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Belladonna - Head symptoms - Clarke

Deadly Nightshade, Bellad, Belladona, Bell.

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HPUS indication of Belladonna: Fever
Common symptoms: Fever, Boils, Confusion, Headache, Frantic.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Belladonna in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Confusion of the head, cloudiness, and apparent intoxication, chiefly after eating or drinking, or else in the morning.


Stupor and loss of consciousness, so as to know one's friends only at most by the hearing, sometimes with pupils dilated and mouth and eyes half open.

Fulness, heaviness, and violent pressure on the head, chiefly on the forehead, above the eyes, and nose, or on one side of the head, and sometimes with giddiness, stupor, and sensation as if the cranium were going to burst, or with ill-humour and groans, drawing up of the eyelids and desire to lie down.

Sensation of inflation and pressive expansion in the brain.

Dartings into the head, as if from knives.

Violent throbbings in the head.

Strong pulsation of the arteries of the head.

Ebullition and congestion of blood in the head, chiefly on stooping.

Congestion of blood to the head, with external and internal heat; distended and pulsating arteries, stupefaction in the forehead, burning, red face; agg. in the evening, when leaning the head forward, from the slightest noise, and from motion.

Sensation of cold or of heat in the head.

Sensation of fluctuation in the brain, as if there were water in it.

Sensation of a dull balancing in the brain, and shocks in the head, chiefly on walking quickly or ascending.

Profuse pungent-smelling perspiration, esp. on the covered parts, while the body is burning.

Shaking or turning of the head backwards.

Hydrocephalus, with boring with the head in the pillows; sensation as if water were moving in the head; agg. in the evening and when lying; amel. from external pressure, and when bending the head backwards.

Boring with the head on the pillow while sleeping.

Swelling of the head and of the face.


Sharp, tractive, and shooting pains in the head.

Stupefying, stunning headache, extending from the neck into the head, with heat and pulsation in it; agg. in the evening and from motion; amel. when laying the hand on the head, and when bending the head backward.

Sensation, during the pains, as if the cranium were too thin.

Daily pains in the head, from about four o'clock in the afternoon till towards three o'clock the following morning, agg. by the heat of the bed and by a recumbent posture.

The pains in the head are generally aggravated by movement, especially of the eyes, by shaking, by contact, by free air and a current of air; they are mitigated by holding the head back and by supporting it.

Boring headache in the r. side of the head; changing to stitches in the evening.

Pressing headache, as if the head would split, pupils contracted, voice faint.

Smooth, erysipelatous, hot swelling, first of the face, then extending over the whole head, with stupefaction or delirium, violent headache, red, fiery eyes.


Headache, from taking cold in the head, and from having the hair cut.

Cramp-like pain in the scalp.

Copious sweat in the hair.

Affections of the hair, which may split, or come out, or be hard and dry, &c.

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