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Baryta Carbonica - Generalities symptoms - Clarke

Carbonate Of Baryta, Baryta Carb, Baryt. Carb, Baryta, Baryta C, Barium carbonicum, baryta carb, Barium carbonicum baryta carb, Bar-c.

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HPUS indication of Baryta Carbonica: Sneezing

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Baryta Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Somnolency in the daytime.

Drowsiness night and day.

Nocturnal sleep, agitated, with frequent waking and anxious dreams.

At night, ebullition of the blood; strong pulsations of the heart, and sensation in the heart as if it were excoriated, with great anxiety, and inability to lie on the l. side.

Sleep with many unquiet dreams.


Pains in the joints and in the hollow bones.

Cramp-like pressure or pulling, with paralytic weakness, or tension, as if from contraction of the tendons, in different parts.

Paralysis and palsy of aged persons.

Acute drawing pains in the limbs, with shuddering.

At night, starting of the muscles.

Shakings and startings of some of the limbs, and of the whole body during the day.

Tearing in the limbs with chilliness.

The symptoms exhibit themselves particularly on the l. side, and when sitting; they disappear on movement, or in the open air.

Swelling and induration of the glands.

Heaviness in the whole body.

Great uneasiness and over-excitability of all the senses.

Great weakness, which does not permit a long-continued standing posture.

Great weakness of mind and body of old men.

Necessity to lie down, or to be seated.

Intellectual, nervous, and physical weakness.

Emaciation, or bloating of the body and of the face, with inflation of the abdomen.

Great tendency to catch cold, which commonly occasions inflammation in the throat.

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