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Arsenicum Album - Modalities Etc

Arsenious Acid, Arsenic, Arsenicum, Ars. Alb, Ars Alb, Arsenic alb, Ars.

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HPUS indication of Arsenicum Album: Vomiting
Common symptoms: Vomiting, Worry, Chills, Diarrhea, Bruises.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Arsenicum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning till noon), Cramp in finger tips.

(Morning till evening), Thirst.

(Every morning), At 5 o'clock discharge from nose.

(Forenoon), Nausea, etc.; diarrhoea; drawing pain in back; weariness, etc., of joints; fever, etc.; sweat, etc.

(Towards noon), Stupid, etc., feeling in head; hammering in temples.

(Afternoon), Drawing headache; when walking, tearing across stomach; burning pain in abdomen; colic and diarrhoea, etc.; when sitting, jerking in legs; chilliness, etc.; face, etc.; cool; transient heat; *fever, etc.

(Every afternoon), *At 5 o'clock, shuddering; *at 3 o'clock, chilliness, etc.

(Towards evening), *Tearing through left meatus auditorius; crawling in fingers and toes; chilliness with coldness; attack of chilliness, etc.; fever.

(Every evening), Feverish shuddering; before retiring, shuddering; attack of fever; rigors, etc.

(Every other day), Fever, etc.

(Every other night), Formication in the head.

(Before midnight), Pain wakes him.

(Midnight), Hammering in the temples; *oppression, etc.

(After midnight), *Desire to kill himself *pulsative throbbing in the eyes; in two hours, pains in stomach; *deep, etc., cough, from 3 o'clock on; *tosses about, etc.

(Towards morning), Mental excitement.

(2 A.M.), *Fever, etc.

(About 3 A.M.), Moaning while asleep, etc.

(3 A.M.), *After waking, anxiety; *violent anxiety.

(11 A.M. to 6 P.M.), Stupid feeling in head.

(1 P.M.), Pain in eyelids, etc.

(4 to 6 P.M.), Heat, etc.

(After 4 P.M.), Waterbrash.

(Towards 5 P.M.), Face etc., cold.

(6 to 8 P.M.), Pressing in head.

(7 P.M.), Heat in face.

(10 P.M.), Fever, etc.

(11 P.M.), Headache, etc.

(Open air), Desire to vomit.

(Going into open air), Dizziness.

(Walking in open air), Pressing sensation in liver; *suffocative sensation; shuddering.

(Ascending stairs), Suffocative feeling; *oppression of chest.

(In bed), Exhausting sweat.

(After breakfast), Pressure at the stomach.

(Breathing), Stitches in right upper chest; stitch in left chest.

(Drawing deep breath), Cough.

(When clearing throat), Pain under left Hypochondrium.

(Cold air), Pains in limbs; *cough.

(Cold water), Pains in limbs.

(Coughing), *Heat in head; tendency to retching; stitching pain in pit of stomach; bruised pain in abdomen; *oppression of chest; stitches under ribs, etc.; *stitching pain in sternum.

(After coughing), *Breathing becomes short.

(Crying), Tendency to retching; weak feeling in epigastrium.

(Before dinner), Nausea, etc.

(After dinner), Sour eructations; nausea, etc.; pressure at stomach, etc.; shuddering.

(Drinking water), Renews convulsions.

(After drinking), Eructations; distension, etc., in abdomen; *vomiting; renewed vomiting, etc.; *cough; shuddering immediately; *shuddering, etc.

(Eating), Compressive sensation in chest.

(After eating), Melancholic, etc.; distension, etc., in abdomen; in two hours, disgust, etc.; in a little while, pressure about stomach; yawning and weakness.

(After eating and drinking), Bitter, etc., taste in mouth.

(After a little soup), Retching and vomiting.

(When fatigued), Asthma.

(Feeling the part), Cutting pain in side of abdomen.

(During fever-paroxysm), Tension in hypochondria.

(After the heat), Inclination to vomit.

(During ill-humor), Hemorrhage from nose.

(Inspiring), Stitches in region of kidneys.

(Full inspiration), Pain in lower chest.

(Light), *Headache.

(Light of candle before eyes), Alternate dilatation and contraction of pupil.

(Looking steadily), Eyes feel worse.

(Looking up), Pressive pain over left eyelid.

(Lying down), Vertigo, etc.; feeling of burning, etc., in eyes; nightly pains; tearings around ankles, etc.

(Lying on right side), Movements in the muscles of left side of back.

(Lying on affected side), Pain in gums.

(Attempting to lie on back), *Pain about the navel.

