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Arsenicum Album - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Arsenious Acid, Arsenic, Arsenicum, Ars. Alb, Ars Alb, Arsenic alb, Ars.

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HPUS indication of Arsenicum Album: Vomiting
Common symptoms: Vomiting, Worry, Chills, Diarrhea, Bruises.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Arsenicum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), When waking, ill-humor.

in bed, indignation. heaviness of head, etc.

on waking, headache, etc.

on rising, headache, when waking, dull headache.

after rising, heaviness in head, etc.

when rising bruised pain in side of head.

gum on the eyelids. agglutination of lids.

pus in eyes. *slight lachrymation, etc.

stitching in the ear. *discharge from nose at 5 A.M., etc.

*Teeth loose, etc.

on waking, coryza, etc.

swelling of face.

on rising. slight toothache.

stitching in gums. bitter taste.

putrid taste. roughness, etc., in throat.

when swallowing first mouthful, scraping in throat.

when waking, feels qualmish, etc.

on getting up, vomiting of bile.

an hour after getting up, vomiting.

bloatedness, etc. on waking, rumbling in bowels.

after rising, pain in the intestines.

*before and during diarrhoeic stool, pinching in hypogastrium.

diarrhoea. early, at commencement of micturition, burning in forepart of urethra, erections.

violent cough. green, etc., expectoration.

in bed, jerking on stitching in thumb, etc.

tearing in metacarpal bone.

*drawing-tearing pain in hips, etc.

on rising, attack of pain in things.

sweat on legs. early, heaviness, etc., in legs.

cramp-pain in legs. heels painful.

trembling of whole body.

muscular stiffness. fatigue.

on rising general malaise.

on waking,. pains all over, etc.

on waking, attack of chilliness.

from the time of waking to time of rising, sweat.

when waking, sweat only in face.

*feels as though had not slept enough..

(Evening), Anxiety, etc.

confusion of head. swelling of frontal eminences.

frontal heaviness. headache over left eye.

*feeling of sand in eyes.

feeling of burning, etc., in eyes.

burning in outer ear. heat in left nasal fossa, etc.

pain in molar teeth. swelling of submaxillary gland.

pain in throat. thirst.

pain in stomach. after eating, feeling of repletion in stomach.

*when sitting, pain from pit of stomach round left ribs.

after lying down, spasms, etc., in abdomen, etc.

after lying down, pains in the intestines.

shortly after lying down, lancinations in left side of abdomen.

*before going to sleep, smoky feeling in larynx, etc.

*directtly after lying down, cough.

*cough, without expectoration, etc.

*when getting into bed and lying down, loses breath.

chilliness in chest. *constriction of chest, etc.

violent burning of chest.

stiffness of cervical muscles.

in bed. pain in finger and foot.

pain in wrist. in bed, contraction of muscles of things.

chilliness of legs.

*when falling asleep, starting in affected part.

general feeling of fatigue.

pains in whole body. boil on hand painful.

while asleep, loud moaning.

after going to bed, violent chilliness.

attack of chilliness..

(Night), *Delirium.

talked senselessly. headache.

tearing, etc., headache.

throbbing in whole head, etc., headache over left eye.

pain in left eye. pressive pain under right eye.

alternate dilatation and contraction of pupils.

*stitching pain in left ear.

toothache. regularly recurring tearing in teeth.

pain in gums. thirst. hiccough.

when rising, hiccough, etc.

vomiting. vomiting and diarrhoea.

*anxiety in pit of stomach.

colic pains. burning of the haemorrhoids.

*sudden catarrh. *cough.

*violent palpitation. *strong, etc., palpitation.

pain in back, etc. itching, etc., back.

in bed, tearing in arms.

crawling in hands. in bed, cramp in fingers.

tearing in lower limb, etc.

in bed, cramp in calves.

when lying in bed, tearing in the corn.

when waking, burning in all the veins.

smarting and itching. itching on the head.

during sleep, the pains are felt.

in bed, cannot get warm.

*heat, without thirty or sweat.

*heat, etc. short-lasting coldness, etc.

*sweat. *profuse sweat about the lower limbs..

(Mania; headache; excessive anguish; noise before the ears, as of many large bells, and when opening his eyes he constantly saw a man who had hung himself in the garret, and who requested the other by signs to cut him down; the former ran up to the latter with a knife, but not being able to cut him down, he became desperate, and attempted to hang himself; this attempt being foiled, he became so restless that he could scarcely be kept quiet; he lost his speech, though he had his full understanding; and when attempting to express himself in writing, could only write down unintelligible signs, trembling and weeping all the while, the forehead covered with the sweat of anguish, kneeling down and raising his hands as if praying),.

Her disposition has changed very much since the poisoning (four months ago).

the slightest cause was sufficient to put her into anger and rage, which especially occurred when one spoke of her complete recovery, which she considered wholly impossible. At times also an indescribable melancholy attacked her..

