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Aurum Arsenicum - General symptoms - Kent New remedies

, Aur-a.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aurum Arsenicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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The symptoms are worse in the open air, worse in cold air.

He desires open air. Worse on ascending.

Asleep-feeling in single parts.

A sensation of a band around parts.

It is a useful remedy in many kinds of convulsions ; clonic spasms with consciousness ; epileptiform ; hysterical.

Dropsy of the extremities and of cavities.

The symptoms are worse during and after eating.

The body emaciates, complaints come on after slight exertion and after cold drinks, Formication all over the body.

The body and limbs feel heavy.

Inflammation and congestion in many parts ; in mucous membranes ; bones ; glands ; periosteum ; serous membranes.

Marked physical irritability.

Desire to lie down, but lying brings on great restlessness and many symptoms are worse lying.

Worse after lying awhile.

Lying in warm bed ameliorates many symptoms.

Motion aggravates in general.

He is restless and desires to move.

The mucous membranes are much affected.

Numbness of many parts ; in suffering parts.

Orgasm of blood. There are pains of all kinds in all parts of the body ; pains in bones and glands ; boring ; bruised ; burning ; cutting ; pressing in internal parts ; stitching ; tearing.

Painless paralysis. It is useful in broken down as well as in plethoric people.

Strong, internal pulsation.

The pulse is fast, irregular, small, weak.

Any exertion or hurry like running is impossible.

General sensitiveness ; sensitive to pain.

The symptoms resemble persons much debilitated by sexual excesses and vices.

The symptoms are predominantly right sided.

Symptoms come on going to sleep and during sleep.

He is better in summer and worse in winter.

The glands are swollen.

General aggravation from touch.

Trembling in all parts.

Symptoms appear after sleep ; worse from uncovering the body ; while walking.

Worse walking in open air ; walking fast ; walking in the wind.

Marked general weakness ; in the morning ; from mental exertion ; from physical exertion ; weariness.

Worse in windy weather and in winter.

Absent minded. Easily angered and complaints from anger ; anger with silent grief ; from contradiction.

He suffers from anguish.

Anxiety day and night ; of conscience ; with fear ; about salvation.

Inclined to criticize and find fault with everybody.

Confusion of mind in the morning.

Over conscientious. Contrary.

Delusions about animals ; thinks he has done wrong ; illusions of fancy.

Despair during chill ; with pain ; periodical ; of recovery, religious.

Excitable and discontented.

Excitement during chill.

Symptoms are worse from mental exertion.

Forgetful and easily frightened.

He suffers from grief and lasting complaints come on after grief.

Always excited and in a hurry.

Hysterical disposition and conduct ; disorderly methods and perverted desires.

Neglects the household and children.

It is a many sided remedy.

Ideas abundant, clear minded.

Imbecility, impatience, indolent, even marked aversion to work or industrious and loves activity.

Insanity of fanatics ; of drunkards ; religious.

Irresolution. Extreme irritability ; alternating with cheerfulness ; during chill ; when spoken to.

Lamenting, loquacity and laughter.

Loathing of life. Malicious.

Mania. Memory active ; weak.

Obstinate and easily offended.

Mental prostration. Quarrelsome.

Remorse. Reproaches himself for having done wrong.

Reproaches others for imaginary injury.

Insane reserve. Restlessness, night ; anxious.

Sadness in the evening ; from suppressed menses ; during perspiration.

Oversensitive ; to noise ; to voices.

Mental symptoms from sexual excesses and from secret vice.

Shrieking ; prolonged periods of silence.

Wandering speech. Aversion to being spoken to.

Suicidal disposition, during perspiration ; wants to jump out of window.

Indisposed to talk. The symptoms are worse when he thinks of them.

Timid. One moment he is tranquil, the next he is violent.

Weary of life. Weeping ; during chill, in hysteria, in sleep.

Vertigo during headache ; while walking in open air.

Hyperaemia fullness and heat of head from mental exertion.

Eruptions on the scalp ; crusts ; pimples ;. The hair falls out.

Heaviness in the head in the morning on rising.

Hydrocephalus. Itching of the scalp.

Pain in the head ; morning afternoon ; evening ; in cold air ; in cold weather ; rheumatic ; from binding up the hair ; on coughing ; hammering ; hysterical ; lying ; from mental exertion ; from motion ; nervous ; periodical ; pulsating ; on rising from lying ; after sleep ; in windy weather ; heat ameliorates.

Pain in forehead. Pain in one side ; either side or in both sides.

