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Belladonna - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Deadly Nightshade, Bellad, Belladona, Bell.

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HPUS indication of Belladonna: Fever
Common symptoms: Fever, Boils, Confusion, Headache, Frantic.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Belladonna in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Eyes sunken,

Eyes haggard and brilliant,

Lids widely separated,

Pain in eyeballs, which felt as if starting from their sockets,


Pupil dilated,

Extreme dilatation of the pupils, with sensitiveness,

Pupils widely dilated while the delirium continued,

Pupils greatly dilated, not contracting in ordinary light, and very moderately contracting in full sunlight (after two hours and a quarter),

Pupils insensible,

In General.

Puffy appearance about the eyes,

Black circle around the eyes, as if one had received a blow,

Eyes inflamed, red, and bloodshot, even to the Iris Versicolor iris,

The eyes are inflamed, and have a wild expression,

Inflammation of the eyes

the conjunctiva is covered with red vessels, with shooting pain; the eyes water,

swelling of the veins of the sclerotica, with a tickling sensation,

the cornea is dimmed, and the lids are swollen (after five minutes),

The look is somewhat dim, uncertain, unsteady, as in amaurosis, without his suffering in the least from that disease,

The eyes are very animated, with fully dilated pupils,

Bold look,

Had a staring expression (for three days),

The eyes had a staring look,

Staring eyes.

Though he is blind, the eyes are open,

Protruding eyes (after one hour),

The eyes are projecting and sparkling,

Protruding, sparkling, furious eyes; sometimes without expression, dull, and filmy,

The eyes protruding, glaring, and wholly insensible to light (after four hours),

Protruded eyes, with dilated pupils (after six hours),

The eyes protruding pupils dilated; with a staring look,

The eyes are protruding, shining, the pupils dilated, and completely insensible to light (after four hours),

The eyes protruding very much, immovable, sometimes as if swimming in tears, eyes with dilated pupil,

Eyes closed (after six hours),

Eyes half closed threatening (after one hour),

Eyes were glittering, fixed,

Eyes sparkling, fixed, glittering, and prominent (second day),

Yellowness of the white of the eyes,

In the morning, the white of the eye is streaked with red, with pressive pain,

Yellowish hue of the sclerotica,

Bluish sclerotica (in the sopor),

Mucous membrane of eyes and lids deeply injected, and much swollen (after six hours),



The eyes become distorted, with redness and swelling of the face,

Spasms of the eyes, distorting them,

Eyes spasmodically turned up, and showing only the whites,

The eyes turn spasmodically round and round,

Rolling the eyeball (for three days),

The eyes, which protrude from their sockets, roll around,

The eyes are in constant motion, the pupils extremely dilated,

Eyes and hands are in constant spasmodic motion,

Eyes alternately fixed and very movable,

Sometimes the eyes rolled wildly about, at others they were immovable, fixed on one point,

Pressive pain over right eye,

The eyes tire very soon on reading,

Eye dry; motion attended with a sense of dryness and stiffness,

Dryness of the eyes (the nose, the mouth, and the gullet),

Feeling of burning dryness in both eyes, more violent alternately in the one or the other (after seven hours),

Pain and burning in the eyes, (Case 1).

Very frequently repeated sensation of heat in the eyes, and as if the eyes swam in tears,

Feeling of heat in the eyes; it was as if they were surrounded by a hot vapor,

While walking in the open air, a sensation of heat blowing against the eyes, and fine sticking pains, afternoons; at the same time drowsiness (after five minutes),

Burning heat in the eyes,

Burning in the eyes, coupled with acute itching; both, however, cease when the eyes are pressed upwards,

Intolerable burning and dryness of the eyes,

Sensation of burning and roughness in the eyes, as from sand or pepper,

His eyes seemed to him to be too large,

Aching pain in eyes,

Drawing pain under the left eye from below upwards,

Feeling in the eyes as if they protruded,

Pressure in the eyes, as of a grain of sand, (Case 5).

A general pressure in both eyes, as if hard spring-water had got into them,

Pressive and digging pain in the eyes, felt even in the head,

Shooting in the eyes from within outwards,

Smarting in both eyes,

Crawling, pressive pain in the eyes, as if they were full of sand; she was obliged to rub them (after one hour), ,

Itching of the eyes, with lancinating pains from one canthus to the other,

Sensitiveness of the eyes,

Brow, Orbits, and Lids, Lachrymation.