Neuralgia. often have I found this lady with her face closely wrapped up in flannel, as if she dreaded an attack with sharp ice-spears or burning needles.

it came with throes of violence over the left eyebrow, and into the bones of the face, crept up the spine, and settled in the vertex, making her feel as if she could go mad, or rush out anywhere.

noise was intolerant,.

On the forehead, about the eyes, on the cheek bones, the shoulders, the upper part of the arm, and the chest, an eruption of white pustules, in large number, which, in form and progress, were similar to small-pox.

these pustules were partly isolated, partly confluent, were very easily torn, changed to thick crusts, and left very perceptible scars behind,.

Eruption like intense scarlet rash, covering nearly the whole body, except the face.

it began on the anterior surface of the body, and spread rapidly, without disappearing from its primary seat. The skin was intensely red, much swollen, covered with numberless fine blisters. The eruption was associated with the most violent itching and burning, disturbing the sleep, reaching its height in five or six days, and then fading.

followed by desquamation.

the desquamation was very slow, in large and small scales,.

The workmen are subject to irritations which produce itching, blotches, rawness, and perhaps boils. In one factory where one hundred women are employed in marking artificial flowers, hardly any of them escaped skin diseases. The hands, face, neck, roots of hair, flexure of arms, axilla, and in a most distressing degree the genitals, were affected.

the pudendal eruptions being often so severe that they could not bear to sit down,.

Several small superficial ulcers extending along the inner surface of each lip, varying in size from mere specks, the largest being 1/12th inch in diameter. The smarting and annoyance were intolerable, and much increased in the evening , when the lips swelled and became so painful that eating or even speaking could scarcely be indulged in. He got better, but returned worse than ever.

all the old ulcers had reopened, several new ones formed, lips much swollen, with profuse ptyalism,.

Inflammation of the skin of the lower part of the abdomen, penis, scrotum, and upper part of thighs.

in some places the inflammatory action had gone on to ulceration. The pain was severe and burning. There were signs of considerable constitutional derangement. The evening of the same day on which he washed the sheep he had smarting and pain in the affected region.

this increased, and the next morning the parts were red and inflamed. It was more than a fortnight before he was able to resume his work,.

Arms and legs quite strong and mobile.

hands and feet, on the contrary, extremely wasted, so that, without organic changes, all the articular processes protruded unnaturally, and, in regard to sensation and mobility, so paralyzed that nothing could be held securely.

the feet would not permit his rising.

on stepping he always planted down the flat sole, and on walking his feet were dragged along like weights,.

In the lower limbs the muscles of the thigh were feeble and soft, and the calf formed only a flabby bundle of fibres.

the foot of the patient remained in an extended position, so that the back of the foot formed a line with the spine of the tibia, while at the same time the inner margin of the foot was turned somewhat inward and upward, and the plantar surface looked inward and backward.

the instep formed an angle with the tibia directed inward and forward, and the articulations of the ankle and foot were weak, and on flexing the leg the foot could be moved in a very loose manner.

the toes were also flexed and motion very much restricted,.

She had three attacks of intermittent fever.

the first in November, 1875, lasting three days.

the second in December, 1875, lasting seven days, and the third from 14th to 16th of January, 1876. The symptoms of the attacks were as follows.

Between 8.30 and 9 A.M., after getting out of bed, chilly, with chattering of teeth, nails and lips blue, sometimes sickness on waking, bad taste in mouth, desire for much cold drink, pulse feeble, wants to lie down and to be quiet, and wrapped up, breath offensive, tongue brown.

this lasts till 1 P.M., then fever comes on. During the fever there is full pulse, frontal pain, not much thirst, especially hot to touch on abdomen, with pain there, feet and hands cold objectively, not subjectively, cannot bear the least draught, breath offensive, tongue brown.

this lasts till 4 or 5 P.M.

she then seems well for one or two hours. Then about 6 P.M. she is slightly chilly till about 8 P.M., then there is heat again, cannot sleep, bad dreams, cannot sleep after 3 A.M. She is losing flesh very, fast, and getting very weak. The second attack was the most severe, and the third (which occurred after she had been removed to another room) was the slightest,.

tongue clean, not dry.

abdomen not sensitive to pressure, but drawn in.

hollow gurgling in the abdomen.

no diarrhoea, and involuntary urination,.

The female's healthy, well-fed body had changed, in eight weeks, so that it was scarcely more than a feeble skeleton covered with skin.

and the healthy red and white of the complexion had become a pale bluish-gray. The abdominal walls were olive green.

the back ecchymosed. mouth and nose covered with scabs, and the hair had almost all fallen out,.

