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Belladonna - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Deadly Nightshade, Bellad, Belladona, Bell.

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HPUS indication of Belladonna: Fever
Common symptoms: Fever, Boils, Confusion, Headache, Frantic.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Belladonna in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Emotions, Rage, and Fury.

Anger, proceeding even to paroxysms of conclusive rage,

She tosses about in her bed in a perfect rage,

Rage the boy does not know his parents,

He bit at whatever came before him,

Inclination to bite those around them,

Instead of eating what he had asked for, he bit the wooden spoon in two, gnawed the plate, and growled and barked like a dog,

She attempted to bite and strike her attendants, broke into fits of laughter, and gnashed her teeth. The head was hot, the face red, the look wild and fierce,

Inclination to bite those about him, and to tear everything about him to pieces,

Inclination to tear everything about them to pieces,

She tears her nightdress and bedclothes,

They stammered out violent language,


Raging violent fury,

Furious delirium, ,

Fury; she pulled at the hair of the bystanders,

The forcible administration of fluid medicine makes her furious,

Such fury (with burning heat of the body and open, staring, and immovable eyes) that she had to be held constantly, lest she should attack some one; and when thus held, so that she could not move, she spat continually at those about her,


Mania, in which the patient was often very merry, Sanguinaria Canadensis sang and shouted; then again spit and bit,

Madness; in his exceeding restlessness he jumped on the table, bed, and stove,

Violent madness; the children scratched themselves with their nails,


Insanity, with various gesticulations,

He is beside himself, raves, talks much about dogs, and his arm and face swell,

Insanity; they stripped themselves, and, clad only in their shirts, ran out into the streets in broad daylight, gesticulating, dancing, laughing, and uttering and doing many absurd things,

Crazy fits, with great loquacity or absolute speechlessness, or with absurd buffoonery, fantastic gestures, and improper behavior,

Left the house and stripped themselves naked; one woman went into the fields to work, at night; another went into the street before the house to dust and sweep; another, with excited singing, cut open the pillows, and scattered the feathers about the yards and street; another went naked to the neighbors to caress the men,

The paroxysms of madness were occasionally interrupted by loud laughing and grinding of the teeth; the head was hot, the face red, the look wild and staring; pulse small, and very frequent; pupils dilated; the arteries of the neck and head visibly pulsating; pulse full, hard, and frequent,

She did foolish things, tore her clothes, pulled stones out of the ground and threw them at the passers-by,

He took a piece of bread for a stone, and threw it far away, laughing violently and running about the room,

Ridiculous gestures; she feels after those about her; now she seats herself; now she acts as if she were washing or counting money, or as if she were drinking,

He talks like a maniac with staring, protrude eyes,



Delirium (mother and child, within an hour),

Continued delirium,

Constant delirium,

Rambling delirium, ,

Idle musing; raving; delirium, with illusions of the senses,

Delirium, returning by paroxysms,

Delirium, either continuous or recurring in paroxysms, mirthful at first, but subsequently changing to fury,

Delirium; she lay upon on side, the head bent forward, and the knees drawn up, gesticulating violently, and murmuring unintelligible words,

Very delirious; she would persist that there were very horrid monsters all over the room, staring at her,

Wildly delirious, but quite fantastic, almost hysterical, laughing, crying, and not at all conscious,

During the delirium, loud screaming, cries, and laughing,


the boy jumped out of bed, talked a great deal, was lively, and often laughed; consciousness was entirely gone; he did not recognize his parents,

the child is very restless, talks confusedly, runs, jumps, laughs convulsively; face purple; pulse accelerated; the look very much changed; he has fever (after one hour),

In the evening he was seized with such violent delirium that it required three men to confine him. His face was lived; his eyes injected and protruding, the pupils strongly dilated; the carotid arteries pulsating most violently; a full, hard, and frequent pulse, with loss power to swallow,

His delirium would now be of a merry, now of a quarrelsome character; sometimes he would see figures which he tried to catch, etc.,

Soon after the spasms, delirium (in which, however, the patient knew his doctor),

Delirium, with fierceness,

Delirium and heat,

Violent delirium, alternating with lethargy; the boy appeared very much heated,

Excited and delirious, with violent motion of the arms and legs, increasing to a raging delirium,

At times he is delirious, at times he answers rightly when questioned, and bemoans himself,

She mutters like one asleep,

Senseless talk, (Case 5).

Continual senseless chattering and laughter (after half an hour),

Speech loud, disconnected,

, (Case 11).

She spoke constantly and rapidly, talking nonsense,

Speaks in broken sentences and deliriously,

Her mind was disordered, so that speech did not correspond to thought, nor thought to sense, nor sense to the objects present,

Her heightened but deluded fancy conjures up before her a multitude of beautiful images,

The boy's fancy was very active, but he passed quickly from one idea to another; they were mostly of a lively character, relating to his plays,

Hallucinations and confusion of mind,

Hallucinations, with vertigo,

Hallucinations, with great restlessness; she did not know the bystanders; she laughed out,

He imagined he saw things not present,

Groped for things which did not exist,

He imagines he sees birds flying off through the chimney, and wishes to follow them by the same route,

Talks of wolves being in the room; with full pulse,

He looked about; he talked about mice and other dark-colored animals which he saw,

Visions of wolves, dogs, giants, and fire,

At the height of the poisoning, the woman was in a state very closely resembling that so often seen in delirium tremens. Excessive terror was painted on her countenance, and she responded to all questions by pointing with a trembling finger to swarms of unclean beasts, which she fancied were scrabbling all over the walls, beds, table, etc., of the wards (from 5 grains used as a suppository),

