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Belladonna - Modalities Etc

Deadly Nightshade, Bellad, Belladona, Bell.

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HPUS indication of Belladonna: Fever
Common symptoms: Fever, Boils, Confusion, Headache, Frantic.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Belladonna in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Modalities etc

(Before menses), Uterine colic, etc.; sexual desire; lassitude, etc.


(Forenoon), Attacks of nausea.

(About noon), Cough, etc.

(Noon), Squeezing together in umbilical region.

(Towards evening), Stitches in chest; drowsiness, etc.; fever, etc.

(Before midnight), Uneasy sleep.

(About midnight), Hiccough; wakes three times, etc.

(After midnight), Tearing in the teeth.

(Every other day), Febrile symptoms.

(In open air), Pains in head; bursting sensation in head; pain in forehead; toothache.

(On admission of open air), Pain in teeth.

(Walking in open air), Anguish, etc.; pressure in brain; weakness of vision; disposition to vomit; itching at the anus; tension in tarsal joints.

(On ascending stairs), Shocks, etc., in head; heart clucks; lassitude in legs.

(On ascending stairs rapidly), Jerking headache.

(After bathing), Unusual chill.

(After drinking beer), Internal heat.

(Bending forwards), Shooting in frontal eminence.

(Bending head backwards), Pain in neck.

(Bending upper part of body to left side), Pinching in abdomen.

(When bending feet together), Pain in metatarsal bones.

(In biting anything), Teeth painful.

(Blowing nose), Offensive small in nose.

(After breakfast), Squeamishness.

(Cold air), Pains in face.

(Cold bathing), Pains in general;.

(Contact), Pains in general; pains in head; toothache; pains in hips, etc.; itching shooting in pustule on lip.

(Contact with air or food), Pain in lower teeth, etc.

(Contradiction), Pains in general.

(Coughing), Pains in head; stitches in sternum; much straining, etc.

(When crying), Hoarseness.

(During Deglutition), Tearing in corner of jaw; shootings in pharynx, etc.

(Descending a hill), Sensation in joints of lower extremities.

(After dinner), Headache; when at rest, pain in side of head; praecordial anxiety.

(Drawing oneself in), Pinching in abdomen.

(After eating), Toothache; putrid taste in mouth; pinching below umbilicus; pain under larynx; cough, etc.; cold sweat on face.

(Exercise), Pains in hips, etc.

(Exertion), Pains in general; pains in head.

(During expiration), Shooting in cartilages of ribs.

(When feeling side of neck), Shootings in pharynx, etc.

(When grasping), During chill, shootings in finger-tips.

(Great heat), Pains in general.

(In bright light), Weakness of vision.

(After a meal), As if drunk; in a few minutes, toothache; bitter eructations; vomiting of food; immediately, stab in the thigh; coldness, etc.

(During midday meal), Spasm of the stomach.

(After midday meal), Every day, heat of body.

(During menses), Anxiety; thirst; fever, etc., praecordial anxiety; tearing in back, etc.; yawning, etc.

(During mental occupation), Toothache.

(After drinking milk), Vomiting; colic.

(Motion), Confusion of head; vertigo; headache; pains in head; pain in forehead; pain in right vertex; swelling on cheek; between acts of micturition, shootings in urethra; stitches in chest; palpitation, etc.; trembling of arms.

(After a confined motion), Distension of the abdomen, etc.

(Moving eyes), Pains in head; sparks before eyes.

(Noise), Pains in head.

(Change of position), Vertigo.

(Pressure), Headache in vertex.

(Light pressure), Throbbing in forearm, etc.

(Pressure on epigastrium), Pain as if hypochondria were being pressed out.

(Too prolonged repose), Pains in general.

(On rising), Pain in forehead returns.

(Rising from seat), Pain in crests of ilia.

(Sitting), Reeling sensation in head; humming, etc., in ears; stiffness in back; shoots in muscles of thigh; pain in knee; shooting in patella; prickings below patella; bubbling in knee.

(Sitting bent), Pressing-out feeling in groin; Pressing towards sexual organs; shoots in dorsum of foot.

(During sleep), Cough; violent cough, etc.; scarlet redness of face, etc.; sweat.