Convulsive fit. first she jerked her arms outward, after this she lost her consciousness, lay like one dead, pale but warm, clenched her thumbs, twisted her fists, drew her arms up slowly, lowered them again slowly.

after ten minutes she drew her mouth to and fro, as if working her jaws.

breathing imperceptible.

in a quarter of an hour the fit ceased, terminating in a jerk through the whole body, a sort of starting forward of the arms and lower limbs.

consciousness returned at once, but there was great weakness,.

Found ill at 3 P.M., but she would not at first speak or take anything. Afterwards she took what was offered. There was great pain in stomach, frequent severe vomitings.

occasional hiccough. She continued about thirty-eight hours in this state.

was then seized with occasional slight convulsive attacks, and died in a convulsion, upwards of forty hours after she was first seen by the neighbors,.

In about an hour she was brought in in a state of exhaustion.

pulse scarcely perceptible.

skin cold. pupils fixed.

in capable of answering when spoken to.

pressure in epigastric region gave excessive pain, under which she would writhe and utter some imperfect sound.

tongue dry. appeared to wish for drink constantly. The washings of the stomach returned tinged with blood.


Great pain and burning heat in the stomach, headache, immediate thirst, vomiting and purging, with olive-green alvine discharges, tension of the abdomen, the face swollen, cold chills, alternating with flushes of heat.

light painful to eyes.

bearing pains more or less constant in the loins (first day). Unable to endure a strong light.

pulse 130. this rapid circulation was accompanied with constant sensations of fainting.

a numbness extending from the right side down to the foot.

the burning sensation of the stomach was excited and increased by the motion of the child in utero.

the face was flushed and swollen, and the tongue and lips sore, which extended along the course of the oesophagus (third day). Violent headache, and to the light she had still great objection, as it immediately on accession increased the headache.

at times the heart palpitated strongly, the thirst was considerable, the pulse 100, the tongue less charged and moist, the child in utero moved with vigor, and whenever this occured the pain in the stomach was increased, with nausea (fourth day). Pulse continued at or about 100 for a fornight afterward. She went her full time, and a very fine girl was born, after a safe but lingering labor,.

Urgent thirst somewhat allayed by frequently washing mouth with cold water (first day). All passed a restless night.

the vomiting in each had greatly abated, the pain in the stomach still violent, which they all compared to a furnace, or hot irons.

alvine discharges changing to a proper color, but intermixed with streaks of green, and highly offensive.

skin hot and dry. the pulse quick, varying in each case from 100 to 130, great thirst, and violent headache.

tongue white and moist (second day). Face swollen, with a fixed redness, more or less under the eyes and on the cheek-bones.

vomited two or three times in the course of the night, by drinking too copious draught of the diluents, and each complained of the tongue and lips being sore and swollen. In the evening the febrile symptoms had a little abated, the pain in the stomach was intense, occasionally remitting, and again returning with increased violence, with nausea and vomiting, much pain in the head, considerable thirst, and bowels open (third day). Febrile symptoms subsided. They complained of a variety of singular nervous affections, tingling and burning sensations in the hands and feet (fourth day),.

Burning sensation in the stomach, vomiting, inordinate thirst, headache, face swollen, tension of the abdomen.

purgative symptom moderate.

countenance flushed, particularly on the upper part of the cheeks (first day). Pulse 90, skin temperate, tongue moist and cleaner.

the vomiting had subsided, but the stomach was in great pain.

he complained of extreme lassitude.

face flushed (second day). Pain in stomach occasionally troublesome, appetite returning, face less swollen, but flushed and red under the eyes and on the cheek-bones, extending towards the ears (third day),.

Some restlessness during the night, with watch-fulness and slight pain in stomach. In morning she became sick and complained of great thirst.

the pain in stomach had become much more intense. During the day sickness increased, and she was repeatedly purged.

countenance looked pinched and extremities cold. From this state she soon rallied, and next night (Wednesday) she became cheerful and slept comfortably, though she was distressed once or twice by the thirst, which still affected her. Thursday morning she was worse, being cold and drowsy.

she was evidently dying.

face pale and anxious.

extremities cold and bedewed with clammy sweat.

pulse hardly perceptible.

and she lay in a state of incipient coma. From this time (9 o'clock) she became more and more comatose, and gradually sank at 12,.

Eyes a little suffused, with slight lividity of the inner portion of the under lids.

skin moist, pulse accelerated, small and feeble.

vomited several times freely, and in the meantime had a copious natural dejection.

at first formed, and afterwards liquid, without blood.

while at stool vomited upon the floor about two ounces of porridge-like matter, tinged yellow with bile,.

