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Arsenicum Album - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Arsenious Acid, Arsenic, Arsenicum, Ars. Alb, Ars Alb, Arsenic alb, Ars.

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HPUS indication of Arsenicum Album: Vomiting
Common symptoms: Vomiting, Worry, Chills, Diarrhea, Bruises.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Arsenicum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Tenesmus and strangury,


Burning in the urethra,

Burning on urinating,

Burning in the urethra during micturition,

Burning in the anterior part of the urethra at the commencement of micturition, early in the morning (after twenty-four hours),

Biting pain in the urethra,

Frequent pain, like tearings, deep in the urethra,

Strong urging to urinate,

Frequent desire to urinate, passing much urine (after two to seventeen hours),

Frequent desire to urinate, which at times is accomplished only with difficulty,

Great desire to urinate, but does not pass any urine,

Desire to urinate, which he cannot satisfy, but the bladder is empty, and with the catheter only a few spoonfuls of clear urine are discharged,

Frequent urination,

Urine more frequent than usual,

Must rise to urinate three or four times in the night, passing a large quantity every time, several nights in succession,

Involuntary urinating,

Involuntary micturition; the urine flowed from her before she was able to reach the chamber, though but little urine,


Painful urinating,


Spasmodic difficulties in urinating,

(Diminished flow of urine sometimes),

Scanty urine, passing with difficulty,

Scanty emission, and burning during emission,

Urine was not passed at all,

Retention of urine,

Retention of urine, as if the bladder were paralyzed,

Urine suppressed,

(Urine increased, often),

Urine in considerable quantity,

Profuse urination,

Urine profuse and dark-brown,

(Urine copious and burning hot),

Urine scanty,

Scanty dark-yellow urine,

Urine almost colorless,

Dark, wine-yellow urine, with violent pressure,


Urine very turbid (after five days),

Much sediment in the urine,

Red sand in the urine, and pain in passing it,

Violent pains in the kidneys, bladder, and penis,


Frequent efforts to urinate,

Urinated frequently,

Frequent urination, pain in bladder,

Difficult micturition, but without pain. After eight months the impediment on urinating still continued,

Micturition very difficult and painful (third day),

Urinated with pain, urine being red (fourth day),

Pain in urination,

Urine is more abundant and more frequent. This increased secretion of urine alternates with the cutaneous transpiration, and is the more considerable the drier the skin is,

Scanty urine,

Urine very scanty (second day),

Suppression of urine, , etc.

Suppression of urine; a very small quantity was drawn by the catheter, tested by Fehling's liquid, was found to contain sugar,

Urine scanty, and depositing lithate of ammonia,

Urine high-colored and scanty,

Bloody urine,

Urine at first red,

A very small quantity of urine was drawn by the catheter, giving with Fehling's liquid the characteristic reaction of glycosuria,


The penis, bladder, and kidneys cause him fearful pains,


The glans is blue-red, swollen, and cracked,

Erection, with burning in the anterior part of the prepuce,

Swelling and unbearable burning of the penis,

Corrosive itching of the posterior portion of the penis, obliging him to scratch,

Violent itching of the glans, without erection,

Stitching itching on the tip of the prepuce,

On awaking, all the reddened portion of the scrotum was found covered with an eruption of very small vesicles. This continued for some days, discharging slightly, and ending in desiccation. (This case shows the elective action of Arsenic on the genital organs),

Swelling of the scrotum,

Excessive swelling and intolerable pains in the penis, with violent efforts to urinate,


Itching of the genital organs,

Sexual furor of a woman; she requires an embrace twice a day, and if not satisfied, the orgasm takes place spontaneously,

She experienced active foetal movements during the attack (she was seven months advanced in pregnancy),

Leucorrhoea (a cupful in twenty-four hours) yellowish and thick, corroding the parts it touches; for ten days,

Leucorrhoeal discharge while standing and emitting flatulence (after twenty-four hours),

After the menses, there always appeared for several days a discharge of a yellow, offensive, watery fluid; frequently, also, a discharge from the rectum of blood and purulent mucus, associated with burning pains,

Sudden profuse discharge of dark blood from the vagina,

Discharge of bloody mucus after the menses,

Menses too early,

Menses twice return, too early, even in twenty days,

Profuse menses,

Menstruation several days longer, and somewhat more profuse,

Constant exhausting menorrhagia,

The menses did not make their usual appearance; in their stead she had stitches in the gluteal region and the shoulders, (Sr.).

Appearance of menses, which have been five days retarded,

Menses continue only two, instead of six days as usual,

The menstruation, which should appear, ceased,


Suppressed menstruation,

Scanty, pale menses,

Pale-red blood,


I can trace to it miscarriage and flooding, uterine suffering, which gave way when the cause was removed,

bearing pains, with the pain in the loins somewhat abated (second day). Pain in loins constant, with occasional bearing down of the womb, the thirst rather less urgent, the pulse 110, headache vertigo, great intolerance to light, the tongue white and moist, the skin hot, frequent palpitations of the heart, and a constant sensation of fainting.



(*Inflammation and swelling of the genital organs, increasing almost to gangrene; excessively painful),

Excessively painful swelling of the genital organs,

Sphacelous of the male parts of generation,

Erections seldom and incomplete,

Sexual powers lost,

Erections in the morning, without emission,

Emission, with sexual dreams,

Emission, without dreams, followed by a continued erection,

Discharge of prostatic juice, with diarrhoeic stool,

Frequent priapism,

Arsenic-eating causes strong sexual desire,

He thought the genitals had been excited by the Arsenic,

Premature delivery,

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