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Arsenicum Album - Generalities symptoms - Hahnemann

Arsenious Acid, Arsenic, Arsenicum, Ars. Alb, Ars Alb, Arsenic alb, Ars.

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HPUS indication of Arsenicum Album: Vomiting
Common symptoms: Vomiting, Worry, Chills, Diarrhea, Bruises.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Arsenicum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Great weariness after dinner, and excessive yawning.

Yawning and stretching as if he had not slept enough.

Very frequent yawning.

Yawning, almost uninterrupted.

Yawning and exhaustion after eating, so that he had to lie down and sleep.

Sleep and dreams

Frequent fits of sleep, in day-time, while sitting.

Strong inclination to sleep; he falls asleep again just after conversing; for four days (aft. 6 d.).

Great, almost irresistible inclination to sleep, alternating with great restlessness.

Drowsiness, interrupted by uneasy dreams and severe anxieties.

Feels as if he had not slept enough, in the morning.

She has not slept enough in the morning and there is weariness in her eyes so that she cannot get out of bed in the morning.

Toward morning, involuntary mental activity, hindering him from sleeping, much as the requires sleep.


Sleeplessness, with fainting fits from time to time.

Sleeplessness, with restlessness and moaning.

Sleepless tossing at night, with crawling in the abdomen.

At night, lancinating pain in the left meatus auditorius, as from within outward.

At night, soon after going to sleep, toothache, from which he awakes.

At night, while lying in bed, severe stinging tearing in the corn.

After midnight, from three o'clock on, he tosses about and only sleeps in fits.

At night, she cannot get warm in bed.

After midnight, sensation of anxious heat, with tendency to uncover himself.

The whole night, much heat and restlessness, with pulsation in the head, so that she cannot go to sleep.

During the night, much thirst, on account of great dryness in the throat, which ceases in the morning.

Before going to sleep at night, she feels in the larynx as if choking, as if from fumes of Sulphur sulphur, causing tussiculation.

On going to sleep, violent twitching in the limbs.

Twitches of various kinds on going to sleep, in the evening.

On going to sleep in the evening, startling twitches, like shaking thrusts in the parts affected, which are excited by a slight ailment in a distant part, by a tearing, an itching, etc.

Immediately on lying down, sudden contractive twitching in the knee, with awaking as from an electric shock, caused by dreaming that he is about to knock his foot against a stone.

In sleep, a spasmodic starting of the whole body (aft. 36 h.).

Much violent starting and awaking frightened from his sleep.

During sleep, in the evening, loud moaning.

In sleep, moaning, with tossing in bed, especially about the third hour after midnight.

He talks and scolds in his sleep.

In sleep, the gnashes with his teeth.

In his slumber, in the morning, the hears every sound and every noise, and yet the continues to dream with it all.

In his sleep, a general sensation of illness, two nights in succession.

In sleep, he lies on his back, the left hand supporting his head.

In sleep, he moves his fingers and his hands.

The sleep is uneasy and she wakes up very early.

During frequent awakings at night, burning in all the arteries.

On awaking in the morning, much ill-humor; she did not know what to do for vexation; she pushed away the pillows and the coverlet and would not look at anyone or listen to anyone.

On awaking early in bed, a dull headache, passing away on rising.

On awaking early in bed, a sensation of qualmishness, of nausea all the way up in the chest, then vomiting of white mucus, but with bitterish taste in the mouth.

Early in bed, at sunrise, general heat, perspiration of the face and dryness of the anterior part of the mouth, without thirst.

He wakes up at night in a dream, during a pollution, without being able to remember his dream.

Dreams at night, full of threats or fears or repentance.

Anxious dreams; he wakes up and dreams about the same thing on going to sleep again.

Anxious, dangerous dreams, from each of which he awakes, sometimes with a loud cry, whereupon the then always dreams of something else.

Anxious, sorrowful and fearful dreams disturb his sleep.

Anxious, fearful dreams at night.

Anxious dream, at once on going to sleep; he wishes to scream, but can hardly get out a word and awakes suddenly from his own cry, which the still hears.

Many grievous dreams at night.

Continuous dreams of thunder-showers, conflagrations, black water and darkness.

Vivid, vexing dreams.

Delirium, at night.

Dreams, full of wearying reflection.



Convulsions of an extremely violent kind.

Convulsions and piteous contortions of the limbs.

Convulsions, which are caused from time to time by violent pains in the soles of the feet.

Epileptic convulsions.


Pain in the whole trunk, mostly in the back and in the sacrum, especially after riding on horseback (in a good rider.).

Gouty pains in the limbs, without inflammation.

Numb pain on the whole side of the body.

Drawing pains in the joints of the knees, of the feet and of the hands.

Drawing pains, in the evening, in bed, in the middle finger and in the foot.

Severe tearing in the arms and lower limbs, while he cannot at all lie on the painful side; most endurable while moving the suffering part to and fro.

Tearing pains in the long bones.

Tearing pains in the bones.

Sudden, tearing twitching or lancination, changing into burning, in the thumb or in the big toe, in the morning, in bed.

A thumping and tearing pain drawing up from the abdomen toward the head, where it was still more severe; then into the left side, where it was a lancinating, jerking pain, with two or three stitches.

Throbbing, drawing and stitching pain, at night, in the back, the sacrum and in the legs.

Beating in all the limbs and also in the head.

Burning pains, chiefly in the inner organs, in the skin and in ulcers.

Burning pains.