Vomiting and purging. vomiting at first very violent and frequent.

occasional purging, sometimes of blood.

soreness of the mouth, and pain of the throat, stomach, and bowels.

hoarseness and oppressed breathing (up to fifth day).

pulse 120, full, soft, and regular.

skin hot and dry. tongue parched and excoriated.

throat spotted inwardly with little white ulcers.

voice hoarse and feeble.

breathing hurried and laborious.

swallowing painful and difficult.

the belly round, swollen, and painful, but not tender to the touch.

very exhausted, and complained of general soreness (fifth day).

pulse 120, and throbbing.

breathing difficult. tongue red and parched.

gums tender and shining, without salivation.

soreness in the throat, descending along the gullet into the chest, and there was an excoriation on each side of the uvula, a white ulcer on the left tonsil, and redness and tenderness of the rest of the throat and back of the palate.

she swallowed with such difficulty that a small quantity of any liquid caused violent gasping, hurried cough, and much pain.

she complained further of sickness and dull pain, and tenderness in the stomach and bowels, and likewise of pain in the feet and legs. The vomiting continued to recur throughout the day. In the evening the fever had increased.

the pains in the feet and legs were more severe.

and she complained of soreness and tenderness of the labia prudendi.

though in neither situation could any unnatural appearance be discovered (sixth day).

some delirium in the evening (seventh day).

fever lessened in the morning and increased at night (seventh and eighth days).

about midnight taken with labor pain, and in three hours brought forth a stillborn foetus, weighing nineteen ounces, and apparently between the fifth and sixth month. The delivery was difficult and distressing.

and although there was no flooding, she was so feeble she was not expected to live (eight day).

fever continued with morning remissions and evening exacerbations (ninth to twelfth day).

pain in hands like those in feet (eleventh day).

want of power in the feet and hands, and so severe pain in them that she could not sleep without opium (twelfth day) headache, restlessness, fever, loss of appetite (twenty-seventh day).

her sufferings went on increasing steadily, her strength decayed, and she died on the forty-fifth day, with symptoms of low fever,.

but unless they gradually give up the practice invariably die suddenly at last. In some Arsenic works near Salzburg, the only men who can stand the work for any time, are those who swallow daily doses of Arsenic.

the fumes, etc., soon killing the others,.

About an hour after taking my first dose (I took the same quantity, 3 grains, daily for three months), there followed slight perspiration, with griping pains in the bowels, and after three or four hours a loose evacuation.

this was followed by a keen appetite, and a feeling of excitement. With the exception of the pain, the same symptoms follow every increase of the dose. I subjoin as a caution, that it is not advisable to begin Arsenic-eating before the age of twelve or after thirty years. Evil consequences only ensue from a long-continuing interruption. From circumstances I am often obliged to leave it off for two or three days, and I feel only slight languor and loss of appetite, and I resume taking Arsenic in somewhat smaller doses. Once on the third day of the second week, after leaving off the dose, I was attacked with faintness, depression of spirits, mental weakness, and a total loss of the little appetite I still had.

sleep also entirely deserted me. On the fourth day I had violent palpitation of the heart, accompanied by profuse perspiration. Inflammation of the lungs followed, and I was laid up for nine weeks, the same as on the first occasion of leaving off Arsenic. Had I not been bled I should most likely have died of apoplexy. As a restorative I resumed the Arsenic-eating in smaller doses,.

First appeared irritation of the mucous membrane, causing diarrhoea and vomiting, with various other symptoms of severe gastric derangement, resulting in permanent indigestion.

also incessant severe cold in the head, which in one instance, lasted for several years without being touched by any remedy.

ulcerated throats, with acute inflammation, resembling diphtheria and quinsy.

severe spasmodic cough, spasmodic asthma, bronchitis, and congestion of the lungs.

soreness of the mouth, lips, and tongue, which appeared as if scalded in patches.

inflammation of the eyes and eyelids (the conjunctiva invariably being bright red), in one case threatening absolute loss of sight.

congestion and torpidity of the liver, with the various symptoms resulting therefrom, and severe bilious and feverish attacks. There was, in short, irritation of every organ. In many cases, if not in all, the action of the heart was weakened, and in some palpitation frequently occurred. There were pains in various parts of the body, especially across the shoulders, down the spine and limbs, also in the joints, which were often stiff and swollen.

scaling of the skin and irritating eruptions, which no remedy ever relieved except Turkish baths. The effects upon the nervous system were most remarkable, producing a thoroughly shattered constitution.

great irritability, depression, and tendency to tears. These latter symptoms were especially marked in the children, and also in servants who had come to the house in ordinarily good health, and who each became affected by degrees as above described. The list also includes giddiness, headache, acute earache, and neuralgia.

bleeding at the nose. frightful dreams.

faintness. cramps, rigor and numbness of the limbs.

rigid spasms and convulsions. The last symptoms developed in the worst cases were loss of memory, and threatenings of paralysis.

also spasms, with twitching of the body and limbs,.