(Lying on back), Heart beats faster.

(Before a meal), Nausea.

(After a meal), Bleeding of under lip; bitter taste in mouth; bitter throat; bitter eructations; frequent hiccough; immediately, vomiting; *weight in stomach; pressure at orifice of stomach, etc.; distension of abdomen; *great weariness; chilliness; pains in left arm.

(Before menses), Tearing in teeth, etc.

(During menses), Cutting from pit of stomach to hypogastrium, etc.; stitching from rectum to anus, etc.

(On appearance of menses), Pains in feet.

(After menses), Discharge from vagina, etc.; discharge of bloody mucus.

(During micturition), Pain in left groin; *burning in urethra.

(Motion), Pain increased; *sensation as if brain moved, etc.; throbbing pain in forehead; cough; tearing in lower limbs; pains in feet; flushes of heat.

(Moving finger-tips before eyes), Dilatation and contraction of pupils.

(Moving the part), Wavering sensation in brain; *while walking, brain seems to flap; eyes feel worse; *pain of margin of eyelids; cramp in hand; pain in finger-joints.

(Drawing the nausea), It seems yellow before eyes.

(Noise), Headache.

(Pressure), *Burning pain in region of stomach; *pain over region of liver; pain in abdomen.

(Periodic), Colic; all symptoms.

(At every new paroxysm of pain), Roaring in ears.

(Raising head), *Vomiting.

(Attempting to raise himself), *Pain about navel.

(Raising himself in bed), Desire to vomit.

(Reading by candle-light), *Dryness of eyelids.

(Every respiration), Increase of pain.

(Rest), Uneasiness in abdomen.

(Before retiring), Uneasiness in all the limbs.

(After riding on horseback), Pain in the whole trunk.

(On rising), Vertigo.

(Rising from seat), Pain in left knee.

(Entering room from open air), *Fever; *heaviness of head, etc.

(Re-entering room), Dizziness; heaviness in head.

(During the shuddering), *Tearing in the legs.

(Sitting), Vertigo; heaviness in head; ringing in right ear; nausea, etc.; tensive pain in chest; nightly pains; weariness, etc., of joints; tension of bends of knees; bruised pain on side of knee; pain in right calf; pain in affected part.

(Sitting up), In bed, qualmishness.

(Sitting down and attending to business), Much uneasiness.

(Resting legs on floor white sitting), Drawing pain in legs.

(After scratching), Itching of pimples on hands, etc.; burning-itching parts painful.

(When going to sleep), *Twitchings in upper lip; *startings of the limbs; sweat; sweat on hands and thighs.

(While asleep), *Grinding of teeth; startings of whole body.

(Sneezing), Stitches in region of kidneys.

(Speaking loud), Increases pain.

(Standing), Heaviness in head; headache, etc.; tension of bends of knees.

(Before stool), Distension of stomach, etc.

(After stool), Distension of abdomen; *burning at rectum, etc.; *palpitation of heart, etc.

(After diarrhoea), Internal heat, with thirst.

(When stooping), Swelling of left carotid; pain in groin, etc.; stitches in chest.

(Stretching feet), Sense of burning, etc., in lower abdomen.

(After supper), Chilliness in chest.

(When swallowing), Ear closed from within; pain in root of tongue.

(Between acts of swallowing), Scraping sensation behind velum pendulum palati.

(Talking), Pain in pharynx; pressure at external wall of stomach; flashes of heat during chilliness.

(Being talked to), Makes pain intolerable.

(Touch), Bruised pain in external head; pain in stomach, etc.; *pains about navel; pains in abdomen; violent pains in abdomen, etc.; pain in boil in groin; soreness of anus; bruised pain on side of knee.

(Touching the air), Headache.

(Touching painless side), Pain in face.

(Turning head), Stitching pain in root of tongue.

(When vexed), Asthma.

(Vomiting), Headache; bleeding at nose; violent internal heat, etc.

(After vomiting), Trembling of limbs; pulse increased.

(After vomiting and diarrhoea), Pain in stomach.

(Walking), Vertigo; sensation in head as of two marbles striking each other; headache; pains in haemorrhoids; short respiration; *tightness of chest; *dyspnoea; tearing in lower limbs; cramp in calf.

(Walking fast), *Oppression of chest.


Night, in morning when standing or sitting in room, motion, raising up. Better, Transiently, from cold bathing, permanently in open air and from warmth. Violent head pains interrupted by sopor, full of dreams. The veins of the temples are distended during the headache.

During rest, especially after previous violent exercise, weak, restless, and cold, by addressing others, after eating and lying down, immediately after midnight.