(After sleep), Pains in general; ill-humor.

(After a long sleep), Thirst.

(Standing), Colic; pressure in forepart of tibia.

(Stepping), Pressure in head; shootings in genital region.

(During stool), Shootings in rectum.

(After stool), Tensive sensation below navel; sense fulness in abdomen.

(When stooping), Blood mounts to head; fulness below short ribs, etc.; pain in glutei muscles.

(After supper), Mirthfulness; praecordial anxiety, etc.

(Supporting head with hand), Pain in temporal region.

(Change of temperature), Pains in face.

(After smoking tobacco), Loss of appetite.

(Touch), Pain in neck; throbbing in forearm, etc.; pain in middle finger-tip.

(Treading), Pressure in head.

(When treading on left foot), Shootings up to the knee.

(When treading on heel), Pain in ball of heel.

(On turning in bed), Whole system began to feel bad.

(On turning head round), Shootings in pharynx, etc.

(After diminution of sweat), Thirst; appetite fell off.

(While urinating), Drawing in spermatic cords.

(After urinating), Cold sweat all over; immediately, pain in edge of prepuce.

(On waking), Weeping, etc.; convulsive extension of the limbs; fatigue, etc.

(Walking), Confusion of head; vertigo; colic; stitch in urethra; pressing towards sexual organs; oppression of chest, etc.; stitches below clavicle; sensation in joints of lower extremities; tension in hip-joints; heaviness, etc., in thighs; hamstring feels tight, etc.; pain in metatarsal bones; tearing in left sole.

(Walking quickly), Jerking headache.

(While walking in a strong wind and sweating), Colic.

(Change of weather), Pains in general.

(In a wind), Pains in general; pains in face.

(Yawning), Stitches in sternum.


Afternoon, till midnight, violent motion, as ascending steps, stepping hard, coughing, etc., every movement, light, opening or moving eyes, noise, open air, stooping, lying with head low, drafts, uncovering head, cutting hair, cold bathing, getting wet, after anger.

WORSE, touch, jar, noise, draft, after noon, lying down.

Heat of sun; if heated

Afternoon (3 PM)

DRAFTS; on head; hair cut (Glo)

Washing head

After taking cold









Hanging down


(On bending head backwards), Sensation in brain disappears.

(After continuing to drink), Bad smell, etc., of milk disappears.

(On beginning to eat), Return of appetite.

(While eating), Toothache.

(Passing flatulence), Distension of hypogastrium, etc.

(Letting leg hang down), Jammed sensation in legs.

(Laying head down), Headache.

(On lying down), Pain in forehead disappears; humming, etc., in ears.

(On lying on right side), Cutting in belly disappears.

(After a meal), Delirium ceases.

(Passing tongue over teeth), Toothache.

(Pressure), Shooting in frontal eminences; pain in left arm; tension in sole of foot.

(Strong pressure), Pain in forehead.

(Pressing eyes upward), Burning in eyes, etc.

(On rubbing), Itching shootings in umbilicus disappear.

(Sitting), Pain in forehead.

(On sitting down), Colic disappears.

(Sitting erect), Pressing towards sexual organs.

(Standing), Humming, etc., in ears; pressing-out feeling in hypogastrium; pressing towards sexual organs; cramp in lumbo-sacral region, etc.

(Stooping), Headache.

(Sugar), Burning in throat (for a moment).

(Walking), Humming, etc., in ears; cramp in lumbo-sacral region, etc.; bruised pain in thighs, etc.


External pressure, drawing head back, laying hand upon, reclining head, wrapping it up.

BETTER, semi-erect.