After about twelve hours, when on the stool, he suddenly felt great difficulty in breathing, with cramp in the chest, hands, and arms.

immediately afterwards the cramp attacked both calves, and he became very cold all over and stiff, so that he became completely helpless, and had to be entirely lifted into bed. Violent vomiting very soon set in, and the cramp became more severe in the calves, though it did not again affect the chest and arms. The breathing, however, continued to be much oppressed for two hours. He was by this time in a state of great prostration.

countenance strangely anxious, and very restless.

skin cold and clammy. pulse very feeble and frequent.

eyes deeply sunken and surrounded with a well-marked dark border.

lips and tongue parched, with great thirst.

breathing slow and much oppressed.

sometimes sighing. burning pain in stomach, increased on pressure, and inclination to vomit.

extremities icy cold in spite of hot applications.

had had severe vomiting, with griping pain in bowels, and purging.

also cramps, first in chest and arms, and afterwards in calves. After a few minutes most violent cramps came on in both calves, causing intense suffering, and rendering the muscles hard and knotty. The cramp came on almost every fifteen minutes, lasting a few minutes each time.

the slightest movement, such as turning in bed, seemed at once to excite the spasm. Violent vomiting of a greenish-yellow fluid also occurred at intervals. Brandy and all warm drinks were almost immediately rejected, but a little cold water was retained. Mustard plasters applied to the spine, chest, and calves, were scarcely felt by him,.

One man got a sore mouth.

another had every symptom of a cold, and felt a general stiffness of the limbs.

a woman was in the room for half an hour, and her throat became rough and remained so for some days. A paperhanger in the same neighborhood remarked that his mouth was always sore when he put on green paper, and his men often spoke of their eyes becoming inflamed and their hands ulcerated,.

The symptoms commenced within a half to three-quarters of an hour after eating dinner. They had faintness, nausea, and incessant vomiting, with a burning pain in the epigastrium, increased on pressure, and gradually extending over the whole abdomen, followed by headache and severe diarrhoea, with a sense of constriction and heat in the fauces and throat, great thirst, and in some painful respiration. Pulse quick and very feeble, from 100 to 180.

cold, clammy skin, with very severe cramps in the legs in those who had diarrhoea. Some of the men had tumefaction of the penis. The above symptoms were found in all the men. Some were collapsed. A great many had severe cramps in their legs until 11 o'clock at night, and some little pains in the abdomen for several days. Ten of the men had slight gastritis. One man had and still has paralysis of the left arm and leg, and the sensibility of the skin is impaired.

he complains of coldness in his limbs,.

Three or four years after occupying the room, or perhaps a little earlier, she began to have a feeling of general malaise. The first thing she recalls is a sensation of exhaustion. It was especially difficult for her to rise in the morning, although awake at a very early hour. The debility increased as the illness went on. She would feel quite well and strong for a time, and would at once experience the sense of prostration on making any attempt at movement, and at times, on any unusual mental exertion, making the duties of a housekeeper particularly onerous. She speedily increased considerably in weight, from about one hundred and twenty-five to one hundred and sixty pounds. This condition lasted for some months, and then gave place to emaciation. At certain intervals afterwards the various symptoms of the digestive, nervous, and circulatory systems, which I shall mention, appeared and increased in severity up to the time I saw her. The precise date of the access of each symptom is unknown, but each had shown itself, either continuously or at intervals, for a number of years before. I found her in bed, perfectly prostrated, hardly able to move hand or foot.

with skin very dry and rough.

hands and feet cold or cool to myself and to the patient. Emaciation was marked.

a countenance naturally rosy had become sallow.

tongue inflamed, dry, cracked, with a brownish coat in centre.

gums also dry and angry. The sensation of dryness was apparent to herself, with a feeling as if the mouth were lined with flannel. No sensation of dryness or pain in the throat or oesophagus. Nausea often about 10 P.M., and nearly always when she awakened, but not during the night, unless she happened to be up and about for any purpose. At times pressure in the stomach.

frequent thirst in the evening, seldom during the day.

capricious appetite. During her early years she had often had diarrhoea, but she had been free from it for some years. Two or three years ago it came on at intervals.

of late it had been more marked, the discharges watery and painful. Her eyes had for some time shown signs of weakness and congestion. They had previously been very strong. At last she could not open the lids at night without lifting them with her fingers. At the time I saw her there was marked conjunctivitis, as if from some external irritation. No headache, but an "aching tired sensation" in base of brain. At times, during the past few years and never before, a tenderness in the neighborhood of the liver, which would pass away after slight diarrhoea. A carbuncle or perhaps a large boil on the back was reported as having occurred three or four years before. The sleep was more easily disturbed than when in health, and she had often wakened chilly or feverish. The feet and legs, to the knees, were frequently cramped, and had been relieved by warm applications and frictions. The symptoms detailed had always been, to a certain extent, relieved during absence from home.

but in about ten days after her return the exhaustion and other evidences of disease would recur, and soon be as bad as ever,.

