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Belladonna - Genitals Etc symptoms - Hering

Deadly Nightshade, Bellad, Belladona, Bell.

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HPUS indication of Belladonna: Fever
Common symptoms: Fever, Boils, Confusion, Headache, Frantic.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Belladonna in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Spasmodic crampy straining along the ureter, during passage of calculus.

Urine bright yellow and clear, frequent, copious, pale and watery; first clear, becomes turbid on standing; blood red.

When the urine is heated, almost invariably deposits a cloud of phosphates.

Frequent desire with small quantity.

Involuntary micturition, with paralysis of sphincter and retention with paralysis of bladder.

Vesical region very sensitive to pressure or jar.

Sensation of turning and twisting in the bladder, as if from a large worm, without desire to micturate.

Wets the bed; restless, starts in sleep.


Nocturnal emission of semen, during relaxation of penis.

Violent stitches in the testicles which are drawn upwards.

Soft painless tumor on the glans.


Pressure downwards, as if all the contents of abdomen would issue through the vulva; worse morning.

Great heat and dryness of vagina.


Clutching or clawing pains, or transient stitches in the uterine region, parts sensitive, cannot bear least jar.


Sexual desire decreased.

Weakness and relaxation of genitals.

Tearing upwards, in left spermatic cord, evening in bed.

Sweating of genital organs.

Violent pressing and urging towards the genitals, as if everything would fall out there; worse sitting bent, and in walking; better standing, and sitting erect.

Right ovary much enlarged; stitching, throbbing pains; pains come suddenly and go suddenly.


Leucorrhoea, of white mucus; with colic.

Climaxis congestion; axillary glands hard; sudden hot flushes.


Profuse discharge of hot, bright red blood, sometimes dark, clotted, and of a bad smell; flow of blood between the periods.

Painful menstruation.


Lochia offensive, feel hot to the parts.

Labor-pains deficient; cease, have only periodical slight pressure on sacrum; amniotic fluid gone; yet os still spasmodically contracted.

Phlegmasia alba dolens.

Appears as if stunned; semi-conscious and loss of speech; convulsive movements in limbs and muscles of face; paralysis of right side of tongue, foam at mouth; renewal of fits at every pain.

Retained placenta, profuse flow of hot blood, which speedily coagulates.

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