Pressive pain in the left supraorbital ridge, together with distressing weakness of vision of the right eye on writing, whereby the letters swam; and an oppressive sensation, as if the right eyelid hung down paralyzed,

Pain in the orbits; often it feels as if the eyes were being torn out, sometimes (and more lastingly) as if they were being pressed into the head; in addition to which there is a pain which presses down from the forehead into the eyes,

Darting pain in and near the orbit of the left eye and near the vertebral extremity of the eighth rib (after four hours),

A confused pressure comes in the right orbit, and alternately shifts into the forehead and back again,

Pressing pain in the upper part of the socket of the eyes (after four and one-quarter hours),

Dilated eyelids; eyes wide open,

The lids wide open; eyes shining and protruding,

The lids are wide open, the eyes protruding far from their sockets, rolling, squinting, and almost insensible to external impressions,

Both eyelids tumid,

Swollen lids, which are ulcerated and bleared,

Slight swelling of the lower eyelids (after four and one-quarter hour),

The palpebrae of the left eye were puffy, and redder than those parts on the right side; and the upper left lid was prolapsed, as in ptosis,

Tarsal edges of lids injected,

Sties on the upper lids,

Frequent jactitation of the eyelids,

Switching and convulsions of the lids,

An incessant quivering (and blinking) of both eyelids,

Quivering of the left upper lid, and a slight burning in the outer canthus, with dilated pupils,

An incessant trembling and quivering of the right upper eyelid, continuing the whole day, and at last becoming painful,

Spasmodic and involuntary closure of the lids, even when the eyes are shut, as if a bright light was shining on them,

Heaviness of the lids (), especially of the right upper lid,

Heaviness of the lids, with a feeling as if a sticky mass were lying between them and the ball, which compels rubbing; pupils dilated; confusion of the head, and drowsiness (after two and one-half hours),

Throbbing pain in the lower eyelid towards the inner canthus, with great inflammatory swelling at that point, and much lachrymation, for half and hour (after thirty-two hours),

The internal canthus of the left eye is very painful, even to a slight touch,

Itching shoots in the internal canthi, which rubbing only temporarily removes (after one hour),

Swelling and suppurative inflammation of the left caruncula lachrymalis, at first with burning, afterwards with pressing pain, for three days (after four days),

In the morning the lids are completely agglutinated,

Trembling mucus before the left eye, so that she must rub it frequently,


Flow of tears, which seem to burn the lids,

Involuntary lachrymation,

Lachrymation, with great photophobia; all light is intolerable,

Total absence of lachrymation, and motion of the eyes, attended with a sense of dryness and stiffness; the conjunctival vessels fully injected,

Conjunctiva and Ball.

Conjunctival sac injected with blood,

Conjunctiva injected, bluish,

The conjunctiva of the ball is injected with bluish blood,

The conjunctiva red, the lids heavy, the eyes shining, and as if swimming in tears (after five minutes),

The conjunctiva red, the pupil much dilated; look staring,

Tunica conjunctiva highly injected, and the whole eye prominent and preternaturally brilliant,

The vessels of the conjunctiva and the white of the eye are congested with blood, the pupils dilated, and the ball is generally turned upward (after two hours),

Eyeballs unnaturally prominent (after six hours),

Eyeballs red and prominent,

Pimples and ulcers on the cornea,

The eyeball has a constant trembling motion,

The surface of the ball became quite dry, which caused a very disagreeable and uncomfortable sensation, which could not be relieved by winking or continued closing of the eyes (after one hour),

Pain in eyeballs,

Pain in the eyeballs, intolerance of light, and conjunctival inflammation, followed by dilated pupils and loss of sight permanently,

When she closed the eyes, a pressive pain deep in the eyeball,


The optic disk greatly deepened in tint, and the retinal arteries and veins much enlarged, the veins most markedly so (from one drachm of extract), (after an hour and a half),

Dilated pupils (nearly every prover).