The little boy had been in convulsions, and was then in a semicomatose state. The child had felt chilly, and had been sick. In the evening the symptoms seemed somewhat relieved by the remedies administered, but during the night he became worse.

and his sister was also seized with convulsions, followed by dysenteric discharge from the bowels,.

In twelve hours he began to feel a stiffness of neck, with slight difficulty in swallowing.

the cuticle of scrotum peeled off entirely, leaving the cutis vera exposed, inflamed, and bleeding.

both testes were enlarged, and could not be touched.

great thirst and headache.

the most distressing symptom was an indescribable sensation as if the hair was standing on end, and being pulled up by the roots. Stomach was irritable with vomiting, and epigastrium was painful on pressure. He had been purged twice freely, and said he felt as if his bowels were on fire,.

He appeared to be nearly in articulo mortis.

his face, which had been swollen, having assumed the appearance of the true facies hippocratica. On examining the contents of the utensils in which he had vomited, a fluid was perceived of a yellowish and greenish color, and in two of them stercoraceous matter.

the pulse was gone, his voice faint and tremulous.

and he pointed to the abdomen in great agony. On examination I discovered a very remarkable irregularity of surface, occasioned by the spasmodic contractions of the muscles of the abdomen, and even of the viscera.

this unevenness extended from the epigastric region to the pubis, and to the right and left hypochondrium. He complained of extreme faintness, and dreadful sickness. He had been violently purged.

the alvine secretions were all of a bright homogeneous green color, like paint. Each effort of vomiting and purging was preceded and followed by these painful gripings and spasmodic contractions of the abdominal muscles. He also complained of great heat in the stomach, which he compared to a furnace, or red-hot irons, which sensation commenced at the tongue, and was felt throughout the course of the oesophagus to the cardia, or upper orifice of the stomach.

insatiable thirst, violent headache, the eyes impatient of light, but the pupils sensible, and the extremities cold. The patient attempted in this dreadful state to get out of bed, to walk to the night table.

he was directly seized with vertigo, dimness of sight, and palpitation of the heart.

he fell down, and went off into an epileptic fit.

he was assisted on the bed, and in a few minutes recovered from the fit (first day). In the early part of the morning he had another attack of epilepsy.

the symptomatic fever ran high, the pulse 120.

he complained of spasmodic twitchings about the chest and abdomen, palpitation of the heart, great languor, accompanied with a constant sensation of fainting, tongue white but not dry, occasional chills, followed by an increase of heat, headache, and vertigo (second day). Skin moist and more temperate, tongue less coated, not dry, but sore and swollen, the burning heat in the stomach rather less violent, and he expressed a degree of hunger.

the pulse 98, spasmodic twitches in the arms and legs, with a cold sensation in the latter (third day). Tingling and burning sensations, beginning at the extremity of the fingers and gradually creeping to the shoulders, sometimes one foot, and at others both affected with a burning feel, commencing at the toes and gradually rising above the ankle-joint.

palpitation of the heart, great depression of the spirits, with a perpetual sensation of swooning, and frequent twitchings of the muscles of the chest and abdomen, and of the upper and lower extremities (fourth day). Owing to eating a free portion of animal food he suffered a slight relapse of the fever and much pain in the stomach, also passed a restless night, with much thirst, and was again attacked with spasmodic twitchings in the chest and upper and lower extremities (fifth day). He complained of a very singular affection in the upper and lower extremities.

the arms were several times in the course of the day seized with a numbness and prickly feeling, accompanied with a sense of great weight, like what is commonly called being asleep.

and this symptom continued daily, more or less frequently, for six weeks, but upon raising the arms in an upright position, it immediately subsided. The same feeling almost as constantly attacked the legs, but occasionally with and sometimes without the corresponding affection of the arms.

the legs were some minutes longer affected, by reason of his not being able, as he himself observed, to place them in the same position as the arms (ninth day),.

Burning heat in the stomach, much nausea, with vomiting and severe gripings, with purging, extreme faintness, palpitation of the heart, headache, trembling of the right arm, and right lower extremity (first day). Four epileptic fits in the course of the night, preceded by violent palpitation of the heart, accompanied with a peculiar tremulous action of the right arm and lower extremity.

a considerable degree of symptomatic fever insatiable thirst, a white but moist tongue, the face flushed, the respiration hurried. Pulse 126, irregular and contracted, frequent gripings in the bowels, and spasmodic twitchings in the muscles of the chest and abdomen (second day). Much fever, respiration hurried and great thirst, violent and incessant palpitation of the heart.

the fits had recurred twice in the night.

he had had no sound sleep.

if he went into a doze, he woke suddenly and much agitated.

the pulse 120. spasmodic twitches, with tremor in the right arm and lower extremity, violent headache, and the eyes painfully affected by light.

constant vertigo, which was increased if he attempted to sit up in bed, or upon the slightest exertion (third day). Only one attack of the epileptic fit in the night, and had slept three or four hours towards the morning.