Light covering

Bending backward

Rest in bed

Desires and aversions

Takes pleasure only in voluptuous ideas,

Inclination to violent exercise and rapid travelling,

Fondness for games of chance,

Love of solitude, aversion to society, and dislike to conversation,

Dread of solitude, of ghosts and thieves,

Not inclined to talk; he desires solitude and quiet; every noise and the visits of others are disagreeable to him,

She abhorred all liquids, and acted frightfully, bit the jaws tightly together, and raved so that she was obliged to be tied down,

Aversion to all fluids, so that she demeaned herself frightfully at the sight of them,

Abhorrence of all liquids; he would scream violently as soon as a spoon or glass containing liquid was brought to his lips, would convulsively set his teeth together, and, if forced to swallow some, violent general convulsions would immediately occur,


The expression and actions denoted uncommon cheerfulness; with incessant senseless talking,

Merry craziness,

In the evening, the boy was uncommonly lively and cheerful; he laughed, screamed, Sanguinaria Canadensis sang, and quarrelled in a loud voice, but very soon became sick, and vomited,

Unrestrained and exuberant mirth; inclined to quarrel without cause, and disposed to laugh in an annoying manner,

Very mirthful mood; he is inclined to sing and whistle (in the evening, after thirteen hours),

Great mirthfulness after supper; the vital powers were increased to an extraordinary degree for a quarter of an hour, after which came drowsiness,

Frequent laughter, (Case 5).

Loud laughter, ,

Constant loud laughter,

Involuntary, almost loud, laughter, without having any laughable thoughts,

Stupid laughter and merry delirium,

She laughs a long time with herself, (Case 5).

Continual laughter, whereby the subjects jumped high up, from emotions of wild joy, danced, made the most remarkable gesticulations, and performed different motions of the body with the greatest rapidity and dexterity (after one hour),


He sings and warbles,

Singing and loud talking in sleep,

Very excited mood; she is readily brought to weep,

Violent weeping, whimpering, and howling without cause, accompanied with timorousness, usually within twelve hours,

Weeping and extreme ill-humor on awaking out of sleep,

In the intervals free from spasms, she utters the most violent cries, as if she were suffering great pain,

Dejected, despondent,

She is so anxious and confused that she fears she is about to die,

Anxiety and inquietude,

Very anxious and timorous,

By day, great anxiety; she has no peace anywhere; it seemed to her as if she must flee away,

Anxiety, anguish, trembling, constant restlessness; groans, cries, and weeping, especially in the afternoon and at night,

Anxiety during the menses,

Much anxiety, followed in an hour by perspiration,

In her momentary lucid intervals she complains of intolerable anguish, so that she wishes to die,

In walking in the open air, she is overwhelmed with tearful anguish; she is weary of life, and inclines to drown herself,

Tearful timidity,

Timid mistrust,

Cowardice, distrust, suspicion, inclination to run away,

He starts in affright very readily, especially when any one approaches him,

Events which had been previously anticipated with pleasure appeared to him in an anxious light; he thought them fearful and dreadful,

Timorous insanity; he is afraid of an imaginary black dog, of the gallows, etc.; more in the first twelve hours than afterwards,

On seeing a drink which was offered him, he became very restless, the gesticulations and rolling of the eyes became more violent, and the face assumed an expression of great fear,

He escaped, under some pretext, into the open field,

Extreme irritability of temper,

The merest trifle provokes and irritates him; he is dissatisfied with everything,

Exceedingly irritable and sensitive humor, with inclination to utter abusive language and to strike,

Fretfulness; nothing seemed right to him; he was vexed with himself,

He was fretful about this and that,

Extremely morose and serious,

Silent ill-humors (after eight hours); on the two following days he was in his wonted mood; the day after that, however, his ill-humor returned,

Whining ill-humor about trifles, with headache as if a stone were pressing the forehead,

Want of cheerfulness, ill-humor, inclined to nothing,

Extreme ill-humor after sleep; he bites those around him,

He is very easily made angry, even about trifles,

Violent quarrelsomeness, which cannot be appeased,

At times he is delirious, at times he answers rightly when questioned, and bemoans himself,

At one time he utters ridiculous nonsense, at another he talks rationally,

After the talkativeness, dumbness,

Hourly alternation of weeping and fretful humor,

At first, sad, weeping, which then passed into impatient and vehement howling (with chilliness), (after one hour),

Sighing, alternating with jumping and dancing,

Groaning, alternating with bursts of laughter, songs, and gambols,

Disinclination and indifference to everything; deficient activity of mind and body,

Apathy; nothing could make an impression on her; after some days there succeeds a very sensitive, fretful mood, in which nothing gives her pleasure,

Extreme indifference for hours; one could have taken her life without affecting her,

Intellect, Thought.

