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Asa Foetida - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Gum Of The Stinkasand, Asafoetida, Asafoetida, Asaf.

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HPUS indication of Asa Foetida: Flatulence

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Asa Foetida in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Griping (into a ball) pain below the navel when standing (first day),

Pressive pain at the navel, extending outward (twenty-one hours),

Burning sticking in the umbilicus (twenty-nine hours),

Crawling sticking in the umbilical region (four hours),

Fine pointed stitches in the navel (two and a half hours),

In the flanks a pressive pain on drawing in the abdominal muscles (first day),

Abdomen distended,

Great distension of the abdomen,

All the symptoms disappeared in the evening except the distension of the abdomen,

Remarkable distension of the abdomen, somewhat after a hard, dark, very pungent and offensive stool, causing pain in rectum,

Rumbling in the bowels,

Violent rumbling in the bowels,

Rumbling in the intestines (eleven hours),

Painless rumbling in the intestines (one and a half hours),

Bellyache, with violent movements and rumbling in the bowels,

Sensation of the greatest illness in the whole abdomen, with great heaviness and pressure in the sides (second day),

Pain in the upper abdomen, as from taking cold, and as if diarrhoea would ensue, with a kind of ravenous hunger (second day),

Drinking disagrees, causes immediate heaviness, and chilling sensation in the intestines (first day),

Burning in abdomen,

Tension in the abdomen, after eating, as if he had overfed (second day),

Pinching in the intestines (six hours),

Intermitting griping in the upper abdomen,

Violent cutting pains in the bowels,

Cutting pinching in the intestines (twenty-three hours),

Cutting in the abdomen when walking or sitting,

Sticking gripings in the left side of abdomen (twelve hours),

Violent colic pains, with rumbling in the bowels,

Pinching drawing across the abdomen, extending outwards (second day),

In the morning, sensation in the epigastric region, and in the whole abdomen, as if it were all beaten, with sense of fulness in the former, and eructations (second day),

Itching in the skin of the abdomen, below the navel (five hours),

Stitches extending from within outward, in both sides of the abdomen, while sitting, after eating; disappears on pressure (second day).

Sticking from within outward in left side of abdomen (seventy hours),

Sudden, jerklike, violent stitch from the right side of the abdomen, from within outward, toward the parietes (first day),

Stitches in the left side of the abdomen, when walking (first day),

Pointed stitches in the left side of the abdomen, externally, which go away completely on rubbing (three and a half hours),

Attacks of slight griping in the lower abdomen (half an hour),

Laborlike cutting and forcing pains in the lower part of the bowels, in the region of the uterus,

On the left side of the lower abdomen, violent sticking and drawing, which extends along the inner side of the ilium, when sitting (second day),

Violent stitch in the lower abdomen (two and a half hours),

Itching sticking in the skin of the right side of the lower abdomen (five hours),


Flatulent pain in abdomen when walking after dinner (first day),

Hunger, with desire for strong cooling food,

Eructations followed by nausea and disgust for food,

Feeling as if the stomach had been disordered by indigestible fatty food,


Great distension of the abdomen, notwithstanding frequent discharges of flatus,

Discharge of flatulence,

Increased passage of flatus,

Easy, sometimes almost or quite involuntary passage of flatus, which is scarcely noticed,

Many expulsions of offensive flatulence,

Much very offensive flatulence, with retained stool,

Much retained flatulence, which only passed off the following morning, with a half-diarrhoeic evacuation,

Relief from time to time, by discharge of offensive flatus,

Gripings with flatulence (one hour),

Clucking stitch in the left side of the abdomen, extending outwards, with flatulence (sixty-two hours),

Aching and distending pain as if from flatulence in the stomach and oesophagus, extending more toward the spleen than the liver,


Hunger with nausea,

Disgust and nausea,



Appetite increased,

Loss of appetite,

Appetite poor,

Aversion to beer, it tastes slimy (first day),

Constant eructations of air having the taste of garlic,

Frequent eructations tasting of the drug,


Frequent offensive eructations,

Frequent garlic-like eructations,

Frequent eructations with the garlicky smell of the remedy,

Frequent eructations,

Eructations with profuse accumulations of saliva,

Distension of the stomach and bowels, with a feeling as if the peristaltic motions were reversed, with much spasmodic working in the oesophagus,

Pain in left side of the stomach,

Increased warmth and aching in the stomach, toward the left side, not at all to the right, but more up into the oesophagus, like the globus hystericus,

Continuous and acute pain in the stomach,

Stomachache in alternating exacerbations and remissions,

Stomachache in intermittent paroxysms,

Intermittent pains in the stomach and abdomen,

Burning in the stomach and diaphragm,

Burning in the stomach,

Aching in the stomach,

Sickly sensation in the pit of the stomach, like pressure, not exactly painful,

Aching and drawing pain in the stomach, extending first toward the spleen, and afterward in the direction of the liver, increased on full inspiration,

Perceptible pulsation in the pit of the stomach (first day),

Pulsation in the pit of the stomach, even perceptible to the finger (second day),

Violent pressive pain in the pit of the stomach, extending towards the liver region, when sitting (first day),

Pressure in the epigastric region shortly after eating (first day),

Pressure in the epigastric region, with great dejection after eating (second day),

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