Fancied he saw ghosts and animals in the fire,

He imagines he sees ghosts and various insects,

He imagines he is riding on an ox, or some such thing,

It seems to her that her nose is transparent, and a spot on the left side of the head transparent and colored brown,

Lying in bed in the evening, it appears to him as if he were floating away with his couch; ten evenings in succession, he imagined, immediately after lying down, that he was floating in his bed,

Lively and playful the next morning, apparently well, but completely unconscious, so that when he was offered a piece of bread he thought it was a stone, and threw it from him,

He sought continually to spring out of bed,

When put into bed, he sprang out again in delirium, talked constantly, laughed out, and exhibited complete loss of consciousness; did not know his own parents (this lasted the whole night),

In his delirium he threw himself down from a height, ,

She jumped into the water,

In his delirium he picked at the bedclothes and threw them off, and sought continually to spring out of bed,

Condition resembling constant intoxication,


State of joyous intoxication; she danced and jumped about in such a way that the neighbors thought she had been drinking,

State of intoxication, with disturbed vision and difficult speech; he imagines that he cannot move his tongue (after five hours),

As if drunk, immediately after a meal,

Directly after a meal, as if intoxicated (after six and a half hours),

Intoxication immediately after drinking the least quantity of beer,

Great excitement; mow he sings, now scolds, while the limbs are in constant motion,

Various gesticulations,

A tailor was poisoned with a Belladonna injection, and for fifteen hours, though speechless and insensible to external objects, went through all the customary operations of his trade with great vivacity, and moved his lips as if in conversation,

He performs foolish ridiculous tricks (after one to eight hours),

The speech was more incoherent in the evening,

The delirium ceases after a meal,


Constant unintelligible talking,

Garrulity; he constantly uses foolish and absurd language, at which he often laughs aloud; when addressed he turns toward the speaker, but does not answer correspondingly (after half an hour),

Great garrulity, with a silly unmeaning smile and laugh,

Garrulity, unlike his usual mood, with squinting and extremely stupid expression,

Great delirium, with lucid intervals,

Violently agitated, throwing his limbs about, groaning and moaning. Apparently unconscious, and did not speak, nor attempt to do so. These symptoms continued for an hour and a half without intermission. He then became comatose, and so continued till his death,

He was quite delirious, the delirium being of a mild vagarious of fantastic character. He could neither hear nor speak plainly, and labored under hallucinations, but was otherwise unconscious. The pupils were widely dilated, and the eyes had a staring look. At first he complained of pain in his throat and of imperfect sight, objects appearing white to him. His pulse was feeble, and almost countless. Urine small in quantity for the first twenty-four hours,

The symptoms were similar to those in case one, with the addition of a flushed face, more active delirium, the grasping at imaginary objects and picking of the clothes being also much more marked,

Immediately after the second draught he walked out, and noticed at once dimness of vision, dryness of mouth and throat, constriction of fauces, a feeling as if the tongue was enormously swollen, dulness of intellect, and weakness of knees, with want of muscular co-ordination. Having reached his room at 6 P.M., two hours after second dose, he became alarmed at his symptoms, called his landlord to his assistance. The patient was running up and down the room, drinking large draughts of water, upsetting pitchers, and in danger of falling. Medical aid was summoned at once. It was noticed at this time that the tongue was very red, and the secretion of urine increased. There were hallucinations like those of delirium tremens, disagreeable, vanishing instantly, and immediately after their departure the patient was aware of their unreality. The yellow corpse of a tall man, shrouded in white, tried to share the patient's bed with him, and the unwelcome visitor was promptly ejected. A crimson Bothrops Lanceolatus serpent came from the foot of the bed, with the design of fastening upon the patient's neck. Rising to his knees, he with his fist drove the Bothrops Lanceolatus serpent's head deep into the bed, and instantly the apparition vanished. He asked his attendant (for he was practically blind) if the blanket had a red border to account for the hallucination. There were large sea-turtles about the room, such as he had seen in the Pacific. After an hour or two of sleep in the early morning the delusions became agreeable, and continued all day. While riding out in the afternoon with a medical friend, trees became personified to him as people in fantastic costume. In the morning there was severe pain in both renal regions, which he partially relieved by pressure with his fists, the elbows planted in the bed, and the body raised in that way quite off the mattress. Further details are given derived from medical attendants. The delirium was "most busy." Picking things from the bedclothes, rising in bed to gather things from the pictures and walls, muttering to himself, he had little time to notice those about him. Great mental and physical prostration, sleeplessness, and pain in the left kidney followed the accident,

General excitement. This was followed by giddiness of intoxication, and a disposition to quarrel, laugh, and talk. The pulse became accelerated, and the mind filled with hallucinations, which increased to a state of absolute madness. This state lasted from one to twelve hours, and was then succeeded by one of insensibility, somewhat similar to that of a person in the last state of intoxication. In the fatal cases, this state lasted to the end,

Appeared dazed, and was ignorant of what had occurred, like one who had had an epileptic attack (second day),

Seems to see birds flying past and wishes to follow them,

She moved her hands as though she wished to seize something,

His speech is disconnected,

Rage and convulsions, with grinding of the teeth,

Laughs in the most extraordinary manner,

Laughing and talking alternately,

Constant loquacious delirium, he talks without cessation of the pains at the neck of the bladder,


Remarkable loquacity,

Extreme anguish and agitation,

Comatose condition, in which she died (one case),

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