Paroxysm of cerebral exaltation, with abundance of ideas and images, generally fantastic and incoherent,

His uncommon liveliness and readiness of thought, and the absence of his customary hypochondriac moods, seemed remarkable to himself and the physician,

He spoke rapidly and hastily,

Mental confusion, so that he knew not whether he was dreaming or awake,

Confusion of mind; he imagined himself rich, owner of a large house, etc. (after a quarter of an hour),

Confusion of mind, general trembling, transient heat of face (after half an hour),

Confusion of mind, with flickering before the eyes,

Confusion of the senses; sleepy, yet awake, he imagines he is dreaming,

Thoughts became disturbed and confused,

Talked confusedly,

Speech slow and confused,

Disordered consciousness,

First this occurred to him, and then that, he could not think in an orderly manner, and forgot immediately whatever he thought or red about,

His manner of expression is incomplete; speech very difficult,

He sat lost, as one in a dream,

Heedlessness and frequent absence of mind,

Mental weakness,

Weakness of the mind and memory,

Loss of understanding and memory,


Irrationality, stupidity,

Loss of the thinking faculty; one stupid, and like an idiot,

Intellectual obscuration,

Obtuseness of sense,

Impaired understanding for some weeks,

Entire disappearance of intelligence,

He does not seem to know where he is,

He paid no attention to those about him, in fact, seemed unconscious of their presence; only now and then, when addressed in a loud voice, he stared at the speaker for an instant, like one suddenly roused from a sound sleep. The face was a little flushed (after eight hours),

Disinclination to all kinds of mental exertion,

Aversion and incapacity for all work, and especially for all efforts of thought,


Lively memory (after twenty-four hours),

He remembers things long bygone,

He remembers things which happened three years ago,

Temporary return of the lost memory, (Case 5).

Diminished memory,

Loss of memory,

Forgetfulness of what had taken place,

His memory, for two or three days after, was very defective,

Memory very poor for two or three days; he remembered nothing which took place after the doctor came,

Very weak memory; he forgets in a moment what he was about to do, and cannot recollect anything,

Absence of mind; he is apt to do his business wrong, and forgets things which he had just intended to do,

During the headache, disappearance of the thoughts; she forgets what she has just thought, and cannot recollect herself,

He did not know his own relations,

The boy does not recognize his parents,


Insensibility, loss of consciousness, ,

Insensibility to all external objects,

Insensibility, rattling breathing, and convulsive movements in the face and hands,

Entire insensibility, stiffness of the lower limbs, extreme distension of the superficial bloodvessels, with strangely red, swollen countenance, very full and rapid pulse, and excessive sweat,

Complete loss of consciousness,

Consciousness disappears; he no longer recognizes his surroundings, and begins to rave (after half an hour),

Loss of the senses, (after two hours),

Senselessness, as in intoxication, and a kind of active delirium,

After a little time, loss of consciousness, with stertorous respiration,

He lay four days without taking any nourishment, motionless, like a dead person; he could not be roused,

Lethargic, apoplectic condition; for a day and a night they lay without any motion of the limbs; if pinched by the bystanders, they opened their eyes, but uttered no sound,

The patient's manner was apoplectic, and severe engorgement of the vessels was present. This state of partial coma was alternated by paroxysms of uncontrollable tendency to motion and rapid automatic movement, attended with convulsive laughter. No well-marked convulsions made their appearance, although, during the brief intervals of sleep, a slight subsultus of the muscles of the face and extremities was noted.

A sort of coma, with small, weak, unequal pulse,

Comatose condition, with rattling in the throat, very red face, dilated pupils, convulsions of the upper extremities, very hot skin, with red spots on neck and chest, and feverish pulse (after half an hour),

Stupor and loss of consciousness,

Slight stupor or lethargy,

Persistent stupor (after five and a half hours),

Stupor, with violent convulsions of the extremities,

Stupefaction, ,

Well-marked state of stupefaction,

Very great stupefaction,

Profound stupefaction, which, at times, is interrupted by a shrill scream, betraying great anxiety,

Stupefaction and vertigo, from congestion of the head,

He lies as if stupefied; rattling in the throat; twitchings of face and hands (after half an hour),

Stupefaction; she lost consciousness, became restless, and struck about forcibly (after hour hours),

Thirst; drinks water, wants lemonade.

