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Baryta Muriatica - Relationships

Barium Chloride, Baryta Muriaticum, Baryt mur, Baryt. Mur, Barium muriaticum, baryta mur, Barium muriaticum baryta mur, Bar-m.

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HPUS indication of Baryta Muriatica: Buzzing in ears

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Baryta Muriatica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Compare in sclerotic degenerations, especially of spinal cord, liver and heart. Plumbum Metallicum Plumbum met. And Plumbum Metallicum Plumb. Iodium Iod. Also Aurum mur ( which will often accomplish more in sclerotic and exudative degenerations than other remedies. Multiple sclerosis, fulgurating pains, tremors, Morvan’s disease, hypertrophy of fingers.)

Compare Conium Mac Con. (indurations of abdominal glands); Iodium Iod., Kali Iodatum Kali iod. and Iris(pancreas); Selenium Selen. (pulsations in abdomen). Useful after Arsenicum Album Ars. in extravasations of blood. The vomiting is antidoted by Absinthe.


Complaints and symptoms grow worse in wet weather. It is the natural complement of Conium Mac Conium in glandular affections and it is very similar, but much deeper acting.


These are relationship sections of other remedies that refer to Baryta Muriatica. Where the text is greyed out, a relationship with that remedy is already described above.

Calcarea Fluorata > relationships
Compare: Conium Mac Con.; Lapis Albus Lapis; Baryta Muriatica Baryt. Mur.; Hecla Lava Hecla.; Rhus Tox Rhus; Cacodylate of Soda (Tumors). Calc-st-sula ( acts as an hemostatic and absorptive in uterine myoma). Mangifera Indica Mangifera Indica (varicose veins).

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