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Belladonna - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Deadly Nightshade, Bellad, Belladona, Bell.

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HPUS indication of Belladonna: Fever
Common symptoms: Fever, Boils, Confusion, Headache, Frantic.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Belladonna in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs


Limbs are violently agitated,

Weakness of the limbs,

He could not stand till afternoon, and then could only walk with assistance (second day),


The bloodvessels of the limbs are distended, especially the arteries in the neck pulsate, so that when the lower jaw is opened it strikes against the upper one at every beat, and thus gives rise of slight chattering of the teeth; at the same time warmth and feeling of warmth in the whole body, more especially in the head,

Swelling of the injured arm and foot,

Laxity of all the limbs (after a quarter of an hour),

Trembling of the limbs,

Trembling and lassitude of the limbs, (Case 1).

Trembling of the limbs; tottering gait, with raising up of one leg, as if he had to ascend a hill; wherefore he falls down, and is unable to rise again without aid,

The limbs are in a constant tremble; if a limb was lifted it would again fall powerless,

Trembling in all the limbs, inability to walk, distended veins over the whole body, and disagreeable sense of irritation in the throat, for several days,

(With sudden outcries the hands and feet tremble), (Case 1).

Extremities constantly in motion, especially the hands, for he is constantly busy trying to catch brilliantly colored, glittering, fiery hallucinations,

The limbs are in constant motion, even without interruption, during the whole night,

He slowly moves the extremities upwards, trembling; then, with greater force, he throws them downwards,

The extremities would often involuntarily perform the motions peculiar to the daily duties of the individual,

Twitchings of the limbs,

(Painful) twitchings in the arms; more in the right than in the left leg,

Contortions of the extremities,

Alternate strange distortions of the limbs, and complete immobility,

Convulsions of the limbs,

Convulsive movements of the limbs,

All the limbs are in convulsive motion,

Convulsive momentary extension of the limbs on awaking out of sleep,

Convulsive twitching turning, and moving of the upper and lower limbs,

Spasms of all the limbs,

Numerous cramps, spasms, agitation, and contortion of the limbs,



Upper extremities

In General.

Swelling of the arm,

Red or dark swellings on the arms and hands,

Trembling of the arms on the slightest motion,

She occasionally stretched out her arms and hands, as if she would seize something,

His upper limbs move as if affected with chorea,

The arms and hands were in continual contortions,

Convulsive shaking of the arm, as from excessive shuddering,

Jerking and nervous trembling of the arms and hands,

Cramps and spasms of the arms and hands,

On eating, he would often put his hand instead of the spoon into his soup; often, also, he was unable to find his mouth with the spoon, and would run it alongside,

Sense of great lassitude in the arms, but still more in the hands, as if she must let them hang down,

Heaviness in both arms,

A heaviness and paralytic feeling in the upper extremities, especially in the left arm,

Heaviness of the left arm, relieved by venesection, (Case 23).

Stiffness, so that she could not bend it, in the right arm, upon which she had not lain, at 3 A.M., with a feeling as if it were shorter than the other, and with a tearing pain therein,

A (sense of) stretching and twisting in the upper extremities,

Paralytic drawing pressure, with weakness, in the right upper and forearm (after four days),

Shoulder and Arm.

Painful swelling of one of the left axillary glands (after five hours),

Shooting pressure on the top of the left shoulder (after three hours),

Sharp tearing pain under and in right armpit (third day),

Jerking in the shoulders, with numbness and heaviness of the arms,

Inclination to work the arms, as if performing gymnastic exercises,

Weakness as of paralysis, first in the right upper arm, afterwards also in the forearm (after eight hours),

Spraining and contused pain in the arms,

She complained of a very painful cramp in the left arm and in the back, which in the evening extended to the thigh, (Case 6).

Crampy and tearing pains in the arms, starting from the shoulders and stopping at the elbows,

Drawing pain in the inside of the left upper arm,

A drawing downwards in the muscles of the right upper arm, which, when it had reached to region of the elbow, twitched upwards again to the axilla, and there ceased for awhile,

Drawing pain in left arm near insertion of deltoid muscle, relieved by pressure (after five hours),

Paralytic tearing pressure in the anterior surface of the left upper arm (after five days),

Paralytic pressure in the left upper arm, with paralytic feeling and weakness of the whole of the left arm,

A violent stabbing pain, as with a blunt knife, below the head of the humerus, from within outwards,

Tearing pain in the humerus,

Bruised pain in the upper arms (after six hours),

Elbow, Forearm, and Wrist.

