completely lost in left leg, and considerably impaired in the right. In both there was total loss of all power of motion. She said she had been unable to get about for the last fortnight, and that for some weeks previously she had had considerable difficulty in doing so (after three months),

Swelling of feet (one case),

Sensation of fuzziness in the soles of the feet, with formication and pain; this numbness and painful sensation gradually extended up the calves and thighs, associated with pains, which the patient described as if caused by cutting instruments,

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