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Belladonna - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Deadly Nightshade, Bellad, Belladona, Bell.

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HPUS indication of Belladonna: Fever
Common symptoms: Fever, Boils, Confusion, Headache, Frantic.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Belladonna in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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The whole head is muddled for many days,

Bewildered feeling in the head,

Confused and muddled head (after five minutes),

Confusion of the head, aggravated by movement,

Confusion of the head on moving it, but still more on walking; even when relieved, it returns immediately on walking (after five minutes),

In the evening, he complains of confusion of the head; with extraordinary garrulity,

Confusion of the head, as in incipient intoxication, with continually increasing dulness,

Confusion of the head, with cloudiness and feeling of intoxication, as from smoking tobacco and drinking spirits,

Confusion of head,

On getting off the couch she was noticed to be giddy and confused (after five hours),

Heaviness of the head,

Throbbing and beating of temples,


Head confused, with pain in forehead,

Pain in head,

Violent headache, particularly in the orbital region, accompanied by extreme redness of the eyes and face; the redness gradually extended over the whole body, and after a few minutes the whole skin was as red as in scarlet fever,

He was frequently obliged to stand still in walking, from the violence of the pain in the forehead; at every step it seemed as if the brain rose and fell in the forehead; the pain was ameliorated by pressing strongly on the part (after six days),

Dull frontal headache on the left side,

Headache above the orbits, as if the brain were compressed, so that he was obliged to close the eyes,

Violent crampy pain in the frontal eminence, which extends down over the zygoma to the lower jaw,

Early in the morning, headache, as if something in the forehead over the eyebrows sank down and hindered the opening of the eyes (after four hours),

Boring pain under the right frontal eminence, early in the morning, soon after waking,

Drawing pain in the frontal bone and in the nape of the neck, both when at test and during motion,

Gnawing pain externally in the frontal eminences,

Oppressive frontal headache,

Pain in stooping forwards, as if everything would issue at the forehead,

Pressive pain behind and above the eyebrows in the forehead,

Headache, as if the brain would be pressed out, in the forehead, just above the orbits, which prevents the eyes being opened, and obliges him to lie down (with excessive contraction of the pupils and very weak voice), (after five and twenty-four hours),

Violent pressive pain in the left frontal eminence, from within outwards,

Pressive pain below the right frontal eminence, which soon occupies the entire forehead (after ten minutes), decreases at intervals, but only to return with greater violence,

Pressive pain under the frontal eminences, soon after waking, on rising,

Headache above the eyes only, like a weight in the head, early on waking; when touching the eye he feels pain,

Headache, as if a stone were pressing the forehead, relieved by laying the head down, and stooping, with dilated pupils, and whining ill-humor about trifles (after three hours),

Fine shooting, burning pain in the left frontal eminence (after a quarter of an hour),

Violent pains of a tearing character in the anterior part of the head,

Burning-tearing pain in the left frontal eminence (after four hours),

Strong pulsation of the bloodvessels in the forehead, and pain as if the bones were lifted up,

Severe pain through temples,

At 3 P.M., slight headache in left temple (second day),

Dull, darting pain in right temple, affecting the eye (after five minutes),

Drawing and pressive pains in the right temple, with sensation as if it would burst,

Pressive pain in the right temporal region, which on supporting the head with the hand increases to a sense of bursting, and extends into the right frontal eminence (after eight hours),

Violent shooting pain in the right temple, for a quarter of an hour (after twenty-five hours),

Crampy pain, passing off rapidly, in the right side of the vertex (after eleven hours),

Headache in the vertex, a kind of twisting, sometimes also digging, sometimes tearing; the pain became much more violent on external pressure; the skull seemed to be quite thin, as if it could be pressed through,

Tearing pain in the right vertex, increased by movement,

Slight lateral headache (third day),

Pain in left parietal bone, extending to the temples (after five ours),

Headache in left parietal bone, increasing and extending to right temple (after forty minutes),

Drawing pain in the right side of the head, and at the same time in the right arm, when at rest after dinner,

Incessant, dull, pressive pain on one or other side of the head (after five and twenty-four hours),

Darting pain under left parietal bone (after four hours),

Sharp cutting pain in the right side of the head, from the frontal to the occipital region, becoming general, and at last settling in left parietal bone,

Occipital headache,

A cutting pain in the head to the left side of the occipital protuberance,


Eruption of hard and very sensitive pimples on the scalp,

Crusty herpetic eruptions, scales and ulcers, on the hairy scalp,

Sensation as if the hair on the top of the head were being pulled (after three and a half hours),

Pain externally in the whole head, resembling that which remains in the integument after strong tugging and pulling at the hair,

The head externally is so sensitive that the least contact, event the pressure of the hair, gives her pain,

Soreness of roots of hair,

Crampy pain on the scalp, with feeling as if the hair was being plucked out,

Raw pain on the scalp, as if it had been burnt,

The hair of the head, which was previously naturally electric, is so no longer (after twenty-four hours),

Falling off of the hair, chiefly around the head,

Hairs which become discolored, break easily and fall off,


Cloudiness in the forehead, as if an oppressive cloud moved to and fro, especially under the frontal bone,

A sensation externally, as of contraction of the muscles of the forehead and eyes,

Cold sensation in the brain, at the middle of the forehead,

Drawing in the head towards the forehead, as if the brain would dilate,

Tensive pressure in the right side of the forehead,

Sensation as if the brain were pressed towards the forehead, which disappeared directly on bending the head a little backwards (after one and a quarter hours),

Sharp shootings in both frontal eminences, from within outwards (after two hours),

Tearing shootings in the head over the right orbit,

Severe shooting in the right frontal eminence, increased by bending forwards, ameliorated by pressure (after five minutes),

Tearing in the forehead,

Tearing in the forehead, externally,


Cramplike compression at the temples and forehead,

A drawing-down in the temples and in the right orbit,

Cutting pressure in the temples, from within outwards, which increases in violence, spreads through the brain, and there passes into a strong throbbing, constant in all positions,

A pressive feeling of weight from the centre of the brain towards the temples, with diminution of hearing in both ears,

Tearing pressure in the right temple, and in the vertex, which extends in various directions,

Violent pressure in the left temple, from without inwards, which spreads itself over the entire anterior half of the brain, on that side where the head is supported by the hand (after three-quarters of an hour),

Stabbing as if with a knife, from one temple to the other,

Pressive shootings in the temples, from within outwards,

Dull shooting in the left temple, from within outwards,

Vertex and Parietals.

Pressing in the right vertex, shifting to the left and then back again to the right,

Tensive pressure in the left vertex and in the forehead (after twenty-four hours),

In about three-quarters of an hour after rising, and after stirring around quite briskly, the right side of the head ached, but without that heavy feeling (after nine and a quarter hours),

Violent pressure from within outwards, in the whole left half of the brain, especially violent in the forehead (after two and a half hours),

Sensation as if a bar of iron was pressing on the head in the direction of the ears, with hardness of hearing,

Stabbings in the right side of the head, as if with a two-edged knife, which next are felt in the front of the head, then in the vertex, then in the occiput, so that she cannot lie on either side,

Throbbing aches in the parietal region, lasting nearly two hours (after five and a half hours),

Occiput and External.

Sensation of weight, with violent pressing, in the occiput (after two and a half hours),

Throbbing pressure in the left side of the occiput (after five hours),

In the evening, some severe stabs in the occiput, immediately behind the ear, rapid as lightning, so that he could have cried out (after six days),

Some dull shoots in the left side of the occiput,

Nodosities resembling small exostoses, at several place on the head,

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