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Aurum Metallicum - General symptoms

Metallic Gold, Gold, Aurum, Aurum Met, Aur.

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HPUS indication of Aurum Metallicum: Headache

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aurum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Vaso-motor mobility; erratic ebullitions and venous congestion, more to head and chest


Weak, yet sensitive to pain

Pains wander, impel motion, finally attack heart (Benzoic Acid. Benz-ac Colchicum Autumnale Colch---- ); boring, cutting osteocopic

Indurations; glandular

Sclerosis; coronary



Mercurio-syphilitic dyscrasia

Extremely violent symptoms

Heart feels loose on walking

As of air blowing on part

Intense, hopeless depression and suicidal anguish Brooding melancholy; alternating with irritability or moroseness

Praying and self-reproaches; starting from heart

Weak memory

Vexed mood; enraged by least contradiction


Rapid questioning

Fears the least noise

Violent confusing headache; syphilitic

Hemiopia upper horizontal

Sore orbits

Congested, bluish-red face

Pains in zygomae

Red knobby nose


Foul breath


Soreness over liver



Jaundice, of pregnancy

Liver, with heart symptoms

Chronic orchitis

Crushing weight under sternum worse ascending

Dyspnoea; worse laughing

Oppression at heart; as if to stop, then gives one hard thump

Violent palpitation; at puberty

Cardiac hypertrophy

Angina pectoris

Aortic disease

As if lower spine bulged backward

Pott's disease

Nightly leg pains

Painfully sensitive to cold

Sweat about genitals

Cold and damp all over

Aurum foliatum (metallic gold). Au (A. W. 196.8). Trituration.

undeveloped. Tongue, nodules on. Tumours. Uterus, induration of. Vertigo. Vision, disordered.

and in children. Onanism. The sexual organs are markedly affected. Induration of testes. Undeveloped testicles in puny boys. Swelling or neuralgia of testicle (r). Uterus prolapsed and indurated.

the weight of it causes prolapse. (The chloride of gold and sodium acts more powerfully in these conditions.) Shelton has recorded as effects on girls working with gold leaf the occurrence of a "thick leucorrhoeal discharge, not offensive, white or yellowish, occasionally profuse, invariably agg. by walking." Suffocative attacks, with suffocative oppression of chest. Anxious palpitation from congestion to the chest. Palpitation, with anguish and tremulous fearfulness. Pain in heart region extending down left arm to fingers. There are boring pains in bones, agg. at night. Over-sensitiveness to all pain. Hysterical spasms, with laughing and crying alternately. Great ebullitions with congestion to the head and chest, and palpitation of the heart. Frightful dreams.

he sobs aloud when asleep. Chilliness predominates.

shivering in open air.

coldness of hands and feet, sometimes lasting all night. Heat, only in the face. Perspiration in the morning hours.

mostly on and around the genitals. Ulcers which attack the bones. Warts, scrofulous, syphilitic, mercurial. "agg. From Sunset to sunrise" is a leading Condition of Aurum. Paralytic drawing in the limbs in the morning when awaking.

and on getting cold. agg. At night.

in morning. on getting cold.

by rest. Shivering on getting into bed. amel. Moving.

walking. getting warm. Suited to sanguine people with black hair and dark eyes, olive-brown complexion. Also light-haired scrofulous persons. Pining boys, girls at puberty, and old age. Syphilitic and mercurial patients.

Common Gold. Hahnemann. Au.

* * *

So great in extent is this that one of the fundamental loves, which is the love of living, of self-protection, is perverted and he loathes life, is weary of life, longs to die and seeks methods to commit suicide.

No love of life. The affections pre-eminently are deranged, the intellectual sphere is only secondarily changed.

Of course insanity runs through the remedy, but it is an insanity that begins in the will and proceeds to the intellect; it is first observed as a perversion of the affections.

It is astonishing that one could get into such a state of mind, such horrible depression of spirits that there is an absolute loss of enjoyment in everything.

You take away a man's hope, and he has nothing to live for, he then wants to die. Such, it seems, is the state in this medicine.

Self-condemnation, continual self-reproach, self-criticism, a constant looking into self; she does nothing right, everything is wrong, nothing will succeed, hopelessness.

"Imagines he cannot succeed in anything, and he does everything wrong; he is in disunion with himself."

Imagines he sees obstacles in his way everywhere.

He is all the time imaging that he has neglected something, that he has neglected his friends.

