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Belladonna - Fever And Chill symptoms - T.F. Allen

Deadly Nightshade, Bellad, Belladona, Bell.

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HPUS indication of Belladonna: Fever
Common symptoms: Fever, Boils, Confusion, Headache, Frantic.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Belladonna in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Temperature of the skin very low,

Skin at first natural, afterwards cold,

On the emission of a great quantity of urine, and during increased appetite, he was quite cold to the touch,

Coldness of the whole body,

General intense cold, or cold accompanied with partial heat, often with nausea, flow of urine, dimness of sight, drawing and pains in the limbs,

Immediately after meals, excessive coldness, with gnashing of the teeth and trembling of the limbs while lying. He soon fell asleep; on waking, was moderately warm, had dilated pupils, and eyes shining, protruding, as if swimming in tears; redness of the face,

Hands and feet cold,

Hands and feet become very cold,

A times, coldness of the hands, with otherwise normal temperature of the skin,

Quickly passing feeling of coldness in the right hip-joint (after one hour),

The lower extremities are cold and rigid, without being lame,

Feet ice-cold; can scarcely be warmed (after one hour),

Cold feet, with bloated, red face, and flow of blood to the head,


Chilliness and shuddering, with goose-skin, even near to the warm stove (after one hour),

Chilliness, especially in the arms, with goose-flesh, in undressing; at the same time, redness and heat of the ears and nose,

Febrile chilliness, with fine shooting pains in the chest, (Case 11).

A violent chill seizes her in the back or scrobiculus cordis, or in both arms at the same time, and spreads itself from thence all over the body,

Unusual chill after bathing,

Shuddering during stool,

Slight shuddering, with obscuration of vision, immediately after noon, (Case 1).

The body, at first cold. became warm (after four hours),

Heat of the skin alternating with chills, but without fever,

Fever, with alternate coldness and heat, or shivering followed by heat, especially in the afternoon and at night, once or twice a day, or every two days,


febrile chill in the morning, followed by slight heat,

shivering over the body in the afternoon, flushes of heat,

sudden alternations of heat and chill both without thirst, with sleepiness in the daytime (after twelve hours),

Attacks of fever frequently recurring during the day; the shaking chills are followed by general heat and sweat over the whole body, without thirst either in the cold or the hot stage,

Several attacks of fever in one day, during which the hot stage followed the cold within a few minutes to half and hour after, always without thirst in either stage, and mostly with confusion of the head,

Towards evening, fever; convulsive shuddering lifts him up in his bed; two hours after, heat and general sweat, without thirst either during the shuddering or the heat,


thrills of chilliness running over the whole body (after one hour); four hours after, feeling of heat, and actual heat, especially in the face,

at night febrile chill, succeeded quickly by heat of body, with frequent micturition and lassitude of the limbs; on the following night two attacks of the same kind, with vertigo and thirst, (Case 1).

chill in the evening in bed, then heat; the chill commenced in the sacrum, spread itself over the back, and down again over the thighs,

in the evening while she was undressing, slight chilliness over the body, then heat in the whole of the left side of the body,

during the external coldness of the body, an internal burning heat,

Head sometimes ice cold, sometimes burning hot,

Temperature of the head very much increased, of the rest of the body diminished,

Face hot, extremities cold,

Skin cold (after four hours),

The lower limbs were inclined to be very cold, and it was considerable difficulty that they were kept partially warm,

Skin hot (after two hours and a quarter),

Profuse perspiration,


Skin hot,

Burning skin,

The body burning hot like fire, with bluish redness of skin,

The skin hot, dry, scarlet, especially intense on the face and ears,

Temperature of skin very much raised; skin scarlet, especially on the face and anterior half of trunk (after half an hour),

Temperature of skin increased, face red, pulse accelerated, with senseless talking, and tottering about as if drunk,

Febrile disturbances,

Fever after each dose,

Morning after taking, had fever without thirst,

, (after twelve hours),

Evening fever,

Fever, with phantasies; the boy talked about criminals whom he seemed to see; hearing seemed dull,

Intense, erysipelatous fever, accompanied with inflamed swellings, passing even into gangrene,

(Fever; first putrid taste in the mouth, then heat of the face and hands; the pain increases after the disappearance of the heat),

Violent heat,

Burning heat,

Burning heat within and without,

Internal burning,

Burning heat; the distended veins lie like cords on the skin, with loud delirium and violent twitchings (after half an hour),

Burning heat of the body, with extreme distension of the superficial bloodvessels, and furious delirium,

Burning heat in the brain, and simultaneously in the soles of the feet,

Burning in head, palate, and fauces; feet ice-cold,

Burning heat over the face, without thirst (after ten hours),

Sensation of burning heat in the whole face, without redness of cheeks or thirst, with moderately warm body and cold feet (after four hours),

(Every day, after the midday meal, great heat of the body, especially of the head, so that the face from time to time is very red), (Case 12).

After drinking beer, internal heat,

Great heat and redness of the cheeks,

Heat all over the body, with bluish redness of the whole surface,

Great heat, distension of the superficial veins of the body, and insatiable thirst,

Excessive heat, distended veins, insatiable thirst, with anxiety and trembling (after half an hour),

Heat in the head, externally perceptible (after a quarter of an hour),

Heat and redness of the head only,

Heat and pulsation in the head, with burning of the eyes,

The head and face hot, the latter somewhat puffy,

Head hot; face red; eyes protruding; pupils dilated, look staring,

Every day, for twelve days, about noon, sudden heat of head and redness of face, with considerable obstruction of vision and great thirst, lasting and hour, (Case 14).

Heat of the head alternating with diarrhoea, (Case 14).

Sensation of creeping heat in the face under the skin (after a quarter of an hour),

Sensation of heat in the face without external redness,

Heat in the face the whole day, as if wine had driven the blood to the head (after twelve hours),

On the face, such an increase of heat that it actually glowed, became brownish-red, and turgid,

Heat and throbbing in the face, with congestion to the head,

Great internal heat about the region of the stomach,

General dry heat in the extremities of the feet and hands, with thirstlessness and paleness of the face, lasting twelve hours,

(In the evening, heat in the hands and feet, but not in the arms and thighs),

Heat, especially in the feet,

Great heat (immediately), followed by very profuse sweat, (Case 25).

Great heat of the body; exceedingly violent and rapid pulsations of the arteries, especially in the temporal region, with confusion of the head and subsequent profuse sweat, (Case 24).

Heat from below upwards; a sweat as of anguish breaking out upon her, followed by nausea, with terrible anxiety, the sense of nausea descending lower and lower,

The skin is burning hot, and partially covered with sweat (after one hour),

Sensation of heat, with actual heat in the whole body, but particularly in the face, which was red and covered with sweat, with confusion of the head (after four hours),

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