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Baryta Acetica - Fever And Chill symptoms - T.F. Allen

Acetate Of Barium, Bar-ac.

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Common symptom: Low back pain..

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Baryta Acetica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Skin cool,

Skin cool, even cold and rather moist,

Skin cold and covered with profuse sweat,

Chilliness, especially in the arms with goose-flesh, and yawning, in repeated attacks,

Shivering chilliness in the head, with dull tension in the malar bone as if there would be gooseflesh in the face, as if the hairs stood on end,

Chilliness and freezing extend down through the whole body, in repeated attacks with cold hands (after seven hours),

Chilliness in the forenoon, coldness rising in the pit of the stomach with painful pressure, so that it seems if the hairs were drawn together; it then extends slowly down the arms and legs into the feet,

Short attacks of shivering, with quick flashes of heat, mostly in the back; the chilliness seems to extend from the face, in which there is a feeling of tension (after one hour),

After repeated chilliness extending from the pit of the stomach, the whole body becomes warm except the feet, which remained cold; after ten minutes, chilliness again,

Flushes of heat over the whole body, followed by exhaustion, so that the hands sink down; the face and hands hot, the rest of the body cold,

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