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Arsenicum Album - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Arsenious Acid, Arsenic, Arsenicum, Ars. Alb, Ars Alb, Arsenic alb, Ars.

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HPUS indication of Arsenicum Album: Vomiting
Common symptoms: Vomiting, Worry, Chills, Diarrhea, Bruises.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Arsenicum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Cerebral excitability,

Rage; he had to be bound; he endeavored to escape,

Attacks of madness and sorrow,

Disposition to suicide,

After midnight, a frequent desire to kill himself, by stabbing his heart through and through,

When alone, he thinks about disease and similar things, from which he finds it difficult to force his mind,

Delirium, etc., etc.

High delirium unmanageable,

Delirium; he arose to visit his daughter (absent, as he knew), and could with difficulty be quieted, but spoke rationally,

Loss of reason, returning from time to time,

Very violent delirium, especially at night, with great restlessness,

Violent delirium during the last three or four days,

Delirium a few hours before death,

Violent delirium, with tetanic convulsions,

He often raved during the course of the disease,

He raves, making motions with his hands, as if measuring with a rule, so that his ravings mostly related to his business,

Raving and carphology,

Delirious thoughts with the eyes open, without being in delirium either before or after,

Delusions alternating with half-confused sleep,

Alternating lively phantasies,

In the night he talked sensibly at times,

He likes to converse with others,

Foolish answers,

Her desire exceeds her need; she eats and drinks more than is good for her; she walks further than she needs to do,

Indisposition to reply to questions,

Rather cheerful and disposed to busy himself,

Mind energetic and fresh, inclined to gayety,

Loud wailing,

Moaned grievously,

She lies crouched in bed, groaning and moaning,

She spends the night in moaning and groaning,

Frequent screaming from pain,

He cried and howled, and spoke little and abruptly,

(Piercing lamentations, interrupted by attacks of weakness),

Piteous complainings, that an extremely unpleasant sensation in the abdomen and excessive anguish took away his breath, and forced him to bend double in this or that direction, or to rise and walk about,

Praecordial anxiety for a long time,

Anxiety and restlessness in the whole body (after nine hours),

Continued sobbing, with childish spells of crying,

Very low-spirited, and crying at the slightest provocation,

Exceedingly sensitive, despondent, sad, and weeping; the least trifle fills her with care and solicitude,

Sad mood,

Great seriousness,

Spirits depressed,

Much depressed,

She is despondent about her condition,


Sad and depressed,

Melancholic, sad, after eating, with headache (after eighty hours),

(Religious melancholy and reserve),

Excessive melancholy,

He despairs of his life,

He despairs and weeps, and imagines no one can help him, that he must die; he is cold and chilly, and afterwards generally weak,


Excessive anguish, with oppression of the chest, and difficult breathing,

Internal anguish,

(Deathly anguish with vomiting),

Anguish despair driving from one place to another for relief,

Anguish from the heart, interrupted by attacks of weakness,

Anguish, so that he several times fainted,

With great anguish he turns and tosses to and fro in his bed,

Talks but little, only complains of anguish,

Great anguish, trembling, and tremor, with violent tearing in the abdomen,

With inexpressible anguish and increasing pain, he seemed to be at his last gasp,

Mental anxiety,

Indescribable anxiety, etc.

Extreme anxiety,

(Most intolerable anxiety),

Real deathly anxiety,

Excited and anxious,

Impatient and anxious,

The anxiety and restlessness are indescribable; "Kill me," he cried, "or relieve my pains!",

Great anxiety and oppression,

Anxiety and breaking out of cold sweat,

Anxiety, with sweat,

Continued anxiety, a mental anguish, as if he had not done his duty, without however, knowing wherein,

Anxiety and heat do not permit her to fall asleep before midnight, for many days,

Anxiety in the evening after lying down; at 3 o'clock after midnight, after waking,

Violent anxiety at 3 o'clock in the night; he now felt hot, now as if he would vomit,

Anxiety and fear; he sees an absent acquaintance lying dead upon the sofa, and has great dread of him,


Sense of deadly fear,


Constant dread of death,

Dread of death coming on suddenly when left alone, or on going to bed,

The greatest fear and anguish; she ghosts day and night,

(He is anxious and trembling and is afraid he shall not be able to prevent himself from killing a person with a knife),

He runs through the whole house at night in search of thieves,

He imagines that the whole house, and the space under the bed, are full of thieves, which causes, from fright, anxious cold sweat to break out over his body,

He has so much fear that he jumps out of his bed, and hides himself in the wardrobe, which he can hardly be induced to leave,

He sees thieves in his room, and therefore hides himself under the bed,

He sees vermin and bugs crawl about his bed, from which he wants to escape, and constantly throws away whole handfuls of them,

Not until after a year did her wonted cheerfulness return (Roth.).