Pain in temples ; in temple and forehead.

Bruised pain in head. Burning pain in head ; in forehead ; in vertex.

Drawing pain in head. Pressing pain in head ; in forehead ; in occiput ; in temples.

Stitching pain in head.

Tearing pain in head ; in forehead ; in occiput.

Pulsation in head ; in forehead ; on sides of head.

Uncovering head brings on complaints.

Discharge of mucus and pus from eyes and the lids are stuck together in the morning with yellow pus.

Granular lids. The lashes fall out.

Lachrymation. Unable to open the eyes.

Pain in the eyes ; morning ; night ; from light ; when reading ; warmth ameliorates ; aching ; burning ; pressing ; core ; as from sand ; stitching ; tearing.

Paralysis of the optic nerve.

Photophobia. Protrusion.

Pulsation. Pupils contracted.

Redness of the eyes ; of lids ; staring.

A stye near the inner canthus.

Swollen lids. Ulceration of the cornea.

Vision blurred ; bright colors before the eyes ; dim ; foggy ; hemiopia, upper half lost ; sparks ; vision lost.

Mastoid caries. Discharge from the ear ; fetid ; offensive ; purulent ; thick ; yellow.

Sensation of flapping in ears.

Itching in ears, Noises in ears ; buzzing ; crackling ; humming ringing ; roaring ; rushing.

Pain in ear ; behind ear ; inside ear ; burning, stitching.

Hearing acute at first ; for noise ; later impaired ; finally lost.

The nose is red. He has frequent attacks of coryza, fluent or dry.

Discharge from nose bloody ; crusts ; offensive ; fetid ; greenish ; purulent ; suppressed ; thick ; watery ; yellow.

The nose is obstructed and there is itching and bleeding.

It is a useful remedy in ozoena.

Pain in the nose ; in the bones ; boring ; burning ; sore inside ; ulcerative pain.

Smell at first acute, later lost.

Frequent sneezing. The nose is swollen.

Ulceration in nose. Epithelioma of face and lips.

Lupus. Cracked lips ; discoloration bluish ; bluish like ; earthy ; pale ; red spots ; eruptions nose ; acne rosacea face and forehead ; comedones ; coppery eruptions ; pimples face and forehead ; pustules ; scurfy eruptions.

Suffering expression. Erysipelas.

The face is hot. Inflammation of the parotid gland.

Pain in face ; in parotid gland ; in submaxillary gland ; burning lips ; drawing pain in face ; stitching ; tearing.

Perspiration of face ; cold.

Swelling of the face ; lips ; parotid ; submaxillary ; ulcer on lip.

Apthae in the mouth. The gums bleed easily.

Cracked tongue. Brown tongue, red tongue, dry tongue.

Heat in the tongue, mucus in the mouth.

Odor from the mouth offensive ; putrid.

Burning tongue, soreness of gums.

Speech difficult. Swollen gums ; tongue.

Taste bitter ; insipid ; metallic ; putrid ; sour ; sweetish ; wanting.

Caries, sensation of elongation and loosening of teeth.

Grinding of teeth in the night.

Pain in teeth ; night ; when masticating ; on touch ; tearing.

Inflammation in throat.

Lump in throat, mucus in throat.

Pain in throat on swallowing ; burning ; stitching ; scraping and swelling.

Swallowing difficult. Appetite is ravenous.

Aversion to food ; to meat ; desires alcoholic stimulants ; bread ; coffee ; cold drinks ; milk ; distension, emptiness and bitter eructations.

Nausea with headache. Hiccough.

Pain in stomach ; violent ; burning ; cutting, pressing ; stitching.

Extreme thirst. Vomiting bile.

Atrophy of the liver. Suppurating bubo in groin.

Distension of abdomen.

Enlarged liver. Fullness and great flatulence.

Hardening of the liver.

It has cured numerous liver conditions and complaints.

Itching of the skin of the abdomen.

Pain in abdomen ; night ; colic ; on coughing ; after eating ; during menses ; warmth ameliorates ; in right hypochondrium ; in inguinal region ; cramping ; cutting in right hypochondrium ; soreness in abdomen ; in hypogastrium Stitching pain in hypochondria ; in hypogastrium.

Rumbling in abdomen. Swelling of mesenteric glands ; inguinal glands.

Constipation ; alternating with diarrhoea.

Diarrhoea in morning ; night.

Offensive flatus. Bleeding from anus.

External piles. Moisture at the anus.

Pain in the anus ; during stool.