A rumbling in the bend of the left elbow, as if water or some heavy liquid were running through the veins,

(When moving or touching the elbow it pains as if brunt),

Paralytic drawing pain in the elbow, and in the fingers of the left hand,

Cutting pain in the interior of the left elbow-joint when walking,

Sharp shootings externally in the left elbow-joint (after seventy-two hours),

Twitching of the tendons and muscles on the inner side of the forearm (after four hours),

Feeling of slight warmth along the back of the right forearm, as of approaching numbness, and a slight paralytic feeling along the anterior tibial nerve (in a few moments),

Dull aching in the muscles of the forearm (after half an hour),

Tearing in the flexor surface of the left forearm, and in the palm of the hand and sole of foot,

Sharp pain shooting from the wrist along the course of the ulnar nerve to the elbow-joint (after half an hour),

Acute and tender pain in the radius of the left arm, near pronator quadratus muscles. (This pain has been present at intervals for years, though not for a few months), (after half an hour),

Cutting-tearing in the lower muscles of both forearms,

Fine shootings in the left forearm (after twenty-four hours),

Dull shootings in the middle of the inner forearm, which gradually increase, and at length become very violent,

11.30 A.M., dull, throbbing pain along the radial nerve of right arm (second day),

Burning-throbbing in the left forearm, near olecranon ulnae, and posterior ridge of radius, aggravated by touch and light pressure; this sensation repeated itself often during the day; in the evening a similar pain appeared at the base of the scapula, near the angle; this spot appears to be warmer, and also worse on pressure,

He is not able to turn the hand easily and freely on its axis (as when dropping into a glass); he can only turn it by jerks; it is as if there were a deficiency of synovial fluid in the carpus; this impeded motion, however, is painless (after four hours),

Paralytic tearing in the carpal bones,

Hands and Fingers.

Swelling of the hands,

Great swelling of the hand,

Swelling and stiffness of the joints of the hands,

The hands swell and become dry; he could not take hold of anything without dropping it immediately (after three-quarters of an hour),

Constant motion of hands and fingers,

The hands were in covering, and snatched at various imaginary objects,

Feeling of stiffness in the right hand the fingers; she cannot bend them,

Dry sensation in he palms of the hands, which felt uncommonly smooth (after one hour),

Pain in the bones of the hands as if they were pounded,

Dislocating pain in the joints of the hands,

Tearing pressure in the metacarpal bones and the first joint of the left index finger,

Shooting-tearing in the metacarpal bones of the left hand,

Sharp shootings in the metacarpal bones of the thumb (after one hour),

Slight soreness of the hands (after ten days),

Soreness of the hands on pressure,

The anterior joint of the middle finger is as if stiff and painful on bending; a simple pain (? sore),

Painful drawing in the posterior joint of the left middle finger, as if in the periosteum,

The tips of the fingers of the left hand are painful, as if they had been jammed,

Tearing-cutting in the muscles of the right little finger,

Paralytic tearing in the middle joint of the right index finger,

During general chill, shootings in the tips of the fingers from below upwards, especially when grasping,

Pain in the tip of the middle finger, as if some foreign body had lodged in it and produced ulceration; the pain is greater when touching the part,

Pulsative or burning pains on the finger tips, as if they had been forcibly pinched or struck,


Lower extremities

In General.

Five or six spasms of the muscles of the limbs, trunk, and face,

Trembling in the legs,

A sort of stretching; he is obliged to extend the legs (after eleven days),

Weakness of legs,

His legs fail him,

He seemed to exercise very little control over the lower extremities, and to have very little power in them. It was clear he must have fallen to the ground had he been left without support. On being led about both legs dragged, but neither one more than the other (after eight hours),

It was some days before she was able to walk, even with the assistance of a person on each side of her; this inability to walk did not arise from weakness, but she appeared to have lost all power of controlling the action of her legs,

Powerlessness of the lower limbs, so that she must lie down, with nausea, trembling, anxiety, and vertigo,

Temporary paralysis of the lower limbs,

Temporary paralysis of the lower extremities, together with the neck of the bladder, and the sphincter ani,

Stumbling, when walking,

Temporary tottering gait,

The gait is insecure, tottering; standing is uncertain (after one hour),


A drawing heaviness in the legs,

Painful sensation of heaviness in the right leg, when laying it over the left, (after four hours),

An unpleasant sensation in the joints of the lower extremities, particularly in the knees, as if they would give way, especially when walking, and when going down stairs,

Hip and Thigh.

Pain in the left hip, with limping, (Case 20).

When lying upon her right hip, she feels a pain in her left; but when she lies upon the painful hip, all uneasiness subsides (after eight or nine days),

Neuralgic pains in the hips, groins, thighs, and knees, coming on in paroxysms, and aggravated in the afternoon and at night, by contact and exercise,

Crampy pains, with stiffness, in the hip and ham, especially on the left side,

Paralytic tension, while walking, in the hip-joints, as if they were dislocated,

Three or four violent shoots in the right hip, when at rest and in motion,

Heaviness in the thighs, even while sitting,

Excessive heaviness and stiffness in the thighs while walking,

In walking, heaviness of the thighs and legs, with stiffness of the knee-joints (after twelve hours),

At night, he felt a pain in a small spot on the left thigh, between the knee and trochanter, which changed to a burning-throbbing next day; on close examination, a slight erysipelatous redness was found, which, however, soon disappeared,

Cramp pain in the glutaei muscles, with tension, on bending the body forwards,

Paralytic drawing in the right thigh and leg,

A pain drawing from within outwards on a small spot on the inner side of the left thigh (after one hour),