Dilatation of the pupils (after three and one-half hours),

Next to its influence on the circulation, the most prominent effect of the action of Belladonna consists in dilatation of the pupils,

Pupils partially dilated,

Considerable dilatation of the pupils (after six hours),

Pupils strongly dilated,

Great dilatation of pupils,

Pupils remarkably dilated,

The pupils uncommonly dilated, so that the Irisbecomes almost a line (after seven hours), etc.

Extreme dilatation of the pupils,

Extreme dilatation of the pupils (from the application of a fresh Belladonna leaf to an ulcer below the eye),

The pupils extremely dilated, not at all sensitive to light, while vision seemed to be totally lost (after four hours),

Dilatation of the pupils, especially the right (after five minutes),

The right pupil shows a very large circular dilatation,

Complete dilatation of the pupil of the right eye, and blindness for three weeks (from injecting the juice of the plant into the eye). Dazies.

In the sopor, the pupils paralytically dilated,

Dilated, immovable pupils,

Pupils dilated, insensible,

The pupil dilated and immovable, the eye totally devoid of expression,

Dilatation of the pupil, with weakness of sight (after one hour),

Dilatation of the pupils, with presbyopia,

Pupils strongly dilated, and contracting imperfectly,

Widely dilated and sometimes contracted pupils,

Contracted pupils (after ten minutes), (after one and a half hours), (after two and a half hours),

The dilated pupils become somewhat smaller after several hours, but he right was less contracted than the left (after five minutes),

Very contracted pupils the whole day, which first begin to dilate in the evening,

Excessive contraction of the pupils, with headache,

Irides insensible to light,

Pupils insensible, and extremely dilated (after six hours),


Vision disturbed,

Disturbed vision an hallucinations,

Disturbance of the visual power and presbyopia, with dilated pupils,

Imperfect sight, objects appearing white to him,

Weak or feeble vision,

Eyes were somewhat weak, or objects were seen as if through glass, not obscured,

Weakness of vision increased, without any dilatation of the pupils,

Weakness and transient loss of sight, with widely dilated pupils, as in amaurosis,

Great failure of sight,

Obscuration of sight from dilated pupils,

On writing, he must close the eye whose pupil is more dilated, in order to see the lines plainly (after a quarter of an hour),

Obscuration of sight, with extremely dilated pupils, (Case 26).

Obscuration of vision, so that he could not distinguish surrounding objects; dilated pupils,

Complete obscuration of vision, so that she could not walk alone without running against everything; the eyes look as if quite amaurotic,

Dulness of sight for three hours, (Case 17).

Sight and hearing quite dull; he did not answer to loud calling (after four hours),

Dulness of sight, with trembling of all the limbs, (Case 1).

Extreme dimness of sight,

Dimness and weakness of sight,

Dimness of sight or actual blindness, , ,

Dim sight and blindness, with dizziness, headache, and weakness of the limbs,

Dimness of sight, dryness of the mouth, and pain in the abdomen,

Dimness of sight alternating with cramps in the hands and feet, cloudiness of the head, and lassitude of the limbs, Case 18).

Indistinctness of vision was most complained of when the pupils were of their natural size, and were contracting freely under the stimulus of light,

The impaired vision of Belladonna is chiefly or entirely presbyopia. In two cases, magnifying glasses enabled the subject to read with ease,

Longsightedness (presbyopia) as in old age,

Presbyopia; he can only read large type,

Distant objects appear clearer than near ones, with dilated pupils,

He can see distinctly only quite distant objects and completely paralleled rays, as those of a star in the heavens (after injecting the juice of Belladonna into the eyes),

A feeling as if he could see nothing, and yet he saw when he tried to see something, and strained his eyes for the purpose,

The visual power appeared almost lost, but if the boy's attention was aroused he recognized the persons about him, but only for a few moments, after which he returned to the land of dreams; he imagined he saw a number of different objects, flies, birds, fishes, horses, soldiers, etc., with which he was constantly busy,

Vision as if through a fog, the lids heavy, and in the eyes a sensation as if they protruded from their sockets,

Darkness before the eyes, while looking, in the morning,

In reading, he can discern nothing in the book but the white margin which surrounds the area of black letter-press,

