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Bacillinum - General symptoms - Clarke

Tuberculosis Nosode, Bacil, Baci.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bacillinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



A nosode of tuberculosis named and first described by Dr. Burnett, for whom it was prepared from tuberculous sputum by Dr. Heath. As this preparation has been experimented with separately, I think it, on the whole, advisable to give its symptoms apart from the other nosodes of phthisis.

Bacillinum has been used largely in infrequent doses (at intervals of a week or more) of the 30th and upwards chiefly on diathetic indications in the affections named above. In acute affections it has been found useful to dissolve a few globules in a wineglassful of water and administer a teaspoonful every four hours. In the provings, a severe headache, deep in, agg. by motion, was a constant symptom.

also a slight cough with easy expectoration of phlegm. In cases of acute tuberculosis it has not done so well as in mote chronic cases. Dr. Cartier has found it particularly useful in cases where there was excessive muco-purulent bronchial secretion threatening to occlude the lungs. It must be compared with Bacillinum testium, Tuberculinum Tuberculinum of Swan, Aviaire Aviaire and Tuberculinum Tuberculinum of Koch. Dr. Burnett has shown that ringworm of the scalp and pityriasis versicolor on the body are indications of tubercular diathesis, and they respond to Bacillinum. Also they are leading indications for it when present in combination with other affections. A case of insanity with pityriasis yielded rapidly to the remedy. Phthiriasis has been cured by it when all attempts to kill the body-lice by parasiticides were useless. Dr. Young has recorded the cure of several cretinous idiots. An inter-current course of Bacillinum will often make a wonderful change in patients who have a personal or family history of chest affections. I have found an eczematous condition of the margins of the eyelids a strong indication for it. agg. Night and early morning.

agg. cold air. It is a diathetic remedy of vast importance. The symptoms of the schema are taken from the provings by Burnett and myself recorded in the last edition of Burnett's The Cure of Consumption by its own Virus, together with some cured symptoms, and some from a proving by R. Boocock.


Addison's disease. Alopecia. Consumptiveness Growth, defective. Hydrocephalus. Idiocy. Insanity. Joints, affections of. Phthiriasis. Pityriasis Ringworm. Scrofulous glands. Teeth, defective; pitted. Tuberculosis.

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