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Belladonna - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Deadly Nightshade, Bellad, Belladona, Bell.

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HPUS indication of Belladonna: Fever
Common symptoms: Fever, Boils, Confusion, Headache, Frantic.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Belladonna in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Emission of a quantity of watery urine, with sweat,

Frequent discharge of pale, watery urine, with copious sweat,

Whitish urine,

Bright-yellow, clear urine (after four hours),

Golden-yellow urine,

Urine with greenish reflections,

Water deep red, with a light sediment,

Blood-colored urine,

Urine dark, and increased,

Emission of dark, bloody urine (after one hour),

Belladonna increases the vesical mucus in the urine,

Urine with a white, thick sediment (after twelve hours),

The urine becomes turbid like yeast, with a reddish sediment,

Thick, yellowish-red brickdust sediment in the urine,

Discharge of gravel with the urine,

Bladder, Kidneys, and Urethra.

The bladder half paralyzed,

His bladder was full of urine on admission (after nine hours),

Pain in the region of the bladder; desire to urinate; only a few drops of urine were evacuated by the catheter,

Burning in the bladder, with frequent urination, especially at night,

Sensation of turning and twisting in the bladder, as if from a large worm, without desire to micturate,

Tenesmus of the bladder,

Dull pressing in the vesical region during the night,

Nephritic colic, often accompanied with vomiting,

Painful sensation on urinating and evacuation, for some time,

Irritation in the urinary passages, especially the neck of the bladder, with strangury, and passage of dark, bloody urine, with great heat; scarlet redness of skin, the whole body, palate, and pharynx (after one hour),

Burning in the urethra and violent urging to urinate, without being able to pass any,

A long stitch in the urethra, which commenced in the bulb and extended to the orifice, in walking (after three hours),

Between the acts of micturition, dull shootings in the urethra behind the glans, especially during movement,

Raw pains in the urethra, with discharge of a few drops of thick, yellowish mucus, and sometimes of blood,

Titillation in the urethral canal, with feeling as if a sound was being turned round in it,


No inclination to pass water,

Frequent desire to urinate,

Very frequent desire to urinate, even if only a few drops had accumulated,

Frequent desire to urinate, but the urine voided in remarkably small quantities, although of a natural color, ,

Urging to urinate, but can only do so drop by drop,

Frequent call to pass water, which yet could only be done after a great effort and guttatim.

The urine was normal, and micturition caused no pain,

Violent urgency to urinate, the urine, however, passed only with difficulty, in a small stream,

Frequent urinating,

Frequent micturition, obscuration of vision, and thirst in the morning, (Case 14).

Much urinating,

Some urine passed (after an enema) for the first time (after thirteen hours); twenty-four hours after this urine excreted copiously,

Urine more copious than the drink taken would warrant,


(Belladonna is, indeed, in the truest sense of the word, a diuretic, and more powerful, perhaps, than any other we possess).

One other fact relative to the effects of Belladonna is worthy of note, viz, its tremendous diuretic power. I Have observed that it does not seem to reach the kidneys until it has been some time in the stomach, and has exerted its specific influence upon the brain. But its power over the secretion of urine is very great. I am confident I passed, in the course of an hour, three pints of urine, accompanied with a slight strangury at the neck of the bladder,

The diuretic effect of the drug now (after two and three hours) began to be experienced, he patient evacuating an enormous quantity of limpid urine,

Frequent and copious emission of urine (after one hour),

Frequent copious emission of pale, diluted, watery urine,

Frequent, rather scanty, discharge of thick, reddish-brown, iridescent urine,

Emission of urine increased, and mostly involuntary,

He cannot retain his urine,

Involuntary micturition (in three children),

Involuntary emission of urine (in three children),

The urine continued to flow involuntarily without interruption, and was like clear spring-water, without smell. When one attempted to catch the urine in a chamber, the patient took the vessel, and held it off with one hand outside the bed, while with the other he held his penis, and continued to urinate,

Unconscious emission of urine while in a stupor,

His urine escaped from him during a deep sleep in the daytime,

Involuntary urination, often at night and during sleep,

After urinating, cold sweat all over the body,

The urine became more scanty, and passed with exertion (after one hour),

Diminished urine,

Remarkable diminution in the urinary excretion,

The urine was scanty for the first twenty-four hours,

Anuria in two cases,

Excretion of urine now increased, now diminished,

Difficulty in urinating,

Bladder full and distended; the urine flows slowly and sluggishly through the catheter,

Violent strangury towards the close,

Violent strangury, with bloody micturition (case of poisoning by 46 grains of the extract),

Could neither urinate nor discharge stool,

He passed no urine, and the bladder was evacuated by the catheter, the quantity being scanty, and strongly ammoniacal,

Retention of urine,

Retention of urine, which only passes drop by drop,

Retention of urine almost invariably occurs during the action of a full dose of Belladonna, and dysuria very often follows. When may encourage a patient to make prolonged efforts to pass urine when fully under the influence of the drug, and he will wither fail altogether, or only pass a few drachms, and this not in little jerks which indicate spasm, but in weak driblets. Indeed, the absence of spasm is readily determined. If a full-sized flexible catheter be passed under these circumstances, it meets with no opposition, but passes readily into the bladder, and the urine flows as sluggishly as from the bladder of a patient afflicted with hemiplegia,

Retention of urine; often he would take the chamber without success; he ran much about, could not lie quiet for a minute, and had twitching of the facial muscles (after a quarter of an hour),

Suppression of urine, sometimes with constipation, sometimes with diarrhoea,

Suppression of urine and stool, for ten hours,

Extremely painful irritation of the urinary organs, and especially of the neck of the bladder; the patient constantly desired to urinate; though making every effort the urine passes only guttatim; urine very red and bloody,

She complained of pain in the region of the bladder, placing her hands on the hands on the pubes, and uttering words expressive of desire to pass urine. A catheter was passed amid violent physical opposition and a tremendous torrent of abuse; but only a few drops of urine flowed (after thirteen hours),

Excessive desire to urinate, but the urine is bloody and the emission pale,

Excessive desire to micturate, though he could pass only a few drops of perfectly colorless urine,

Urine passed guttatim,


Red pimples and growths like small condylomata on the penis,

A soft, painless tumor on the glans,

Immediately after urinating, a smarting pain in the outer edge of the prepuce,

Heat and redness of the penis, with constant semi-erection,

In the forepart of the glans, and itching titillation resembling a flea-bite,

Sensation as if caused by an accumulation of serum in the scrotum,

Inflammatory swelling of the testicles,

Drawing and lancinating pains in the spermatic cords and testicles,

Violent shootings in the testicles, which are drawn upwards (after ten, eighteen, and thirty hours),

Discharge of prostatic juice from a relaxed penis,

Nocturnal pollutions,

Nocturnal emission of semen, during relaxation of the penis,

Nocturnal emission of semen without lascivious dreams (the first night),

Feeble, but abundant, ejaculation of semen,



Frequent erections,

Frequent involuntary erections and involuntary emission of urine,

Weakness and relaxation of the genitals (from one and seven-eighths grain),

Irritation of the genital organs, in boys, which was manifested by constant erections, and by seizing the member with the hands,

During micturition, drawing in the spermatic cord,

Before falling asleep in bed in the evening, a tearing upwards in the left spermatic cord, repeated a few times,

Increased sexual desire,

Indifference in the night to the distinction of the sexes; no lascivious, lustful thoughts will enter his head; the sexual desire in the imagination is as if extinct,

Entire loss of sexual desire,

Discharge of prostatic juice,

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