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Belladonna - Generalities symptoms - Clarke

Deadly Nightshade, Bellad, Belladona, Bell.

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HPUS indication of Belladonna: Fever
Common symptoms: Fever, Boils, Confusion, Headache, Frantic.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Belladonna in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Trembling of the limbs, with fatigue and lassitude.

Ebullition of blood, with congestion to the head, and fatigue even to fainting.


Constant drowsiness, sometimes with cloudiness, and yawning, and chiefly towards the evening.

Fits of somnolence and of lethargy, with profound sleep, immobility of the body, jerking of the tendons pale and cold face, hands cold, and pulse small, hard, and quick.

Somnolence stupor, lethargy (with snoring).

Coma, interrupted by momentary wakings, with furious looks.

After the fit of coma, great hunger, burning heat, and dryness of the mouth.

Pulsations of the blood-vessels; may hear the pulsations of the blood-vessels so loud when trying to sleep as to be kept awake by it.

Comatose sleep at night, with frequent waking and convulsive movements.

Sleep, with moaning and tossing about.

Nocturnal sleeplessness, sometimes with desire to sleep and useless efforts to go to sleep, mostly in consequence of excessive anguish or great agitation.

On sleeping, frequent starts with fright, groans, cries, starting of the limbs, carphology, aggravation of pains, singing, talking, delirium, and continual dreams.


Dreams anxious, terrible, frightful, vivid, dreams of fires, of robbers, and assassins; meditative dreams.

On closing the eyes in order to go to sleep, frightful visions and jerking in the limbs.

On waking, headache and aggravation of sufferings.


Cramp, spasms, and convulsive movements, with violent contortion of the limbs; convulsive fits, with cries, and loss of consciousness; epileptic convulsions, drawing back of the thumbs.


Shooting, or tearing, aching pains in the limbs.

Bruise-like pains in the joints and bones.

Rheumatic pains (in the joints) flying from one place to another.

The pains are aggravated, chiefly at night, and in the afternoon towards three or four o'clock.

The least touch, and sometimes also the slightest movement, aggravates the sufferings.

Some of the symptoms are aggravated, or make their appearance after sleep.

Jerking in the limbs, muscular palpitations and shocks of the tendons.

St. Vitus's, dance.

Sensation in the muscles, as if a mouse were running over them.

Renewal of the spasms by the least contact, or from the glare of light.


Burning in the inner parts.

Attacks of immobility and of spasmodic stiffness of the body, or of some of the limbs, sometimes with insensibility, swelling of the veins, bloatedness and redness of the face, pulse full and quick, with copious sweat.

Spasms in single limbs, or of the whole body, in children, during dentition.

Full habit (plethora).

Swelling in general of the parts affected.

Inflammation of the glands; induration of the glands; glands painful, prickling, swelling, hot swelling of the glands.

Attacks of tetanus at times, with the head thrown back.

Spasmodic attacks, with involuntary laughter.

Before the convulsive fits, formication, with a sensation of swelling and torpor in the limbs; or colic and aching in the abdomen, extending to the head; after the attack, oppression at the chest, as if from a heavy weight.

The attacks are renewed by the least touch, as well as by the slightest opposition.

Great uneasiness in the head and limbs, chiefly in the hands.

Heaviness in the limbs, with weariness, great indolence and dread of all movement and of all labour.

Failing of strength, paralytic weakness, and paralysis of the limbs.

Paralysis and insensibility of one side of the body.

Congestions (head, lungs).


Over-excitement and too great sensibility of all the organs.

Tendency to be chilled easily, with great sensibility to cold air.

Formication in the limbs.

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