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Arsenicum Album - Genitals Etc symptoms - Hering

Arsenious Acid, Arsenic, Arsenicum, Ars. Alb, Ars Alb, Arsenic alb, Ars.

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HPUS indication of Arsenicum Album: Vomiting
Common symptoms: Vomiting, Worry, Chills, Diarrhea, Bruises.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Arsenicum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Frequent urging, with profuse discharge.

Involuntary micturition.

Urine scanty, passed with difficulty, burning during discharge.

Retention of urine, as if the bladder were paralyzed.

Urine dark brown; dark yellow; turbid; sediment of red sand; mixed with pus and blood.



Uraemia, anguish with thoughts of murder, especially in drunkards.


Glans blue-red, swollen and cracked.

Scrotum oedematous.


Stitches from the abdomen down into the vagina.


Burning, throbbing, lancinating pain in uterine region.


Excessively painful inflammation and swelling of the genitals, increasing almost to gangrene.

Herpes preputialis chronic (after failure of Rhus Tox Rhus).

Emissions during diarrhoeic stool.

Increased sexual desire, with involuntary discharge of mucus.

Hemorrhage, with lancinating, burning pains; sudden, of profuse dark blood.


Leucorrhoea profuse, yellowish, thick and corroding.

Burning or tensive pain in the ovary.

Pressive, stitching pains in region of right ovary.

Drawing, stitching pain from region of ovary into the thigh, which feels numb and lame; worse from motion, bending, or sitting bent.


Menses too early; too profuse; exhausting menorrhagia.

During menses, sharp sticking in rectum, thence to anus and pubes.

Painful menses.

Scanty pale menses.

Thin, whitish, offensive discharge instead of the menses.


Burning pains in mammae; relief from motion.

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