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Aurum Arsenicum - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - Hahnemann

, Aur-a.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aurum Arsenicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Dejected and sad.

He is dejected and seeks solitude.

He believes that he has lost the love of others, and this mortifies him even to tears.

Discontent with all conditions; he thinks that the everywhere finds and impediment, caused now by an opposing fate, then again by himself, which latter mortifies him and renders him dejected.

Melancholy; he imagines that he is not fitted for the world, he therefore longs for death, of which he thinks with the most intense delight.

Great anxiety springing from the region of the heart, and which drives him from one place to another, so that he cannot long remain in a place.

Great anxiety and weakness, so that he is thought to be near death.

Frequent attacks of anguish of heart and tremulous anxiety.

Extraordinary anxiety with palpitation of the heart, weariness in all the limbs and drowsiness.

Great anguish, mounting even to suicide with spasmodic contraction in the abdomen.

Restlessness and hurried impulse to bodily and mental activity; he can not work fast enough; he could not act so as to satisfy himself.

He is driven to constant activity, and is sorry for his inaction, although he cannot do anything.

Restless and undecided, without perceptible ebullition of the blood; he always thinks he is neglecting something for which he will be reproached; he seems to carry with him this internal restlessness, and it took from him all perseverance and energy.

Anxiousness; even a noise before the door makes him anxious; he is afraid some one might come in; as if afraid of men.



The least thing discourages him.

Dispirited ill-humor; he thinks he cannot succeed in anything.

Dispirited and despondent; he thinks that everything goes awkwardly with him, and nothing will succeed with him.

Discouraged and at odds with himself.

Crying and walking; she thinks that she is irretrievably lost.

(Surfeit of life.).

Constant sullen seriousness and reserve.

Peevishness and dislike to talking.

Contrary mood.

Some persons excite his extreme antipathy.

Choleric and quarrelsome.

Excessively disposed to take offense; even the least thing seeming offensive to him, affected him deeply and caused resentment.

He gets excited in his thoughts about some absent persons.

Peevish and irascible; the least contradiction excites him to the greatest anger.

If he is left undisturbed, the sits by himself in a corner, quiet, reserved, as if melancholy; the least contradiction excites him to the most violent anger, which the manifests at first with quarreling and much talking, but afterwards with a few abrupt words (aft. 3 d.).

He trembles, when he cannot give way to his anger.

He tries his best to quarrel with somebody and to revile him.

Passionateness and violence.

Now weeping, now laughing, in the evening, as if she had not full control of herself.

Silent peevishness and cheerfulness alternate frequently (aft. 1 and 3 h.).

Good humor the whole day, with talkativeness and self-satisfaction (alternative action).

Serene, contented mood; he always wishes to converse with others.

Considerable merriment and agreeable, comfortable feeling (aft. 2 h.).

Tremulous quivering of the nerves, as with a joyous hope.

The thinking faculty is more acute and the memory more faithful (curative effect).

She feels impelled to think deeply over one subject and another; but it renders her weak, tremulous, cold and damp over the body.

Lost in thought, he says something absurd in talking with a person.

Mental labor affects him very much; he feels very much exhausted.

Mental work causes him nausea, which occupies his whole being.

Confusion of the head.

Confusion of the head, in the morning on rising, with heaviness in the occiput.

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