He imagines that he deserves reproach in consequence of having neglected duty; he has neglected something, he is wrong, is wholly evil, has sinned away his day of grace, is not worthy of salvation; this is the train of thought that constantly runs through his mind.

The thought really becomes uncontrollable; he is absorbed in himself and sits and broods over it, and by brooding over it he only intensifies his present state and hatches new grievances, continues to worry over himself, thinks he is wholly unfit for this world, and then he longs to die.

He looks on the dark side of everything, constantly expecting bad news, looking for everything to go wrong. The future looks dark to him, and he wants to die; he never will succeed, for everything goes wrong that he turns his hand to.

His business is dark, his family troubles him, his friends annoy him; he becomes extremely irritable, easily angered, is worried over trifles, and easily excited.

Every little thing rouses him into anger and turmoil, he is always in a vexation. The Aurum state of mind is an insanity dreadful to look upon because of its turbulence and melancholy.

It is suitable in the most profound states of melancholy and depression where the patient sits silent and says nothing. When disturbed he is aroused to great vehemence, anger and violence.

"Melancholy, feels hateful and quarrelsome."

"Terrible melancholy after abuse of Merc Viv Mercury."

Persons who have been repeatedly drugged with Merc Viv Mercury, have established upon themselves a mercurial disease, with enlargement of the liver, and this is almost always attended more or less by melancholy and sadness and such hopelessness as we find in Aurum

Aurum produces such affections of the liver as are associated with cardiac affections, endocarditis, dropsy of the heart and rheumatic affections that have gone to the heart.

You will notice that wherever the affections are pre-eminently disturbed in mental, disease that there is either cardiac weakness, endocarditis, enlargement of the heart, or some organic or functional disease of the heart.

You will very often find a history of taking Merc Viv Mercury that has superinduced a rheumatic state that has been rubbed away with liniments until the heart is affected, and with this comes hopelessness, insanity of the will, disturbance of the affections.

Then it appears to spread in Aurum Metallicum from the will to the understanding, and the intellectual portion of man becomes involved. Think what a state it is for a man who has been in good condition of health, respected in his business circles, to have a desire to commit suicide.

You will see other kinds of insanity and a breaking down or a state of feebleness of the intellect, he cannot think nor reason; his affections are practically intact, but he finally goes into a state of imbecility, or he becomes wild and commits suicide from impulse.

That is an instance where the intellect has been affected first and spread to the will. Sometimes this state comes on, and no disturbance in the man's intellectual nature has been observed; it is intact, it is sound.

He has been sound in his business affairs, he has been a good father, he has been observed by those around him to be intelligent, but he has silently brooded over his state and his hatred of the world; he has told nobody of it, and then, he has been found hung in his room.

The man's intellectual nature keeps the man in contact with the world; but his affections are largely kept to himself. A man can have affection for all sorts of things and perversion of the affections, but his intellect will guide him not to show his likes and dislikes to the world.

The affections cannot be seen, but man's intellect is subject to inspection. He cannot conceal his intellect. We shall see that the affections are interior, they are covered with a cloak, they are his innermost and are hidden from inspection.

but the understanding is the outermost garment, it surrounds and hides his affections, just as does the garment he wears over the body hide the body. The affections that Aurum resembles are those like unto the very innermost nature of man.

"Ailments from grief, disappointed love, fright, anger, contradiction, mortification."

"Pain makes her desperate so that she would like to jump out of the window."

These are all of syphilitic and mercurial character. It is useful in old syphilitics when the bones are breaking down in any part of the body; the shin bones, nose bones, ear bones, any of the small bones.

Knife-like pains in the periosteum. Pains in the joints rendering them immovable. Inflammation of the bone itself with caries.

It is not strange that the vascular coating of the bones, the periosteum, should be greatly affected because there is a strange vascularity, all over the economy, in this medicine.

Veins The veins are enlarged, in a state of congestion and inflammation, and friable. The veins become thickened and tumefied. The blood vessels pulsate all over the body.

"Erethism or vascular fullness characterizes nearly all complaints."

Fullness of the veins of the extremities; this goes on until swelling appears with weakness so that dropsy is prevalent throughout the remedy. Oedema of the extremities, with pitting upon pressure, which occurs in heart and liver affections.

A false state of plethora seems to exist in the body and finally turmoil and excitement occur. Violent orgasms in the body, sometimes demonstrated as violent heat, coming in flushes with excitement. Fidgetiness, feeling as if something dreadful were going to happen throughout the economy.

