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Belladonna - Face symptoms - T.F. Allen

Deadly Nightshade, Bellad, Belladona, Bell.

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HPUS indication of Belladonna: Fever
Common symptoms: Fever, Boils, Confusion, Headache, Frantic.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Belladonna in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Stupid expression,

Rather stupefied expression,

The expression of the face is stupid astonishment, the eye is lifeless (after ten hours),

Countenance anxious but vacant,

Expression was lively, denoting joy and astonishment,

Extremely haggard face, expressive of uneasiness and anxiety,

The face is sunken, and covered with a cold clammy sweat,

Countenance pale,

Paleness of the face,

Paleness of the face, with increased appetite, (Case 5).

Paleness of the face, with thirst, (Case 5).

The child was pale, cold, and as if in a fainting condition,

Pale, yellow, earthy complexion,

Jaundiced complexion,

The habitual coppery face of the old man became Viola Odorata violet, and the conjunctiva bulbi was injected with bluish blood,

Bluish redness of face,

Bluish-red face, with great heat of the body, every evening,

The pale face becomes suddenly red,

Unwonted redness of the face,

Great redness of the face (after two hours),

Remarkable redness of the face (after one hour),

Face extremely red,

Blood-red countenance,

Glowing red, hot face (after half an hour),

Glowing redness in the face, with violent inexpressible pains in the head,

Face dirty-red,

Scarlet redness of the face and chest during sleep,

The face was very red, with a staring look,

Face red; eyes shining, and seem to be swimming in tears (after two and a half hours),

Very red face, with general warmth and great restlessness, this, however, was soon followed by paleness of the face and lassitude,

Redness and heat of the face, with great thirst, (Case 14).

Very red, hot face, with icy coldness of the limbs,

Face red and hot, and face, neck, and chest much swollen,

Great redness and heat in the face, without sweat (after twenty-four to thirty hours),

The face was red and turgid,

Red, swollen face,

Red and swollen face (after two hours),

The face was red and swollen, but the rest of the body pale,

The face red and distended, the look disturbed and threatening,

The face scarlet and swollen, especially about the eyes,

(Red, swollen face, with staring eyes),

The face of a usually pale and lean man is uncommonly red and swollen; the heat is general and strong, the pulse full and rapid, with excessive sweat (after half an hour),

Red spots like scarlatina, and purple blotches like bruises on the face,

There appeared on the face, especially on the left cheek, along with increased heat, red irregular patches of the size of a crown piece, which disappeared and again returned,

Dark-red spots in his face, resembling the rash of scarlet fever; with full pulse,

Tense and rough skin of face,

Face full of wrinkles,

Swollen face,

Face swollen (after six hours),

Face greatly swollen (after six hours),

His face was so much swollen and red as quite to change his usual appearance.

His daughter remarked that the wrinkles of old age had disappeared, and he seemed much fatter than usual,

Swelling of the face, especially of the lips,

Erysipelatous swelling of the face,

Face full and flushed; amendment was indicated by a diminution of heat and fulness of face, and by returning consciousness,

Puffy, flushed, and mottled face,

Tumefaction and redness of the face and lips,

The face is much swollen and hot,

Great swelling of the face, and intense heat, which at times extends over the whole body,

Face swollen, eyes dim, and pupils dilated (after ten hours),

Hard, large swelling in the face near the nose and eye, with swelling also of the parotid gland on the opposite side, of five days duration, (Case 19).

The muscles of the face show a remarkable mobility (after one hour),

Spasms in the face,

Spasmodic action of the muscles of the face,

Alternating contortion of the muscles of the face,

Convulsions of the facial muscles, with ridiculous motions of every description,

Convulsive motion of the muscles of the left side of the face, especially of the left corner of the mouth,

Convulsive movement of the facial muscles, with distortion of the mouth,

Distorted features,

The face is disfigured by convulsions and swelling,

Twitchings of face and hands (after half an hour),

The muscles of his face, jaws, and limbs were agitated by convulsive twitchings (from the leaves),

Convulsive play of the facial muscles, with grinding of the teeth, and at times stretching and extending of the limbs,

Flushing of the countenance,

Redness and swelling of the face and lids,

Face deep red,

Risus sardonicus,

Convulsions of the jaws and of the muscles of the face and extremities,

Spasms of the jaws,

Spasmodic constriction of the muscles of the jaws,

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