Great thirst in evening with watery taste; all drinks are loathsome.

Violent thirst at noon.

Desire for lemons (which prove beneficial).

Repugnance to beer, acids, coffee, Camphora camphor.


Unnatural appetite; he wants to eat all the time and relishes everything,

He is seized with a desire for this or that, but he has no relish if; he eats its,

Appetite for thin broth, and for bread and butter, but for nothing else,

Appetite very much diminished,

Loss of appetite,

Complete loss of appetite,

Loss of appetite, with increased thirst,

Want of appetite,

Want of appetite, with headache, (Case 10)

He ate without appetite or taste; swallowing was somewhat difficult on account of dryness in mouth and throat, with a feeling of fulness in the abdomen; repeated gripings around the navel, as if he were obliged to go to stool; relieved after passing wind,

All his appetite goes away after smoking tobacco,

No appetite; he loathed everything,

Repugnance to acids,


Great thirst,

Anxious seeking for drink,

Excessive thirst for cold water (after four hours),

Excessive thirst, with preference for cold water,

Considerable thirst for cold drinks, without heat (after seven hours),

Desire to drink from large vessels and a great deal at a time,

Extremely troublesome thirst,

Violent thirst,

Violent thirst (after one hour),

Violent thirst, which he is unable to satisfy on account of inability to swallow,

Great thirst and difficult swallowing,

Unquenchable thirst, with uncommonly slow pulse (after ten hours),

Desire for beverages, without appetite for drinking; he scarcely put the drinking-vessel to his mouth before setting it down again (after eight hours),

Tormented with burning thirst and heat in all parts; she craved drink from time to time, but repelled it when offered,

Aversion to milk, which she generally and very readily drinks; it appears to her to have a loathsome, very disagreeable smell, and (bitter, sourish) taste, which disappears, however, after continuing to drink,

Most astonishing thirst in the evening, with watery taste, though all liquids are loathsome to her,

Great thirst during the catamenia,

After a long sleep, violent thirst, (Case 19).

After the sweating at first induced had diminished, the thirst increased, and the appetite fell off, (Case 10).

Thirst very slight, notwithstanding the general heat,

No thirst,

No desire for drinks; absence of thirst,

Aversion to all fluids, so that she behaves frightfully at the sight of them. The forcible administration of fluid medicine makes her furious,

Coffee is disagreeable to her,

Repugnance to beer,

Eructations and Hiccough.

Ineffectual inclination to eructate. Half-suppressed, incomplete eructations,

Slight eructation,

Frequent eructations from the stomach,

Sobbing eructations; a spasm composed partly of eructation and partly of hiccough,

Eructations tasting of the ingesta,

Sour eructations,

Burning, sour eructations, during which a corrosive acid moisture came into the mouth, with a kind of strangling,

Frequent bitter eructations,

Putrid eructations, (Case 8).

Eructations and vertigo, (Case 15).

Eructations with want of appetite, (Case 17).

Several attacks of violent hiccough,

Violent hiccough, which jerked her up, after which she became deaf until the next attack,

Frequent spasmodic hiccoughs, which go on even to suffocation,

Violent hiccough about midnight, (Case 6).

Squeamishness after breakfast,

Frequent loathing and retching, (Case 2).

Position etc

Disinclination and aversion to walk or motion.

Restlessness; he was obliged constantly to move the body to and fro, especially the hands and feet.

Cannot stay long in any position, at one time lies, at another sits, again stands, in all of which he constantly changes his position.

Motion 2, 8, 17, 20, 21, 33. Walking 3, 17, 22, 28, 32, 33. Every step 3. Ascending 3, 29. Descending 33. Standing 22. Sitting 3, 28, 33; erect 22; bent 22. Stooping 2. Backwards 17. Rising 3. Lying down 3, 27.

Remission forenoon and after 12 P.M.

Morning 12, 23, 27, 36. Noon 14, 27. Afternoon 20, 26. Evening 14, 22, 26, 27, 37, 40. Night 7, 10, 27, 33. 11 P.M. 27. Midnight 16. Day or night 40.

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