pulse 100, breathing less hurried and more natural (fourth day). A relapse of the fit in the night, preceded by palpitation of the heart and tremulous agitation of the right arm and lower extremity.

the fit lasted nearly two hours (fifth day). On the eighth day an epileptic fit at 8 P.M., and it returned daily and periodically about the same hour every evening for a fortnight afterwards.

the fit generally lasted nearly two hours, and he required, from the violence of his struggles, the assistance of several persons to hold him whilst the epilepsy continued. On recovering he looked wild, forgot where he was, and talked incoherently, and as he gradually emerged from this state, complained of extreme languor, with great prostration of strength. Towards the latter end of the second week, the fit became shorter and less severe, and he sooner recovered when out of it.

and at the expiration of a fortnight from the first effects of the poison, he enjoyed and interval of seven or eight days without a relapse.

hopes were then entertained that he would recover, "the fits becoming every day shorter, and recovery from each more rapid and complete." But they again returned with the same or even greater degree of violence, and he has been afflicted with fits up to the present time.

he appears to have outgrown his strength, possesses very delicate stamina, and serious apprehensions are still entertained of the result,.

Vomiting in the course of half an hour.

soon afterwards, several dejections. Vomiting and purging, at short intervals, continued through the day. Evacuations consisting mostly of a serous fluid and bile. Quantity vomited during the day amounted to six or eight quarts by estimation. In the afternoon, on attempting to walk from one bed to another, he fell down senseless, was convulsed, had cramp in extremities, and was cold. At 7 in the evening, seventeen hours after taking the medicine, found him as follows Extremities cold, bathed in perspiration.

skin blue and corrugated, feeling as if parboiled.

no pulse perceptible at wrist.

pulsations of carotids rapid and fluttering.

eyeballs retracted in orbits.

countenance livid. voice husky and guttural.

extreme thirst. distress at epigastrium.

frequent vomiting. mind clear.

Arsenical ointment was applied (to cure chronic inflammation) to the breast of a woman, aged thirty-nine, the cuticle having been removed. The first application was May, 21st, and was immediately followed by severe violent burning in the breast. Violent headache, thirst, sickness, and occasional retching, numbness in arms and legs, sleeplessness, and loss of appetite supervened in a short time. The application was repeated daily till 25 th. On this day the pain in the breast became intolerable.

there was faintness and palpitation. Inflammatory action extended from the breast to the shoulder and arm. On the evening of the 26th she had severe pain in belly. On the 27th the points of the sore not sloughing were smeared with ointment. About 2 P.M., she was seized with a kind of fit, with lividity of the face, foaming at the mouth, and moaning. She continued unconscious for several minutes, and on regaining consciousness, said she had been in a queer place, that she felt as it were a dart go through her, that she then became insensible, and had no further recollection of what happened to her during the fit. In the afternoon she felt more comfortable. Between 9 and 10 P.M., she suddenly said, "There it is again," was off in a fit, and died immediately,.

Cramp attacked his legs and stomach.

the muscles of the former were spasmodically contracted, and the abdomen was also rigid and tender. In the intervals of the paroxysm of the pain he lay with his eyes half closed.

tongue covered with a creamy fur. The breathing soon became more rapid and rather difficult, and accompanied by an increasing lividity of face. The spasms continued, but never attained to anything like general convulsions,.

In about five minutes a peculiar tingling sensation commenced in left arm, lasting about forty-five minutes. Fifth day, numbness of thighs and calves. Eleventh day, anaesthesia of fingers, and partial paralysis of flexors of forearm.

a similar condition shortly afterwards attended the lower extremities, and was accompanied in both by pain persisting for a few days. In five weeks from the commencement of the illness, skin of entire body had desquamated.

most remarkably so on hands. In six weeks the paralysis of flexors of both extremities was unabated, and accompanied with soreness on pressure. In two months and a half he was still unable to stand without support. In eight months the paralysis of sensation and motion and the soreness on pressure still continued, though less. In twenty-three months nearly well,.

In about an hour he had nausea, feeling of distension of stomach, with great pain, as if there were a fire within him, burning in mouth, and subsequently vomiting of a greenish fluid.

to these were speedily added burning in throat and along oesophagus, urgent tenesmus, with slight discharge of mucus, excoriation of anus. During the latter part of his illness he had bloody discharges from his stomach,.

Found him lying on the bed with a basinful of watery, frothy fluid near him, which he had just thrown up. He had begun to vomit in ten minutes, after swallowing the water, and it had continued till now (nearly two hours). Nothing would stay on his stomach.

water being thrown up immediately after swallowing. The vomiting was painless,.