Then it settles into a state of quiescence for awhile and then this repeats itself. These violent orgasms come preparatory to the localization or establishment of some breakdown in the economy.

At times it is a cardiac affection, with marked oppression behind the sternum with dyspnoea on walking fast for going upstairs.

"Boring in bones."

"Pains drive to despair."

The pains drive the patient out of bed at night and make him walk. This is seen in old syphilitic bone pains, and old mercurialized patients.

The patient has been taking Merc Viv Mercury all his life and his liver is enlarged, and his joints are enlarged. He goes to every doctor, with an endeavour to get relief from his distressing sufferings .

Merc Viv Mercury and disease are so mixed up that a great turmoil will result from your first prescription. He will go through these stages of violence and periodical attacks. You will have to know such medicines as Aurum, Chelidonium Majus Chelidonium and Staphysagria Staphysagria to get this patient over these awful attacks which he is obliged to go through.

Glands This medicine wonderfully affects the glands, the parotid glands, the glands about the groin, the lymphatics in the abdomen; in fact, the glands everywhere.

The mammary glands, the testes and ovaries, are involved, and undergo states of hardness, infiltration, etc.

Aurum, cures chronic enlargement of the testes, and lumps in the mammary glands. Tumors in these glands, of cystic character, have been cured by Aurum

Hahnemann potentized Aurum and gave some of it to a patient, and it did not work, but he thoroughly triturated it until he got it to the fifteenth potency and then it worked and restored that patient to the bosom of his family.

Hahnemann says that in the earlier triturations the dose was yet too large to cure; so he went higher until it was sufficiently small to cure, sufficiently attenuated to go into the interior of the economy through the various envelopes of man.

There is one grand feature running through the Aurum state; it is the manner in which he is affected by temperature, and by the weather. Here are some symptoms that relate to the whole man, which must be examined in this connection.

"Desire for open air."

Aurum Metallicum patient ranks along with Pulsatilla Pulsatilla as to temperature; but Aurum is not mild, gentle and yielding, he is obstinate, irascible, the very opposite of the Pulsatilla Pulsatilla patient.

"Generally better growing warm." This is in connection with the headaches.

"Cold water ameliorates pain in eyes."

"Averse to uncover," but he desires open air like Pulsatilla Pulsatilla.

"Warm air, asthma worse."

Many symptoms disappear after washing, especially cold washing; but whenever the patient is suffering from great excitement, turmoil and vascularity, constitutional orgasm, pulsations, he wants the doors and windows open, wants to get out in the cool air; wants the clothing thrown off.

Aurum Metallicum state of excitement and pulsation is ameliorated by the open air. It has those flushes of heat so, common to women at the critical period, and these are followed by sweat, sometimes by chilliness.

Most that we have said of the remedy is about its general aspect, for everything about the mind is general.

Often has to have the head wrapped up, although it feels hot, with a good deal of congestion and rush of blood to the head. The head is sore and feels bruised. Stitching, burning, tearing pains in the head; much throbbing in the head. The face is bloated, flushed and shiny with the congestive headaches.

Iritis great disturbance of the whole visual apparatus.

some of the striking features I will read from the book, but remember the constitution that we must always have in view.

remember the mental state, the mercurial and syphilitic states, the gouty tendency, and the complaints that belong to joints, remember the cardiac disturbances.

As we review the eye symptoms we thus see the constitution with which they are likely to be associated.

"Photophobia." Weak sight and eyes.

"By gaslight a number of bright, floating specks and dots are seen."

"Eyes ameliorated by moonlight."

"Large letters cannot be distinguished."

"Yellow, cresent-shaped bodies floating obliquely upward in field of vision."

"In upper dark section of field of vision occasional showers of bright, star-like bodies."

In Calc Carb Calcarea there is a queer symptom.

he sees a sudden flash arise from the lower portion of the field of vision.

it shoots up and divides, and then he sees stars in every direction. It is the appearance you will see sometimes in the shooting off of one of those rockets that explode and come down in a shower.

That has been observed in Calc Carb Calcarea

"Hemiopia of the left eye."

And so it goes on with many of these peculiar things that can hardly be described except in the language of the text.

"Protruding eyes."

Protrusion of the eyes, such as occurs in exophthalmic goitre, with enlargement of the heart, has been cured by Aurum.

