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Arsenicum Album - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Arsenious Acid, Arsenic, Arsenicum, Ars. Alb, Ars Alb, Arsenic alb, Ars.

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HPUS indication of Arsenicum Album: Vomiting
Common symptoms: Vomiting, Worry, Chills, Diarrhea, Bruises.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Arsenicum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Head swollen,

Sensation of heaviness in the head,

She complained of a "queerness and strange feeling in her head." These symptoms had come on suddenly, and lasted about ten days. Loss of memory of the performance of very recent acts, frequent giddiness, and some drowsiness, were the chief expressions of the "queerness" she alluded to. She felt as if she were "losing her mind,"

Violent neuralgia of forehead and face,

(Swelling of the head),

(Swelling of the veins of the whole head, after violent vomiting),

(Swelling of the head and face),

(Excessive swelling of the head and face),

(OEdema of the head, face, eyes, neck, and chest, having a natural color),

Palsied shaking of the head,

Incessant to-and-fro movement of the head,

Grasping the head and throat (in a child),

Ringing noise in the head,

Noise and confusion in head,

Strange sensations in her head,

Sensation in the head, over the ear, when walking, as of two marbles striking each other,

Heat in the head, when coughing,

Drawing and throbbing in head,

Violent pressing in the head from six to eight o'clock in the evening, entire want of appetite, transient sweat, and great anguish,

Excessive heaviness in the head, as if the brain were oppressed by a load, with humming in the ears in the morning after rising (after twenty-four hours),

Tearing in the head, and at the same time in the right eye,

Wavering sensation in brain, especially when moving the head,

When moving the head, while walking, the brain seems to flap, with pressure upon it,

Sensation, during motion, as if the brain moved and beat against the skull,

Sharp, hard throbbing, like a hacking, in the whole head, as if the skull were being pressed asunder; at night, sweat breathing out,

Dull beating pain in one half of the head, as far as above the eye,


Head on one side, and pain on raising it, as from a rheumatic affection of the sterno-mastoid,

Headache, etc.

Severe headache, , etc.

Constant headache,

Severe pain in head and across eyes (one case),

Complained of pain in head, breast, and belly, vomited several times, and was very thirsty,

Pain over brows,

Headache, etc.

Violent headache, etc.

Excessive headache, ,

Severe headache, getting worse all day, with very decided feeling of constriction at the temples, as if from intoxication (immediately),

Stupefying headache, especially in the right side of the forehead, directly over the right eyebrow, with sore pain when knitting the brow,

Headache, which lasted eight days,

Headache at uncertain times, mostly in the night,

On rising in the morning, violent headache, worse on the left side; he was obliged to return to bed; it lasted several days, though with less intensity,

Increase of headache at 11 P.M., with cold hands and face,

Headache nearly constant, aggravated by vomiting,

Headache for several days, relieved by applying cold water, but becoming much worse if taken away,

(Periodical headache),

Intense headache, increased by light and noise,

Headache and dulness,

Headache and stomach,

Violent headache, with fever and sensitiveness of the region of the stomach,

Burning pain in the head,

Tensive headache,

Contractive pain in the head,

Stupefying, aching pain, especially in the forehead, with fine stitches in the left temporal region near the outer canthus, when walking and standing, going off when sitting (after two and a half hours),

Dull headache, in the morning, when waking, going off when rising,

Violent pressive headache,

Stupefying pressive headache, especially in the forehead, in every position,

Pain as if the brain were being torn out,

Tearing throbbing headache, especially at night,

Frequent attacks of tearing throbbing headache, sometimes on one side, and extending over whole head,

Headache, consisting of tearing and heaviness, with drowsy faintness in the daytime (after four days),

Pain as if bruised, in the external head, worse when touched,

Violent throbbing pain in the whole head, especially the forehead, with desire to vomit, when raising himself in bed,

Pain in the region of the vertex,

Drawing headache, under the coronal suture, a few hours every afternoon,

In the head, now a pressing confusing, now a violent throbbing, or a burning pain in the region of the vertex, which grew less on gentle rubbing,

Headache, as from a heavy weight pressing on vertex,

Bruised pain in one side of the head, in the morning when rising (after twelve hours),

The pains in the head and face are especially severe on the left side, so as to prevent leaning or resting on that side; she was obliged to sit up all night, keeping the head erect,

Dull pain on left side of head,

Tearing pains on left side of head,

Frontal heaviness all day, becoming quite troublesome in the evening, with pulsations rather more painful in the forehead and temples,

Frontal headache,

The most agonizing pains were about the forehead and temples,

During sleep, he complains of headache, now in the forehead, now in the occiput,

Drawing pressive pain in the right side of the forehead (after two and three-quarter hours),

(Headache over the left eye, very violent in the evening and night),

Constrictive (drawing together) pain above eyes and in temples,

Pain as if bruised or sore, over the nose and in the forehead, going off for a short time by rubbing,

Throbbing headache directly over the root of the nose,

Violent throbbing pain in the forehead, during motion,

Pain in temples,

All day pressive headache in both temples,

Pressive pain in the right temporal region, in every position of the body (after three hours),

Stitchlike pressive pain in the left temple, not going off by contact (after two and a half hours),

Stitching pain in the left temple, going off by touch,

Painful hammering in the temples, at noon and midnight, for half an hour, after which her body feels paralyzed for two hours,

Headache in the occiput,

Head painful, especially in the occiput,

Tearing pains in the occiput,


Falling out of the hair,

Falling of the hair during convalescence,

The hair on the head was thick only on the middle of the skull, and the skin desquamated freely,

(Corroding ulcers on the scalp),

(Ulcerated crust on the scalp, of the thickness of a finger, falling off in a few weeks),

(Ulcer-crusts on the scalp extend as far as the middle of the forehead),

Scalp covered with hard, isolated pustules,

Moist discharge from scalp,

(Burning pain in the scalp),

Scalp painful when touched,

Pain of the scalp when touched, as of ulceration,

The scalp was painful, on applying the hand to it,

Creeping in the integuments of the occiput, as if the roots of the hair were moving,

Itching all day on the hairy scalp, compelling him to scratch,

Painful itching, as of an ulcer, in the whole scalp, which is painful all over as if ecchymosed, but mostly in the region of the occiput (after seven hours),

(Burning-itching in the scalp),

The hair is painful when touched,

Falling out of the hair, , etc.

The hair falls off from the left side of the head,

The hair which had come out grew again, but was stiff and brittle, and of a gray color; but it soon fell off again, and gave place to healthy brown hair, which grew as thick and long as formerly,

Burning at a spot on the scalp the size of a dollar, on the vertex,

The burning pain in the region of the vertex has not yet quite disappeared (after ten days), and she complains of a sore pain in the scalp, when touched,

Outer head

Behind the right ear a circular elevation of the size of a penny-piece, with reddened base, burning, twitching, and stitching,

(Gnawing itching on the head),

Disagreeable formication in the head, every other night,

Corrosive itching over the whole head, obliging him to scratch,




Violent neuralgia on left side of head, followed by lame feeling,


Inflammation of frontal sinuses, with aggravation at the same time, each day,

Cold sweat of the forehead,

Hard swelling, on both frontal eminences, like a nut; the swelling increases in the evening (Sr.).

Sensation as if he had been knocked on the forehead,


Swelling of the superficial veins of temples,

Unpleasant feeling in the region of the temples,

Tearing stitches in the left temple,

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