A knife-stab in the middle of the thigh, more towards the posterior side, immediately after a meal,

Cutting shoots in the external muscles of the right thigh, just above the knee, only when sitting (after two hours and a half),

Cutting twitching-tearing in the posterior muscles of the left thigh when sitting (after three-quarters of an hour),

Sore pain on the inner side of the thigh,

The ischia feel sore; it seems to her as if she had no flesh on them; nevertheless she has more comfort in sitting on something hard than on a soft seat,

Hard pressure in the middle of the anterior surface of the right thigh,

A fluctuating throbbing pain in the upper and inner part of the left thigh (after twenty-nine hours),


A twitching in he bend of the right knee (after a quarter of an hour),

A twitching in the bend of the knee, extending upwards into the muscles of the thigh,

Violent pain in the knee,

Cramplike pain in the right knee, near the patella towards the outer side, when sitting,

Cramp pain in both knee-joints, particularly about the patellae; she could not walk upstairs,

Squeezing and pressing pain in the bend of the right knee,

In walking, the outer hamstring of the left knee-joint feels tight, and as if too short; it alternates with a similar a sensation in the inner hamstring, but that in the outer one is more intense,

Pressive shooting in the right patella, while sitting (after three and one half hours),

Dull shoots in the bend of the left knee (after a quarter of an hour),

Prickings below the left patella, when sitting,

Shooting tearing through the left knee, and a crawling on the left sole; at the same time tearing in left hand, in the upper third of the metacarpal bone of the little finger,

Very rapid bubbling, as of water, in the forepart of the left knee, when sitting (immediately),

Tingling-quivering sensation over the right knee when sitting (after a quarter of an hour),


Nervous feeling in night in bed,

After lying a short time (a quarter of an hour) felt a singular sensation in the legs, a kind of numbness crawling over the legs; right leg affected first,

Great weakness in the legs; lasting a long time (after half an hour),

Paralytic lassitude in both legs below the knee (12) in going upstairs,

Tremulous heaviness of the legs,

Heaviness, trembling, and paralytic weakness of the legs,

Uncommon tension in the muscles of the leg, especially in the calf, where he also feels a sort of crawling,

Sensation like a "growing pain" in the right leg, a feeling of stiffness combined with heaviness,

Cramps in the legs,

An oft-repeated sensation, as though he would be seized with a cramp in the calf,

Drawing on the left tibia near the knee,

Pressure in the forepart of the left tibia, when standing,

Tearing pressure in the middle of the inside of the leg, uninfluenced by motion or contact,

Sharp shootings in the left calf, coming up from the lower part,

Boring or tearing shoots in the tendo Achillis,

Tearing pain in the tibia,

Tearing in the left calf, frequently recurring,

A burning-tearing in the leg upwards through the inner surface of the patella,

Dull tearing in the legs,

Drawing-tearing pain in the right tibia, with sensation of pressing asunder therein (after four hours),

The slightest contact makes the legs feel as it they were being scratched,

A sensation in the legs, drawing from below upwards, as of crawling externally, but internally as of innumerable shootings,

A sensation in the leg as if it were jammed, and a commotion (dull tearing) and stir therein, especially at night, relieved by letting the leg hang down (after ten hours),

Ankle, Foot, and Toes.

While walking in the open air, tension in the right tarsal joint,

Swelling of the feet,

Swelling of the feet, especially in the evening,

When walking he raises up his feet as if he were stepping over a high obstacle,

In walking, he lifts his feet as if he must step over things lying in his way; like a drunken person,

Numbness of feet and legs,

Occasional lassitude of the feet, with drawing pain therein,

Sharp pain at the base of the first metatarsal bone of the right foot (after four hours),

The foot was so painful that she had to keep the limb horizontally extended and immovable,

Cutting-drawing at a small spot in the feet, which extends from below upwards, first through the legs and thighs, afterwards through the small of the back up to the shoulders,

A sort of painless drawing or creeping from the heel to the toes, around the bones (after thirty hours),

While walking or bending the foot together, pain in the metatarsal bones as if dislocated,

Tearing pain in the metatarsal bone of the great toe,

Dull shoots in the dorsum of the left foot when sitting; external pressure does not affect them,

When treading upon the left foot, painful shootings dart up to the knee (after thirty hours),

Creeping in the feet from below upwards (after twenty hours),

Pain, as if bruised, in the ball of the heel, when treading on it,

A bubbling in the foot, as when water is dropped therein (after fifty-four hours),

Burning in the soles of the feet, as if he was walking on fire,

Burning and digging in the soles of the feet,

Tension in the sole of the right foot, in the region of the heel, changing into a tensive pressure; when pressing upon the part this pain disappears for some time (after a quarter of an hour),

Cramp in the sole of the foot, in the evening when in bed, when drawing up the knees,

Boring, digging pain in the soles of the feet (after several hours),

Drawing pain in hollow of right foot (after forty minutes),

(While walking) tearing in the sole of the left foot, with occasional shootings, for a quarter of an hour,

Shooting pain in the soles of the feet (after half an hour),

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