Enlargement of the thyroid gland with rapid and full pulse. Exophthalmic goitre has been cured by Aurum, Nat Mur Natr. mur.

"Starting, dreary look."

"Iritis marked by much pain around eye, which seems to be deep in bone."

"Pupils irregularly dilated."

It has catarrhal states of the eye. It has inflammation of the conjunctiva, choroid, Irisand retina.

Pains round about the eye; the thin plate bones, and the skull bones are all sensitive to pressure; the bones seem tender; periostitis; opacity of the cornea.

"Caries of mastoid process, obstinate otorrhoea."

"Caries of the bones of the ear. "

"Parotids swollen, painful to touch, very sensitiveness to noises but music relieves".

Humming, buzzing and rushing in ears. Rushing like the rushing of wind and falling water.

"Annoying dryness in ears and nose."

Of course it does not restore hearing. Patients will come to you for car troubles, and you may find that the whole ear apparatus is destroyed; the mucous membrane and bones of the ear are all in a state of ulceration and necrosis and the discharge is foetid.

The patient consults you in order to have the hearing restored and it may not be possible; stops that ear discharge and restore the hearing are the only two things he thinks about.

If you go to-day to our ear specialists and speak about curing the patient, they would not know what you were talking about; the only thing that would be thought of would be the stopping of that ear discharge as quickly as possible.

They would examine the car to see whether it is intact or not; and if it is not, the hearing is of course gone and the stopping of the discharge is then all that is taken into consideration.

Homoeopathy teaches that the patient should be treated and the patient only, after which the organs and tissues become normal. The whole duty of the physician is to restore health to the patient. We have the nose specialists with their local applications.

These things will only bring on bone disease, and tubercular troubles.

they stop the discharge from the nose, and of nature must have a vent somewhere and so she establishes a discharge in the chest.

the trouble progresses from the mucous membranes into the lung, into the parenchyma of the lungs, and is often of a tubercular character, and then these men tell you the bacilli have come.

Aurum Metallicum is spurious science. Clean, healthy tissues are the only safeguard.

A few remedies have the power of curing this syphilitic nose condition; Aurum, Merc Viv Mercury and Hep Sulph Calc Hepar are three of them.

I have cured this state a number of times with Hep Sulph Calc Hepar I once cured a man after the bones were completely softened, so that when the nose was handled it would bend right over.

"Coryza, thick discharge, like white of egg."

"Mucous discharge from posterior nares in morning."

Tip of nose knobby, red, like Lachesis Lach; strawberry nose. Little knobs on the nose composed of varicose veins in heart cases, with disturbance of the right side of the heart; sometimes found in old drinkers and in heart affections generally.

"Ulcerated, agglutinated, painful nostrils."

"Crusts in nose."

"Nose feels obstructed as in dry coryza."

With nearly all of these nose affections, the patient is bowed down with sorrow, full of grief; black clouds hang over him and he wants to die. Loathing of life and wants to find some way to commit suicide.

"Puffy under eyes."

"Blue about nose and lips."

"Face glowing red. "

"Violent boring in right zygomatic process when walking."

"Carious teeth."

"Toothache at night."

"Foul breath."

"Syphilitic ulcers in palate and throat."

"Boring in hard palate."

Liver This medicine has cured craving for alcohol, the craving of drunkards.

Another marked feature of this medicine is its ability to harden, enlarge and inflame the liver; induration with cardiac affections; enlargement of the heart and liver.

When you take into consideration the venous system, the portal system and its close association with the heart in establishing the circulation of blood in the abdomen, and the work that it does in the abdomen as a great receiving apparatus, you will not be surprised to find that heart and liver affections are associated with hopelessness and despair.

Notice, on the other hand, something that will set you to thinking perhaps, in cases of phthisis, none of them is hopeless they think they are going to get well; the lungs are almost gone with tubercles, but he knows if he could only get up that little something out of the throat he would get well.

Notice then that peculiar relation between the lungs and the understanding, and between the heart and the will. With every little trouble located in the heart there comes hopelessness, but when the manifestation of disease is in the lungs there is hopefulness

Dropsical conditions of the abdomen.

"Inguinal hernia."

"Tabes mesenterica."

All of the glands of the body are involved more or less. All sorts of disturbances of the sexual organs.

"Testes indurated."

"Frequent nightly emissions."

Complaints as the result of vices.


"Ulcers on scrotum after gonorrhoea."

