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Belladonna - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Deadly Nightshade, Bellad, Belladona, Bell.

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HPUS indication of Belladonna: Fever
Common symptoms: Fever, Boils, Confusion, Headache, Frantic.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Belladonna in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Sleep and dreams


Frequent yawning,

Frequent yawning, as if he had not slept enough (after two hours and a half),

Frequent yawning, and then shiverings over the body, but which only course along the external surface of the skin, in the evening,

Continual yawning,

Yawning like that of an intoxicated person,

During the catamenia, yawning and chills coursing along the back, (Case 14).

Great inclination to sleep,

Drowsiness (after half an hour),

Drowsiness (after about four hours and a half),

Great drowsiness,

Notable drowsiness immediately on waking,

Invincible drowsiness, especially towards evening; he falls asleep in spite of himself, wherever he happens to be,

Towards evening, even at twilight, drowsiness with yawning; but in the morning the feels as if he had not slept enough,

Uncommon drowsiness and dulness of intellect,

Drowsiness, often with vertigo and yawning,

Continued drowsiness, with desire to stretch the limbs, from 5 to 11 P.M., (after eleven hours),

Drowsiness full of inquietude,

Drowsiness or comatose sleep, with starting awake full of terror,

Sleepiness; the girl closed her eyes for several seconds, then slowly half-opened them again, as if forcibly resisting sleep (after four hours),

In the morning after rising, uncommon sleepiness, although he had slept well during the night; also, on attempting to red, the letters run together,

Somnolent condition,

Great somnolence,


Lethargic slumber,

Fit profound lethargic slumber, with cold face and hands,

The night sleep was quiet and unbroken, with pleasant dreams,

In the morning he is unable to rouse himself from sleep; on awaking he is very much out of humor,

In some of the patients the delirium subsided into a sort of sleep, attended with pleasant dreams, which provoked laughter,

Sleep at night, with dreams which he cannot remember; he fell asleep earlier than usual, and awoke earlier not unrefreshed, but soon relapsed into the lassitude of the limbs continually present at other times,

Profound sleep,

Deep sleep for twenty-four hours,

Very deep sleep,

Very sound sleep with much dreaming, until towards morning (after five days),

She sleeps much, and if the cough awake her she falls asleep again directly, and yet in the morning she is giddily and tired,

Heavy sleep, with starts and jerks of the limbs, cries, singing, complaints, etc,

Soporose condition,

Soporose, stupid condition, from which the child could not be wakened, with convulsions of the facial muscles,

Sopor (after the convulsions),

They lay in a soporose condition, with violent convulsions of the extremities; the head was very hot, the face red, the eyes protruding,

Sopor, coma, or lethargy usually follows the delirium; and sometimes the delirium returns as the sopor goes off,

It is only after moderate medicinal doses that we witness soporific effects; after larger doses, insomnia and delirium occur,

Croaking and moaning in sleep,

During his stupefied sleep, he opens his eyes, looks about him wildly, and relapses into stertorous slumber,

During sleep, tendency to bury the head in the pillow, and draw up the legs,

After a good night's sleep, the boy awoke early, looked wild and staring, and his lower extremities were as if paralyzed, so that he could neither stand nor walk,

On waking, fatigue, headache, and aggravation of all the pains,


He starts up as in affright, and awakes,

He starts as in affright and awakes, when he is just falling asleep,

In the evening, frequent starting as in affright, when just on the point of falling asleep; the feet were jerked upwards and the head forwards,

She started as in affright, in otherwise quiet sleep, feeling as if she were falling deep down, which caused her to shudder violently,

Heavy, disturbed sleep, with stertorous respiration,

Sleep very light,

Sleep restless,

Very restless sleep,

Wakeful from restlessness,

At night, the boys became restless, spoke irrationally, and could with difficulty be kept in bed,

With restlessness, he woke from the noon sleep, screamed, and stamped his feet,

Restless sleep, with active dreams,

Sleep restless, disturbed by dreams and irrational talking,

Uneasy sleep before midnight; the child tosses about, kicks, and quarrels in its sleep,

Frequent awaking at night out of sleep, as if he had slept enough (first night), (?).

Frequent awaking out of sleep, and though he turns now on this side and now on that, still he finds no rest, and cannot fall asleep again,

Waking up too early, often with inability to go to sleep again,

She awakes in the night full of fright and fear; it appeared to her as if there was something under the bed which made a noise; she felt dry heat on awaking,

Waking directly after midnight in a sweat, he cannot go to sleep again; and the sweat continues during the waking hours,

He wakes out of sleep three times about midnight; he raises himself three times to vomit, with cold sweat as from anguish, but in vain,

Continual but ineffectual efforts to obtain sleep,

Sleeplessness, ,

Sleeplessness for several days,

Sleeplessness for several nights,

Sleepless until 1 o'clock, not restless; then slept till 6.30 A.M.; rose unrefreshed,

Nightly sleeplessness, with restlessness and agitation,

Sleep prevented by anguish,

Nightly sleeplessness owing to anguish, with drawing pains in all the limbs,

He cannot sleep at night; a fancy that he has some pressing business hinders him from sleeping,


He dreams immediately on falling asleep,

Slept, well, except dreaming,

She dreams more than usual, but peacefully, and about household affairs,

Vivid dreams, which, however, he could not remember,

Sleep full of dreams; she was occupied with a great number of people; she wished to get away, but could not,

Dreams of performing gymnastic exercises, of walking, running, and riding in a carriage,

He had every night dreams which much fatigued his mind, and was prostrated in the morning when he ought to have got up,

Anxious and frightful dreams,

He is disturbed by frightful visions when falling asleep,

Frightful dreams vividly remembered,

Fright in dreaming, in consequence of which he awakes with sweat on the forehead and at the pit of the stomach,

He was constantly awaked out of sleep by frightful dreams and convulsions,

Sleep intolerable, on account of greatly increased pains and frightful dreams,

He dreams of danger from fire, and awakes in consequence,

Dreams of battles, fires, and of being pursued by giants,

At night, very stupefied sleep, anxious dreams about murderers and street-robbers; he heard himself shouting loudly once, but did not thereupon come to his senses,

Sleep disturbed by miserable phantoms,


The general effects of Belladonna on the circulation predispose to sweating,

Increased transpiration,

Sweat (after some hours),

General sweat suddenly occurring and as quickly disappearing,

Perspiration which stains the linen yellow,

Copious sweat,

Profuse sweat, (Case 6).

Profuse sweat, especially at night,

Profuse night-sweat which does not weaken,

Profuse sweat at night, sometimes only on covered parts,

Profuse sweat, with diuresis, (Case 21 and 22).

Profuse cold sweat of the hands,

Violent sweating every night,

Sweat in the morning,

Night-sweat (), which smells like something burnt,

He sweats over the whole body at the least exercise, mostly on the face, down the nose. While walking in a strong wind, and so sweating, colic is induced,

Sweat during the sleep,

The hair is very often moist with perspiration,

Frequent and profuse perspiration of the face,

Cold sweat on the face, especially after eating,

(Fever; after the chill felt quite well for a few hours, then sweating in the face, hands (?), and feet (?) before the heat come on; no sleep during the hod stage; slight headache with the sweat in the face; but none in the cold stage or in the hot),

Sweat of the feet, without warmth, in sitting,

Sweating of the genital organs in the night,

Skin of the whole body remarkably dry,

Skin dry and insensible (after six hours),

Skin dry and burning (after six hours),

The skin was dry and burning, and the pulse small, wiry, hard, and extremely frequent,

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