Fretfulness, even amounting to anger,

Very fretful and sensitive; the least thing made him angry,

Very fretful, indignant, capricious; every word offends her, and makes her very angry, when she should answer,

Very fretful and contented with nothing; she finds fault with everything; every conversation, noise, even the light, is disagreeable to her,

Ill-humor, when waking in the morning; she knew not what to do with herself from ill-humor; pushed the pillows and bed-cover away, and would not look at or talk to anybody,

Inclines to jest in a malicious manner,

Indignation in the morning when in bed; pushes the pillows about indignantly, uncovers himself, sees no one, and does not want to be spoken to,

She becomes furiously mad when offered something to eat, without having the least appetite,

Crying at the slightest provocation. Excessive irritability, and quarrelsome inclination. (This latter feature was very remarkable, for during the two years we were free from arsenical paper, the boys were always happy together, and remarked for their gentleness to each other),

Great sensitiveness,

Cannot bear the slightest noise,

Very easily made to cry or laugh,

The mind was much affected by trifling things,

Vexed about trifles,

He is vexed about every trifle, and constantly talks about other people's faults,

Discontented; has no desire for anything,

Dissatisfied the whole day, and very fretful at himself for not having done enough,

Indignation, alternating with mildness; in her indignation she looks at nobody, and does not want to hear anything; she also cries,

Irresolution, by repeated moods; desires something, and when everything is done to fulfil his wish, the least trifle is sufficient to change his mind, and he will not have it,

Quiet, with haggard expression, without complainings,

In the first minutes, great tranquillity of soul and cheerfulness; half an hour after, excessive anxiety and restlessness; he imagined that the effects of the poison would be terrible, and desired that he might continue to live (in the case of a man who had poisoned himself with Arsenic and despaired on that account),

Great indifference,

Indifference to life,

Calm indifference; without caring about their approaching death, they neither expected nor desired to recover (secondary effect, in two suicides who had taken Arsenic),

Calmness of mind (in the case of a despairing melancholy person),

Intellectual. Calm and equable mood; no event disturbed his equanimity,

She retained her mental faculties, clear consciousness, and an unshaken quiet disposition,

Involuntary mental excitement, towards morning, hindering sleep, although he feels very drowsy,

Ideas crowd upon him; he is too weak to repel them in order to dwell upon one idea alone,


Confusion of mind,

Stupid and confused in his head, as in violent coryza, and when out of humor the head feels like a lantern,

Feels as if she would lose her senses when thinking long about anything,

Absence of mind,

Answers slowly,

He returns very short answers when questioned,

(Weakness of the understanding),

At last perfectly unable to perform any mental work, afraid of his fellow-men, irritable and passionate; he got so downhearted from continued sleeplessness (from October 6th, 1855, to November, 1856), that he committed suicide,

Absence of the understanding and of the external and internal senses; he saw nothing, said nothing for many days, heard nothing, and understood nothing; when one shouted into his ears, he looked at those present like one waking from deep sleep,

Want of memory,

Diminished memory,

Forgetfulness; thoughts leave him,

Very imperfect memory for a long time,

From having had a remarkably good memory, she lost her memory completely,

Does not recognize objects,

Did not seem fully conscious of his condition,

(Chronic weakness of sense),

Self-consciousness disappears or becomes very indistinct,


Loss of consciousness, etc.

They lay unconscious and insensible,

Loss of sensation and of consciousness,

Lies unconscious, and is aroused with difficulty,


(She lay on her bed senseless, muttered unintelligible sounds, with staring eyes, and cold sweat on the forehead; tremor of the whole body; small pulse, hard and very quick),

Loss of consciousness and speech,

Loss of consciousness and convulsions,

Stupor and pervading sleepiness,

Comatose stupefaction,

After vomiting and diarrhoea, condition of stupor from which it was difficult to wake her,

Stupor with staring eyes,

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