"Burning and stinging in perineum."

"Condylomata around anus."

"Induration of uterus."

"Menses too late and scanty."

"Uterus prolapsed and indurated."

"Leucorrhoea thick white."

Complaints in the uterus and region of the pelvis from straining and reaching up the arms; abortion from reaching up at the windows and fixing a curtain, etc.

Aurum is a medicine that is suitable for induration of the uterus and ulceration of the uterus as a result of repeated abortions.

When you study the loss of affections that is involve in such a state and the affections or lack of affections that are found in Aurum you can see a deep well grounded similitude in the symptoms, and that is the way to hunt a remedy.

It is in the sphere of the physician to examine into this state of mankind in which he can destroy his offspring and to examine into the nature of remedies producing such a state.

We see in Aurum this entire perversion of all the loves of mankind, and finally their entire destruction.

The symptoms of asthma and of difficult breathing you would naturally expect to be associated with the cardiac affections.

Notice this also, that the difficult breathing is of two kinds, such breathing as involves the lung, and such breathing as involves the heart. So it we have an asthmatic condition of dyspnoea that is cardiac in character, and dyspnoea that is purely respiratory.

These are entirely distinct in character.

one belongs to such remedies as have a predominance of action on the affections, and another belonging to those having a predominance of action on the intelligence.

one will involve the lung and finally bring on emphysema.

the other one is entirely different in its character, with irregular heart action, and only secondarily associated with emphysema.

Study your pathology with these things in mind and you will be able to perceive the nature of sickness and its results. These things are not mere observation, whims and theories, but are the outcome of studying things from internal to external.

in Aurum Metallicum the pains wander from joint to joint and finally locate in the heart. Angina pectoris is often the ending of an old rheumatism that has wandered from joint to joint.

"Difficult breathing."

If the case goes on a little while, there will be blood spots, and if he lie on the right side the lower part will be dull on percussion and the upper part will be resonant. Palpitation with great agony. Extreme oppression in the region of the heart on walking fast and going upstairs with oedema of the lower limbs.

Aurum is full of nasal troubles, with foetid discharge. The bones of the nose necrose.

syphilitic necrosis, the nose flattens down.

the bones are discharged. You see these people walking about with flattened-down nose and if you get near enough to them the stench will be observed. They are nearly all syphilitics.

and articulations The remedy is full of rheumatic affections, not unlike such as are found in old mercurial cases.

rheumatic affections with swelling of the joints.

affections of the cartilages and bone, inflammation of the periosteum.

thickening and induration of the periosteum. Indurations of glands.

induration of the cartilages about the joints.

Wants to commit suicide; thinks he is no good in the world.

Nodes and bone pains, caries and necrosis with great depression of mind.

Aurum has been found efficacious in curing some bone affections of syphilitic origin, especially if such cases had been the subjects of old school dosing with Merc Viv Mercury. There would be a great falling off of business for physicians if the old school could learn to cure their patients without poisoning them with their drugs. The locality where Aurum has made its best record in these syphilitico-mercurial affections is in caries of the bones (caries of long bones, Fluoric acid, Angustura Vera Angustura), of the nose and palate, also of the mastoid process. In these nasal troubles it is sometimes of great use in the catarrh, or ozoena, before the trouble has progressed to actual caries. The nostrils are agglutinated, ulcerated, and nose obstructed and filled with crusts, or there are excessively fetid discharges, and the patient is melancholy and disposed to suicide. Aurum is one of the few remedies that has hemiopia or half-sight, and has cured it even in the 200th potency. Lycopodium Lycopodium and Lithium Carbonicum Lithium carbonicum also have half-sight, but Aurum sees only the lower, while the other two see only the left half of objects.

Aurum not only causes and cures indurations of the womb in the female, but indurations also of the testicles in the male, and in both cases de ever-present mental symptoms of Aurum or the syphilitico-mercurial history furnish the chief indications for its use. In fatty heart, in ruddy, corpulent, old people it is one of our best remedies. In these cases there is much vascular disturbance. "Violent palpitation, with anxiety and congestion in the chest and visible beating of the carotids and temporal arteries".

Belladonna Belladonna may relieve the attack, but Aurum goes deeper and is more lasting in its effect. Aurum is one of our best remedies for bone pains. Never forget it. It ranks with Kali Iodatum Kali iodide, Asa Foetida Asafoetida and the Mercuries in periostical affections.





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