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Baptisia Tinctoria - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Wild Indigo, Indigo Naturalis, Baptis, Baptisia, Baptisa, Baptisia tinc, Bapt.

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HPUS indication of Baptisia Tinctoria: Flu-like symptoms

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Baptisia Tinctoria in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Sleep and dreams

Drowsiness; disposition to have eyes half closed (third day),

Feel drowsy, and must sleep (after three hours),

Drowsy, stupid, tired feeling,

Unusual sound sleep,

Deep sleep till 3 A.M.,

Slept profoundly all night, and was not even waked in the morning by the breakfast-Belladonna bell, a very unusual occurrence (second day),

Slept well until midnight, then could not sleep any more,

Slept very well until 2 A.M., then very restless till morning,

Slept until 2 A.M., then could not sleep any more,

Slept until 3 A.M.; could not sleep any more, but had to toss about constantly (30 grains crude bark, second day),

Slept well until 1 A.M.; awoke with severe cutting pains in hypogastric region, with loud rumbling of the bowels; very restless after (second day),

Slept two or three hours, and waked from a troublesome dream, with difficult breathing, a sort of nightmare; felt on waking as if the room was insufferably hot and close, hindering respiration,

After sleeping about two hours, had nightmare, from which he seemed to be a long time in rousing himself by violent efforts, to move and to make a noise. The anxiety continued some time after waking. (Has never had nightmare for many years, except when sleeping on back, or, very rarely, on left side. In all the instances recorded, was sleeping in usual position, on right side),

Lay down and slept an hour, waking from a sort of nightmare with moderate tightness of the chest and correspondingly difficult breathing, which was soon over (after one and a half hours),

Slept well the remainder of the night, after having, for a short time, slight febrile chilly horripilations over the lower limbs and back,

Had a very restless night (second day),

At night, sleepless, disturbed,

Restless night, with frightful dreams,

Dreams at night,

When asleep, continual dreaming,

Dreamed all night; in dreams triumphed over all opposition,

Dreams about fighting and disputations, but always comes off best,

Frightful dreams,

Dreamed of being bound down with a chain across the mouth,

At night, slept two or three hours, and dreamed of laboring hard in deep snow, suffering with heat from the exertion, and finally being smothered in the snow,

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