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Arsenicum Album - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Arsenious Acid, Arsenic, Arsenicum, Ars. Alb, Ars Alb, Arsenic alb, Ars.

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HPUS indication of Arsenicum Album: Vomiting
Common symptoms: Vomiting, Worry, Chills, Diarrhea, Bruises.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Arsenicum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Dark areolae round eyes,

Livid circle round eyes,

Dark areolae round eyes and mouth,

Dark areolae around eyes, which are somewhat staring,

Eyes sunken

Eyes hollow, when quite half closed,

Eyes hollow and dark round eyelids,

Hollow, sunken eyes,

Lustrous glistening eye,

Eyes injected, ,

Eyes red, lids swollen and excoriated; the redness and swelling of the lids lasted several days,

Scalding of eyes,

During the week she had soreness of the eyes,

Soreness of eyes, which looked inflamed,

Soreness and irritability of eyes; during the second attack the conjunctiva of lids was deep red along the tarsal edges and at the angles; the lids were slightly tumid, and had a tendency to eversion; vision was painful,


Swelling of eyelids,

Lids oedematous (second day),

A line of excoriation on integument at external angle of each eye, and desquamation of cuticle of eyelids, with redness of latter,

Slight inflammation of left upper eyelid,

Convulsive movements of the eyelids, jaws, etc.,

Itching about eyelashes,



Lachrymation, which corroded the lids and cheeks,

Eyes suffused, even bloodshot,


Conjunctivitis for a considerable time,

Slight conjunctivitis, with intolerance of light,

Mild conjunctival inflammation,

Inflammation of tarsal portions of conjunctiva,

Injected conjunctiva,

In all the conjunctivae were injected; the next day, except in the children, the congestion had disappeared, and given place to a yellow tinge,

Conjunctiva bluish white,

Suffusion of conjunctiva,


Pupils dilated (after several days),

Pupils dilated, but react normally to light,

Lively, penetrating look,

Eyes bright and glistening, and vessels of cornea much injected,

Inflammation of the eyes,

Inflammation of the eyes, violent, frequently recurring,

Weak look of the eyes,

Dim eyes,

Suffused, languid eyes,

Eyes look veiled, and minutely injected,

Blue circles around the eye, and pale appearance of the eyeball,

Yellow eyes, as in jaundice,

Eyes injected, etc.

Eyes injected, as in the beginning of an eruptive fever,

Weak and inflamed eyes, the conjunctiva was fiery red,

The eyes red,

The eyes very red,

Bloodshot eyes,

Red, inflamed eyes,

Eyes red, as after weeping,

Wild look,

Staring eyes,

Staring look, without dilatation of the pupils,

Protruding eyes,

Eyes protruding and quite red,

Protruding and watery eyes,

Sunken eyes and pale face,

Swelling of the eyes,

Eyes greatly swollen,

(Swelling of the eye and lips),

Painless swelling under the left eye, partly closing the eye, and very soft (after five days),

Distortion of the eyes,

Distortion of the eyes and cervical muscles,

Distortion of the eyes in a horrid manner,

Rigid eye, turned upward,

From time to time the eyes turned upward and squinting, but only transiently,

Eyes retracted,

Eyes often feel moist and as if full of tears, but without lachrymation,

Stiffness of the eyes,

Eyes stiff, heavy, rather sensitive,

In evening, feeling of sand in eyes,

In the evening, feeling as of sand in the eyes, obliging him to rub them,

Feels as if there where a blood boil below each eye,

Deep internal pain of the right eye, with violent stitches when turning it, so that she was scarcely able to turn it,

Violent pain in the left eye,

Violent pain in left eye during the night,

Burning in the eyes,

Severe and constant burning in the eyes,

During the day, slight sensation of heat in both eyes,

Burning in the eyes, nose, and mouth,

Eyes hot and burning sore in the balls,

Sensation of burning and smarting (in eyes),

Several times in the evening, and especially when lying down, a distinct feeling of burning and slight pricking in the eyes,

Drawing pain in the eyes and twitching in the lids,

Heavy pressure in the eyes,

Pressure in the left eye as from sand (after two hours),

Pressive pain under the right eye, lasting for hours, at night, causing so much anguish that she was unable to remain in bed,

Tearing in the eye, occasionally,

Tearing pains in left eye,

Somewhat painful sensitiveness of both eyes,

Stitches and burning in eyes,

Pulsative throbbing in the eyes, and at every pulsation a stitch; after midnight,

Jerking in the left eye,

Severe nightly itching in both eyes,

Biting, gnawing itching in both eyes, obliging him to rub (after three hours),

Eyes feel worse when moving them, or looking steadily,

All the eye-symptoms I have felt the more acutely, as I have never before had the slightest trouble with those organs,


Eyes weak,

The eye weak, without lustre, and generally closed,

Weakness of the eyes,

Weak sight, for a long time,

Disturbance of vision,

The sight is indistinct,

Obscuration of sight,

Obscuration of sight; it becomes black before the eyes immediately,

Slight loss of vision,

Vision impaired; could not read by gaslight more than a few minutes; could not see except by good daylight, and then had to get work very near her eyes; any use of eyes attended with pain,