Night, in morning when standing or sitting in room, motion, raising up.

Better, Transiently, from cold bathing, permanently in open air and from warmth.

Violent head pains interrupted by sopor, full of dreams.

The veins of the temples are distended during the headache..

WORSE, wet weather, after midnight; from cold, cold drinks, or food. Seashore. Right side.




14 days






Bad meat

Eruptions Undeveloped



Lying on part

Tabacum Tobacco



(Morning), Dryness in throat.

(Evening), Pains abate.

(Open air), Strong inclination to run into; *heaviness in head; *discharge from nose.

(Walking in open air), Nausea, etc.

(Belching), Drawing pain in back, etc.

(Applying cold water), Headache.

(Compressing the part), Pains abate.

(After dinner), Shuddering disappears.

(Drinking water), Vomiting.

(Drinking brandy), *vomiting.

(Lying down), Uneasiness in all the limbs.

(Sweet milk), Pains in stomach.

(Moving about), Many symptoms; nightly pains.

(Moving affected part to and fro), Tearing in arms and lower limbs.

(Rubbing), Pain over anus, etc.; *Pain in forehead.

(After scratching), Itching in pimples.

(Sitting), Stupefying, etc., pain in head; dull headache; *jerking toothache.

(After sleeping a little), Sweat goes off.

(Standing), Many symptoms.

(After stool), *Colic.

(Touch), Stitching pain in left temple.

(Uncovered), Desire to be.

(After vomiting), Burning, etc., in stomach.

(Warmth of stove), Pain in gums.

(Application of warmth), Pain of limbs; tearing in calves; pains in ankles.


By external warmth and exercise. It sometimes rescues when all appears lost, but only when given in the smallest doses and a high potency.

By external warmth and exercise.

It sometimes rescues when all appears lost, but only when given in the smallest doses and a high potency..

BETTER from heat; from head elevated; warm drinks.






Walking about


Sitting erect



Desires and aversions

Appetite increased.

Desire for sour things; brandy; coffee; milk; lard.

Loss of appetite with increased thirst.

Aversion to food; to butter.

Thirst and dryness of mouth, with peculiar thick while saliva.

Excessive thirst, drinking does not refresh.

Drinks often, but a little at a time; or may drink much and often.

Frequent unquenchable thirst.

Great thirst but water molests the stomach. θ Dropsy.

Burning thirst, without especial desire to drink.


Great thirst.

Severe thirst, constant.

Violent thirst.

Choking thirst.

Burning thirst.

Unquenchable thirst.

Unquenchable thirst, with dryness of the tongue, the fauces and the gullet.

Uncommon thirst, so that he has to drink much cold water every ten minutes, from morning till evening, but not at night.

Extremely violent thirst, and drinking affords no refreshment and refection.

He drinks much and often.

With great thirst, he drinks often, but always little at a time.

Violent thirst, but the only drinks little at a time.

Violent thirst, not without appetite for eating.

Lack of appetite, with violent thirst.

Lack of appetite.

Loss of appetite.

Total lack of appetite.

No appetite, but when he eats he relishes food.

Lack of hunger and appetite for ten days.

Aversion to all food, she cannot eat anything.

Loathing of food.

Loathing of all food.

Irresistible loathing of all food, so that he cannot think of eating without nausea.

It is impossible for him to get his food down.

The smell of boiled meat is unbearable to him.

Repugnance to butter.

Desire for brandy.

Desire for sour things.

Desire for vinegar and water.

Great desire for acids and acidulous fruit.

Great desire for coffee.

Great appetite for milk, to which before she was averse.

Position etc

Walking 3, 20, 26, 33. Ascending 26, 33. Motion 2, 3, 5, 23, 24, 34. Moving affected part 34. Rising up 3. After rising 20. Sitting 20, 23, 27, 33. Sitting up 10, 27. Must sit up 27. Sitting bent 23. Chest forward 26. Stooping 19. Leaning 3. Resting 3, 32, 33. Bending 23. Bending knee 33. Lying down 27, 31. Lying on back 19, 29. Lying on affected side 34. Must lie down 31, 34. Cannot lie still 33. Must spring from bed 26. Rolls on floor 19.

General aggravation at night, especially after midnight (1 A.M.).

Morning 20, 40. Forenoon 40. Evening 6, 26, 27, 28, 40. Night 4, 8, 20, 25, 26, 29, 32, 40. Before midnight 37. After midnight 20, 37. 3 A.M. 1. 11 A.M. and 3 P.M. 16.

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