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Asarum Europaeum - Modalities Etc

European Snake-root, Asarum, Asar.

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HPUS indication of Asarum Europaeum: Coldness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Asarum Europaeum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), Early, when rising, dizziness in head, etc.; early, when rising, throbbing pain in the forehead; early, hunger; previous to stool, cutting in abdomen, etc.

(Noon), Drawing headache.

(Afternoon), Great faintness, etc.; warmth increased; chilliness.

(Towards evening), Becomes faint, etc.

(Evening), Vertigo; bread tastes bitter; when lying in bed, drawing in fingers; when lying in bed, drawing in hamstrings; in bed drawings in toes; ebullition of blood; shaking chills; an hour before going to bed, increase of warmth; in bed, immediately after lying down, sweat.

(Night), Very short breath; profuse sweat.

(Every other night), Cannot sleep well.

(When exposed to open air, without taking exercise), Excessive chilliness.

(Walking in open air), Rising of air from stomach, etc.

(During cold weather), Sensation of a membrane across auditory passage.

(Before cough), Angry, etc.

(When not well covered), Chilliness.

(After dinner), Lassitude; hot feeling externally, etc.

(When drinking), Chilliness.

(After getting dry again), Vertigo, headache, burning on tongue and in the mouth, contraction of left cervical muscles, and weakness in knees, return again.

(During an inspiration), Pressure on region of stomach; stitches in chest; stitches in both lungs; dull stitches in lungs; stitching in right lobe of lungs; stitch, apparently in left lung.

(When attempting to perform intellectual labor), Thoughts vanish, etc.

(Laying hand on table), Pain in deltoid muscle.

(Letting arm lie on table), Feels exhausted.

(When hand lies on table), Pain in deltoid muscle.

(Motion), Pressure, etc., on side of abdomen; chilliness.

(Moving the part inward), Pain along border of scapula.

(When moving arm), Pain in shoulder.

(When moving about after being seated), Dull pain in hip-joint, etc.

(Attempting to reflect), Pains in head, etc.

(Retching), Pressure in brain; all symptoms, except stupid feeling in head.

(Rising from seat and walking about), Vertigo.

(Taking exercise in room), Excessive chilliness.

(Shaking head), Headache in temple.

(Sitting), Pain in back; pain, etc.; in small of back.

(Standing), Pain in back.

(Holding eyelid still), Sense of twitching in upper eyelid.

(Stepping), Pain in hip-joint, etc.

(During sleep), Stitches in dorsum of foot.

(Before stool), Cutting in rectum.

(During stool), Cutting in rectum.

(Stooping), Throbbing pain in forehead.

(After stooping and raising head again), Tearing in forehead.

(Touching the parts), Pain along border of scapula; dull pain in hip-joint, etc.

(During and after emission of urine), Pressure upon the bladder.

(Walking), Pain in left temple, etc.; pain across spinal column; ache in hips; pain in hip-joint; pain in head of left femur, etc.

(Walking upstairs), Lassitude of lower limbs.


Afternoon, walking,

Warm dry air.

WORSE, in cold dry weather; penetrating sounds.





(Open air), Drawing headache.

(Walking in open air), Headache disappeared, together with hot feeling in cheek, the drowsiness, and ill-humor.

(Bending head to left), Pain as if muscular fibres displaced.

(Washing face with cold water), Vertigo, headache, burning on tongue and in mouth, contraction of left cervical muscles, and weakness in the knees disappeared.

(Hacking cough), Constriction in throat.

(Extending the limb), Contraction of thigh-muscles.

(Emission of flatulence), Ache in epigastric region.

(When lying down), Headache; paralytic pain in small of back disappears.

(Retching), Stupid feeling in head.

(Sitting), Pain in left temple.

(After vomiting), Inability to do work, etc.

(When walking), Confusion of head, etc.


Sitting, washing.

Bathing in cold water.

BETTER, from washing; in damp and wet weather.

Cold bathing; of face (Flu-ac)

Desires and aversions

Loathing of food without any gastric derangement.

Unconquerable longing for alcohol.

Position etc

Rest or motion 32, 33. Moving head 31. Shaking head 3. Rising 2. Stepping 33. Walking 2, 3. Stooping 3. Sitting 3, 31. Lying down 3. After lying down 40. Lying in bed 33. Must lie down 36. Rising to sitting posture 36. Standing 33.

Early morning 15. Forenoon 40. Noon 3. Evening 33, 36, 40. Night 26, 37, 40. Day 37, 40.