Burning, eroding pains.

In the suffering part, pain, as if the bone there was rubbed sore and swollen; perceptible when seated.

Ulcerous pain in the suffering parts, as if it was suppurating and would break open; sensible while sitting.

The pain in the suffering part wakes him up during the night, from time to time, especially before midnight.

The pains are felt during the night, even in the midst of the sleep.

The pains seem to the patient unbearable and make him frantic.

The pains and ailments frequently return, like intermittent fever, at certain hours.

Renewal of the same arsenical ailments, after the type of the quartan fever, at the same hour.

With the paroxysms of pain other secondary ailments frequently arise.

To many ailments, a shiver is added.

With the pains, a shaking chill, and after them thirst.

With the outset of the pains, heat of the face and the body.

With the outset of the pains, roaring in the ears.

In ailments which are even slight, an excessive prostration and sinking of strength.

Many ailments only come on in the evening, after lying down; some a few hours after a midnight, not a few in the morning after getting up.

After dinner, especially while sitting, many pains see renewed or aggravated.

The talking of others to him is intolerable, because it enormously aggravates his pains.

The ailments chiefly appear when sitting and lying down, and are diminished by standing and by motion.

Only by walking about can be make the nightly pains endurable; when sitting, and most of all in lying still, they are not to be endured.

The pains may almost always be relieved by external warmth.

By compressing the suffering parts, the pains are diminished and relieved.

During a sitting occupation, such uneasy restlessness in the body that she must rise and walk about.

In the evening from 6 to 8 o'clock, violent pressing and squeezing in the head, excessive lack of appetite, transient perspiration and great anguish.

Great weariness and anxiety; she cannot recollect; it is difficult for her to give attention to everything; at the same time she feels like reeling.

Exhaustion when in ill-humor; with returning cheerfulness, she feels stronger.


Fainting fits.

Violent swooning.

Profound swoons.

Frequent swoons with weak pulse (aft. 3 h.).

Faint, in the morning, and anxious and weak.

Faintness comes on.

Great weakness, especially in the legs.

Excessive weakness.

Sinking of the strength.

Extraordinary weakness, especially in the legs, which can hardly be moved along.

The strength sinks more and more.

Weakness, as if from lack of nourishment; there was lack of strength.

The strength of the hands and feet seems to have, as it were, gone, and they are extremely tremulous in the morning.

Extraordinary weakness in the knees, if he walks ever so little.

Paralytic weakness of the limbs, daily at a certain time, as in intermittent fever.

From weakness, walking becomes very difficult; he feels as if he should tumble down.

Weakness, so that he can hardly cross the room without sinking down.

Great weakness, he cannot cross the room without sinking down.

Weakness, so that he could hardly cross the room.

So weak, that he could not walk alone at all, before vomiting.

He falls down on attempting to walk, while retaining consciousness.

Extraordinary weakness and bruised feeling in the limbs, compelling him to lie down.

Weakness of the body for several days, with weak pulse, so that he has to lie down.

He must lie down and keep his bed.

Lying down.

He lies down constantly during the day.

He could not leave his bed, because of tremulous debility.

He could hardly get up from bed for several days.

He wants to get up, but on rising he cannot keep on his feet.

When she rises from bed, she at once sinks down from weakness and dizziness, with aggravated headache.

With extreme asthenia, with violent vertigo, constant vomiting and hematuria; a rapid extinction of life (without cramps, without fever and without pain).


Total emaciation.

She becomes very much emaciated, with earthy sallow complexion; blue rings around the eyes; great weakness in all the limbs; disinclination for all work, and constant inclination to rest (aft. 8 d.).

Emaciation of the whole body, with profuse sweats.


Consumptive fever.

Gradually wasted away (and died within a year).


Dropsy of the skin.

Complete general anasarca.

Severe swelling of the face and of the whole body.

Swelling of the whole right side of the body, down to the hips, with swelling of the left leg.

Swellings on various parts of the body, of an elastic kind.

Swelling of the face and of the feet, dry mouth and lips, distended abdomen, diarrhoea, colic, vomiting.




Attacks of tetanus.

Trembling of the limbs.


Trembling of the limbs, even after a moderate walk.

Trembling and quivering with perspiration in the face.

Trembling over the whole body.

He trembles in every part of the body.

Trembling in all the limbs.

Trembling of the limbs after the vomiting.

Trembling of the arms and the lower limbs.

Stiffness and immovableness of all the joints.

She becomes quite rigid, can not stir or move herself, but merely stand still.

Stiffness of all the joints; he cannot stretch himself, because everything in the body is tense; the knees are so stiff and cold that the bandages them in cloths, as they else would pain him and disturb his sleep.

Stiffness and immovableness of the limbs with severe tearing pains.

Stiffness, especially of the knees and feet, alternating with tearing pains.

As if paralyzed in all the limbs; he cannot tread firmly.

Paralysis, he could not walk any more.

Paralysis, contraction.

Contraction of the limbs.

Paralysis of the lower limbs.

Paralysis of the lower limbs, with loss of sensation.

Paralysis of the feet.

The skin on the whole body peels off in large scales.

Painfulness of the skin of the whole body.

Stitches in the skin as if from needles.

Slow stitches here and there on the skin as if from a red hot needle.

Fine stitches all over the body.

Great indolence and indisposition to the lightest movement.

Weariness and pain of the joints, in the forenoon, more when sitting than when walking.

Great weariness after eating.

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