Burning pain in anus with diarrhoea ; during and after stool.

Soreness and stitching pains.

Urging in the rectum and prolapsus ani.

Stool copious ; green ; green mucus ; hard ; knotty ; large ; offensive ; thin.

Retention of urine. Urging constant ; ineffectual.

Urination dribbling ; dysuria ; involuntary at night ; seldom ; unsatisfactory.

Suppression of urine. Inflammation in urethra with burning.

Urine albuminous ; bloody ; burning ; cloudy on standing ; red ; copious ; offensive ; scanty ; mucous sediment ; sand ; thick ; Watery.

Inflammation of glans penis ; testes ; sore pain in testes.

Perspiration of genitals.

Swollen testes. Ulcers on the penis ; chancres.

The desire is increased.

Eruptions on the vulva.

Inflammation of ovaries and uterus.

Itching of the vulva. Leucorrhoea acrid ; copious ; thick ; white ; yellow.

Menses absent ; copious ; too frequent ; scanty ; suppressed.

Pain in ovaries and uterus.

Burning in the vulva. Prolapsus of uterus.

Mucus in larynx and trachea.

Hoarseness. Respiration is rapid.

Cough morning ; night ; in cold air ; dry at night ; short ; spasmodic at night.

Expectoration ; morning ; evening ; bloody ; mucus ; offensive ; purulent ; tasting sweetish ; tough ; yellow.

It is a most useful remedy in heart affections.

Angina Pectoris. Anxiety in chest ; in the heart.

Constriction of chest ; of heart.

Fluttering of heart. Heat in chest.

Oppression of chest, from rapid motion ; when lying ; while walking ; of the heart.

Pain in chest ; on coughing ; on inspiration ; in sides of chest on inspiration ; in heart ; burning in chest ; pressing in chest ; in sternum ; in heart.

Stitching pains in chest on inspiring ; in sides ; in sternum ; in heart.

Palpitation at night ; anxious ; on least exertion ; during menses ; on motion ; tumultuous ; on walking ; trembling of the heart, weak heart.

Coldness in the back. Pain in the back on inspiration ; in lumbar region ; sacrum ; spine ; pressing pain in lumbar region ; sore in lumbar region ; stitching in lumbar region.

Weakness in lumbar region.

Chilblains on the feet and toes.

Cold hands ; icy cold ; legs, feet, during headache.

Blueness of nails. Heaviness of upper limbs ; of feet.

Itching of limbs ; palms ; lower limbs ; feet.

Numbness of limbs ; during rest ; upper limbs ; lower limbs.

Pain in limbs ; at night ; during chill ; in joints ; gouty, rheumatic, wandering ; in upper limbs ; shoulders, rheumatic ; forearm ; knees ; heel ; aching in legs ; burning in toes.

Drawing pains in limbs ; upper arm, knees ; feet.

Gnawing pain in legs. Stitching pain in limbs ; in shoulders ; in wrist ; knee ; foot.

Tearing pain in limbs ; joints ; upper limbs ; upper arms ; elbow ; wrist ; fingers ; thigh ; soles.

Painless paralysis of limbs.

Sensation of paralysis in fingers.

Restlessness of limbs ; of lower limbs.

Stiffness of the joints ; of lower limbs ; of knee.

Swelling of the joints ; dropsical swelling of limbs, forearm, and hand, lower limbs, legs and feet.

Ulceration of nails. Weakness of joints ; of upper limbs ; lower limbs ; knees.

Deep or comatose sleep.

Waking too early ; Waking frequently.

Coldness in evening. At night in bed.

Chilliness when undressing.

Shaking chill. Fever at night.

Burning hot in blood-vessels ; intense heat ; aversion to uncovering.

Perspiration in morning ; in night ; profuse ; aversion to uncovering.

Burning skin. At times marked coldness of skin.

Discoloration ; blue ; liver spots ; spots yellow.

Eruptions blisters ; boils ; burning eczema ; herpes ; painful, pimples ; psoriasis ; red ; scabby ; scaly ; bran like ; smarting ; syphilitic ; urticaria ; vesicular ; erysipelas.

Formication, itching ; sensitive ; sore feeling in skin.

Dropsical swelling of skin.

Green, ichorous, offensive, yellow pus ; fistulous ; foul ; indurated ; painful ; sensitive ; suppurating ; syphilitic.

Warts that are syphilitic.

Asthmatic at night ; difficult at night, on ascending, while lying and while walking ; irregular ; short ; suffocative.

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