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Aurum Arsenicum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

, Aur-a.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aurum Arsenicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs

Going to sleep, numbness and insensibility of the arms and legs, early on waking, more when lying still than in motion,

Shooting and drawing pains in arms and legs occasionally,

Upper extremities

Fatigue in the arms,

Difficult movement of the arms,

Burning, stitching, and pricking in the arms,

Heat in the axillae,

Tearing tension under the axilla,

Boring in left shoulder,

Boring in left shoulder, when sitting,

Stitching in left axilla,

Fine stitches upon the shoulder,

Soreness of the shoulders, even when not touched or moved,

Burning in skin of right upper arm,

Drawing in skin of left upper arm,

Drawing pain down the left arm, on the bone, going off by motion,

Pressure on the upper surface and in the middle of the right upper arm,

Pressure in the left upper arm, near the periosteum (after forty-eight days),

Tearing pressure in the anterior surface of both upper arms (after fifteen days),

Fine tearings in the left upper arm, most severe on uncovering it (after three hours),

Severe bone-pains in the right elbow (200th),

Boring in right elbow-joints,

Cramplike tearing in the right elbow-joint,

The forearms feel heavy when at rest, but not in motion (after twelve hours),

Boring in right forearm,

Pressure on the external side of the right forearm (after twelve days),

Pressure on the anterior surface of the forearm,

Intermittent tearing pressure on the inner side of the left forearm,

Tearing in the bones of the wrist-joint (after eight hours),

Cramplike tearing in the bones of both wrists, deep in the interior, from the upper to the lower row of the carpus, especially at night, but also by day,

Stitching and pressure in wrists,

Cramplike pain in the metacarpal bones of the left hand, especially the thumb, without interfering with motion,

Tearing in the metacarpal bones,

Tension in roots of right fingers,

Boring in finger-joints,

Drawing in the finger-joints,

Pressure in the last joint of the left little finger, and in the right thumb-joint, during rest,

Dull tearing in the joints of all the fingers, often spreading into the phalanges (after five days),

Fine tearing in the right fingers,

Fine tearing in the anterior joint of the right thumb,

Tearing in the last joint of the left little finger,

Tearing in the lowest joints of the right fingers (after four days),

Acute pain in the finger-joints,

Lower extremities

All the blood appeared to rush from her head into the lower extremities; they feel paralyzed and she has to sit down immediately,

Uncommon paralytic pain in the hip-joint, only when rising from a seat and walking, not when sitting,

Cramplike pain in the region of the hip, on the inner brim of the pelvis, increased by rubbing (after thirty-six hours),

In the glutei muscles, a fine stitch, several times repeated; winds downwards (after sixteen hours),

Weakness of the thigh when walking,

The thigh feels paralyzed, and the tendon of the lumbar muscles is so painfully stiff, that the thigh cannot be raised,

Pain in the right femur, as if broken, on laying the right thigh across the left,

Cramplike drawing in the tendon of the psoas muscle, down into the thigh when sitting, going off when rising,

Pressive and tensive pain in the muscles of the left thigh when walking in the open air, relieved when sitting, but not when standing or walking, or by touching the parts,

Tearing in the thigh as from growing, only during motion, not when sitting (after twenty-four hours),

At night, when lying down, a sore place forms on the external surface of the left thigh,

When sitting, or laying the left limb across the right, the posterior muscles of the right thigh appear to be twitching,

Tottering of the knees,

Painful stiffness and sense of paralysis of the knees, both when at rest and in motion,

Simple pain, when walking, in the right knee,

Boring in left knee,

Pain in the knees as if firmly bandaged, when sitting and walking,

The right knee becomes weak from walking, so that a drawing pain is felt in it when walking, and setting the foot upon the floor (after twenty-four hours),

Pressure in left knee,

Stitching and pressure in knees,

Hard, red swelling of the leg, from the malleolus to the calf, occasioned by the rubbing of the boots; going off again after a short rest,

Boring in right tibia,

Violent boring in centre of left tibia,

Dull, gnawing pain in both sides of the legs, over the malleoli, together with a few sharp stitches in the tendo Achillis when at rest; they pass off during motion (after fourteen hours),

Pressure on the left tibia, when stretching the leg,

Burning in calves,

Pressure in right ankle,

Boring in left ankle,

Tensive pressure near the right internal malleolus (after five days),

Swelling of the feet; walking is difficult,

Boring in back of right foot, toward the ankle,

Boring in back of left foot,

Drawing pain in the feet,

The heels are painful, as from ulceration or extravasation of blood,

Severe drawing in both heels, in the evening when going to sleep,

Violent stitches on the dorsum of the foot behind the toes,

Pressure in the hollow of the sole of the foot, as from something hard,

Tearing pain in the posterior part of the right sole (after thirty hours),

Redness and burning of the toes,

Drawing in the toe-joints,

Paralytic drawing in the metatarsal bones of the big toe, as far as the tip,

Fine tearing in the right toes,

Violent stitching in right toes,

Pain as from a bruise or sprain in the last joint of the big toe when walking,

Grinding pain in old chilblains (after one hour),

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