(Almost total blindness in the case of a female affected with weak sight; she loses hearing and is for a long time affected with dulness of sense),

He opens his eyes, and complains that they see no more,

She lost the sight totally,

(Sparks before the eyes with headache and vertigo),

Flickering before the eyes,

White spots or points before the eyes,

Sees as through a white gauze,

It seems yellow before the eyes, during the nausea,

Darkness before the eyes,

Darkness and flickering before the eyes,

Photophobia (),

She appeared to be sensitive to light, and often her eyes closed,

Snow dazzles the eyes, and makes them water,

Dimness of sight, etc.

Failure of vision,

One girl, aet. fourteen years, became blind, lost her speech, and fell down in a state of syncope,

Some complained of flickering of the muscles and disturbance of vision, preventing them from knitting, sewing, or reading; and when they closed their eyes they saw shining particles floating backwards and forwards (second day),

Sparks before the eyes (second day),

Bluish sparks before the vision,

Brow and orbit

All the parts around the orbits are swollen,

Suborbital pain on the left side, with prickings as with needles, sometimes quite severe,

Pinching-aching pain over the eyes, going off soon.

Itching around the eyes and temples, as if pricked with innumerable red-hot needles,


Blepharitis excessively aggravated,

Blepharadenitis, cil., and ulcerosa,

Lower lid externally excoriated where the burning was most severe,

Lids and lips blue,

Eyelids injected and half shut,

Redness of margin of lids,

Edges of lids very red,

Extreme redness of the inner surface of the eyelids, with uneasy sensation, rather than pain, often obliging him to rub the eyes,

In the morning, much gum on the eyelids,

Swelling of the lids,

The lids swollen and red,

Eyelids oedematous, often completely closing the eyes,

OEdematous, painless swelling of the eyelids,

Swelling of the upper, and, after, that, of the lower left eyelid, afterwards of the forehead, head, and neck, without pain and without secretion of mucus; the swelling of the head and neck reached a frightful size,

OEdema of the left eyelids,

Great oedema of upper lid, with a bright red flush,

Continual trembling of the upper eyelids, with lachrymation,

Spasms of the eyelids,

Spasmodic closure of the lids,

The oedematous eyelids are firmly and spasmodically closed, and look as if distended with air,

The left eye cannot be opened,

His eyelids closed; he feels tired,

Agglutination of the eyelids, in the morning,

The eyelids are not closed during sleep,

Kind of difficulty in moving the eyelids,

Slight stiffness in the eyelids,

From time to time, stiffness in the eyelids,

Stiffness of the eyelids, as if he had been smoking all night; lasted fifteen days,

Marked and constant stiffness of the eyelids, for four days,

Dryness of the eyelids, as if the eye were rubbed by them, when reading by candlelight,

Pain of the margin of the eyelids, during motion, as if dry and rubbing against the eyeballs, both in the open air and in the room,

1 P.M., sudden severe pain in the eyelids, with very painful pricking and lachrymation, which lasted ten minutes,

Burning in the margin of the upper eyelids,

Pressive pain over the left eyelid, increasing when raising the eye, and also in the upper half of the eyeball,

Smarting in the eyelids, like that felt on entering a room filled with smoke; lasted all day,


Swimming of the eyes,

The eyes watery, half opened, red,

Watering from the eyes, and a dazzled sensation,

Watering and itching of the eyes, with a little pus in the eyes in the morning,

Lachrymation, etc.

Slight lachrymation in the morning, with some fluent coryza,

Corrosive tears, making the cheeks and eyelids sore,

Constant watering of the right eye, for eight days (after second day),


Inflammation of the conjunctiva,

Chronic conjunctivitis, not severe, but obstinate, with itching and depreciation of vision,

Conjunctivitis palpebralis,

Inflammation of the conjunctiva, with suffusion of the eyes and intolerance of light,

Yellowness of conjunctiva,

The white of the eye yellow,

Yellow white of the eye as in jaundice,

Conjunctiva somewhat, red,

The white of the eye becomes red,

Redness or soreness of the conjunctiva,

Conjunctiva injected,

The conjunctivae intensely injected,

Conjunctiva minutely injected, with diffused, pale redness,

Conjunctiva minutely injected and ciliary vessels greatly enlarged,

Ball and Pupil.

Eyeballs very protruding, as if out of their sockets,

The eyeballs fixed upward,

Yellowness of sclerotica,

In the albuginea and at the edge of the reddened cheeks a slight icteric flush,

Pupils dilated, , etc.

Pupils strongly dilated,

The pupils from being minutely contracted become exceedingly dilated,

Pupils contracted,

Contracted pupils (after one and a half hours),

Alternate dilatation and contraction of pupils, more in the night, in rather rapid and extreme degree, increased by presenting a lighted candle, or moving the tip of the finger to and fro,

Pupils insensible to light,

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