The sight of the right eye had become rather clearer, but that of the left eye more impaired, the upper lid more tumefied and prolapsed, the conjunctiva more vascular, and raised above the margin of the transparent cornea, which in a few days became opaque and a small quantity of a puriform fluid had accumulated in the anterior chamber of the eye,

Vision is not present in the left eye, the lid of which is drooping, inflamed, and very painful when touched,

She says, "can see distinctly for a moment only, and then my face becomes horribly distorted" (after twenty-eight hours),

He sees nothing close at hand; at a distance everything appears double,

Vision at times lost, at times only obscured, with excessively dilated and quite immovable pupils,

Loss of sight at sunset,

While walking in the open air, and in bright light vision was weaker than in a room, or in the dark,

Transient blindness, with headache, (Case 17).


He awakes blind,

Such notable blindness was observed, that she could not read ordinary print,

Complete blindness,

He was quite blind, and stared vacantly,

The eyelids did not close when the hand was passed suddenly before them. He had evidently lost the power of vision, although he stared fixedly at objects as if he saw them,

The visual power is altogether lost (in a state of stupor), (after four hours),

Vision so completely lost that even the brightest light cannot be distinguished,

Retina quite insensible to the influence of strong daylight,

(Photophobia; he avoids looking at the light),

Her room was darkened (light was unendurable).

She sees objects inverted,

Diplopia (after six hours),

Double vision,

Objects are seen double,

Objects appeared double, and they seemed to revolve and run backwards,

Objects appear double, upside down, or crooked,

Every object in the room, both real and spectral, had a double, or at least a dim outline, owing to the extreme dilatation of the pupils,

The sight (e. g., of letters) is multiplied, not clear, and irregular (after one hour),

Reading by lamplight was difficult; the lines jumped hither and thither,

Letters swim while reading,

Evenings, in bed, on reading as usual, the letters flowed one into the other, so that it was utterly imnpossible for him to read,

Objects seem to tremble and scintillate, as if viewed through a mist,

Illusions of vision; saw everything confused, as if through a fog or smoke,

Without glasses he could see the letters larger than usual; he saw sharper with the left eye than with the right, which was not the case in the normal state,

On seeing himself in a glass, he asserted that he squinted badly, and that both eyeballs were turned towards the nose,

On reading, the letters shone, partly like blue size, and trembled,

Everything he looks at seems red,

A large halo appears round the flame of the candle, party-colored, the red predominating; at times the light seems as if broken up into rays,

The flame of a candle appears encircled by a colored halo, or stretches out and is lost in long rays,

All colors appear to him reversed; the black stove seems white, red objects of a pale yellow, the burning light brilliant in all colors, etc,

Mist before the eyes,

He sees sparks before the eyes,

Large bright sparks before the eyes,

Occasional flashes of light before the eyes,

When laying her hand upon her swollen cheek she sees flames before her eyes, and the air seems to her like a fog-mist,

She sees in the ceiling of the room a white star as large as a plate; and across it, from left to right, light, silvery clouds seem passing; oftentimes and in various places,

Chromopsia (after six hours),

Muscae volitantes, flames and sparks before the eyes,

In the morning on going out (about 10 1/2 A.M.), black points and stripes before the eyes, which soon disappear and soon return (no trace of them in the afternoon),

Vision confused in a high degree; they constantly endeavored to grasp fancied surrounding objects, as persons, blades of grass, handles, etc.,

Visions; he sees only dark-colored animals, black cats, etc.,

Nothing could rid my eyes of the most disgusting spectral cockroaches, swarming all over the room,

Weakness of vision; it is difficult to distinguish letters, and he is obliged to hold the paper at a greater distance than ordinarily,

Indistinctness of vision,

Disturbance of vision; all objects seemed bordered with yellow,

Disturbance of vision wholly confined to the right pupil, which was widely dilated, not responding in the least to alternate light and shade, while the left was in a perfectly normal condition, and responded readily to light and shade. I continued the remedy for about one week, the right pupil remaining fully dilated during the whole of this time, and for two or three days subsequent to its discontinuance, while the left pupil failed to, at any period of the time, show the characteristic effect of the drug,

He had no power to distinguish objects for more than three days,


Double vision and dilated pupil of the same side as that on which the plaster was. The next day the right pupil was still one-third larger than the left,

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