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Baryta Carbonica - Chest symptoms - Hahnemann

Carbonate Of Baryta, Baryta Carb, Baryt. Carb, Baryta, Baryta C, Barium carbonicum, baryta carb, Barium carbonicum baryta carb, Bar-c.

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HPUS indication of Baryta Carbonica: Sneezing

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Baryta Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Fullness in the chest, and painfulness as if bruised on the left side.

Pain in the chest.

The pains in the chest are relieved partly by eructation and partly by application of warm cloths.

Pressure and tickling in the chest, with dry cough, pass away (curative effect).

Pressive heaviness, transversely across the chest, increased by inspiring, and then causing a lancinating pain under the upper end of the sternum (aft. ½ h.).

Stitches in the left part of the chest.

Slight stitches in the left side of the chest, at every inspiration (aft. 19 d.).

A violent stitch in the left side of the chest, on raising a heavy load with both hands (aft. 20 d.).

Sudden stitching and burning, deep in the left side of the chest, so that she was startled, in the evening (4th d.).

Transient stitches in the right breasts, causing her to scream, in the evening (2d d.).

Transient stitches in the right side of the chest, between the sixth and seventh ribs.

Dull stitches under the sternum, deep in the chest, with subsequent pain, as from a bruise on that spot (1st d.).

Stitches from the chest, coming out through the shoulders.

Pains as from soreness in the chest, and externally in the same.

Transient burning in the left side of the chest.

Throbbing, with lancinating pain in the left side of the chest, extending from the scrobiculus cordis upward.

Palpitation of the heart on lying on the left side.

Palpitation, which is renewed on thinking about it; for then she feels anxious; chiefly about noon.

Externally, in the breasts, tearing and lancination (aft. 19 d.).

Burning, externally, on the whole chest, with redness of the skin.

Itching on the chest.


Violent beats of the heart, at times (in the first 14 d.).

Sensation of a violent beating of the heart, anteriorly in the chest.


Fullness in the chest, with short breath, especially in ascending a height, and with stitches in the chest, especially on inspiring.



Stitches in the right side of the abdomen, during hiccup, while turning the body, yawning, and taking a deep breath; not while walking.

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