Sensation as if an eruption was about to appear all over face,

Pains in the face, teeth, and gums,

Increase of pain in face on touching the painless side,

The left side of the face feels colder than the right,

Heat and redness of face,

Violent burning and itching in the face for half an hour, during which the pain in face diminishes,

Flushes of heat in face, with anxiety,

Tearings in face of a quotidian type,

Tearing pain in left half of the face,

Throbbing in face and head as if the boiling blood would burst the veins,

Itching in the face; he scratches it until it is red,

Red spot on right cheek,

Extensive tumefaction of the right cheek, with violent pain in the whole of that side of the face; smooth, shining, scarlet redness of the skin over the swelling,

Corrosive ulcer on the lip, painful in the evening after lying down a sort of tearing and smarting pain; the pain is worst when touching the part and exposing it to the air; prevents sleep, and wakes him at night (after fourteen days),

White-powdered lips,

Lips livid,

Bluish lips,

Lips and tongue bluish,

A brown strip of shrivelled, almost burnt, epidermis extends through the middle of the vermilion border of the lower lip,

Lips spotted, black,

Lips covered with small black spots,

Painful blotches in the upper lip,

Swelling of the lips,

Swollen, cracked lips,

Lips swollen, with two large blisters, as if from a cold, one on the right edge of the upper lip, the other at the left edge of the lower lip; the former afterwards discharges lymph, the latter pus,

Lips convulsively distorted, as with risus sardonicus,

Bleeding of the under lip, after a meal (after one and a half hours),

Lips somewhat dry, and pale red,

Lips dry, and covered with herpes,

Sore lips, and ulcers in the mouth,

Pricking twitching or jerking in one side of the upper lip, especially when going to sleep,

Itching in the upper lip, as if pricked with innumerable hot needles, extending as far as under the nose; next day, swelling of the upper lip, above the vermilion border,

Jaws clenched,

Jaws closed tightly,

Jaws firmly locked,

Spasms in jaws; can scarcely separate the teeth,

When drinking, can only open mouth a little, and with difficulty,

When trying to drink, she bites the edge of the tumbler,

She swallows the offered drink with a convulsive motion of the jaws, so as to almost break the glass,

Abscesses of the jaw,

Pressure in the left upper jaw,

Twice in the space of five minutes he felt severe pains along the course of the right inferior maxillary nerve, each time five or six very painful and distinct lancinations; while lying down, some time after, very severe headache, and the same painful lancinations along the maxillary nerve,

Unusual lightness,

He felt thick,

General uneasiness,

General discomfort,

Great anxiety in the whole body with cold sweat,

Obliged to go to bed early in the evening, with general malaise; could not get warm, although the weather was quite mild; had to be covered with bed-clothes as if it was winter,

Great malaise,

General malaise, followed by vomiting,

On rising in the morning, general malaise,

General depression and sick feeling,

The pains seem intolerable, and drive the patient mad,

Pains all over,

Pains in the whole body, mostly in the evening (Sr.).

A numb pain is perceived in the whole side of the body,

The paroxysm of pain is frequently accompanied with other symptoms,

Frequent return, at regular hours, of the pains and uneasiness, as in fever and ague,

Return of the same Arsenic symptoms at the same hour, after a period of four days,

There are, at times, remissions or even intermissions in the symptoms, which may lead to a deceptive hope of recovery, or (by the recurrence of symptoms) to the erroneous supposition that a fresh quantity of poison had been administered,

Mustard plasters cause pain, but neither redness nor swelling of the parts where they are applied,

Burning pains, , (and others).

Burning pains, especially in the inner organs, skin and ulcers,

Burning, corrosive pains,

Burning pain where applied,

The burning, stitching, tearing pains, especially in the extremities, affected the patient more, as the energy of the body decreased and sensibility increased,

Day and night, fearful pains, which were generally burning, as when one has been burned, and the injured part is exposed anew to the fire; at times also stitching, and then again gouty tearing, with which, at times, an endless rapid twitching and pulling appeared at one spot. In general, the affected limb was constantly twitching,

Violent pains,

Violent pains over the whole body, as if he lay on fire or needles; external application or Arsenic,

Occasional violent pains in different parts of the body, in the knee-joint, in the soles of the feet, and in the region of the heart,

Burning in all the veins, when waking in the night, which happens frequently,

Pain in the affected part, as if the bone in that part were swollen and excoriated; felt when sitting,

Sensation as if the whole left half of the body were drawn together,

Violent anguish, as if everything became constricted, with anxiety in the pit of the stomach,

Feeling as if pressed on by a heavy body,

On awaking, every morning, sharp pains all over the body, and aching pains across the shoulders and back of the neck,

Sharp pains all over the body, especially in the genitals,

Fine stitches over the whole body,

Tearing pains in the bones,

Ulcerative pain in the affected part, as if had passed into the stage of suppuration and were about to open; felt when sitting,

Pain in the whole trunk, mostly in the small of the back and back, especially after riding on horseback (in a practiced rider),

Beating in all the limbs and also in the head,

Pains in the joints,