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Belladonna - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

Deadly Nightshade, Bellad, Belladona, Bell.

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HPUS indication of Belladonna: Fever
Common symptoms: Fever, Boils, Confusion, Headache, Frantic.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Belladonna in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



General Appearance.

Cold, painful, long-lasting nodosities and swellings (seemingly a secondary effect),

Distension of the cutaneous veins,

Skin appeared white like a statue (unnatural),

Yellowish color of the skin,

Swelling, heat, and redness of the skin,

Inflammation of the surface of the whole body,

The affected parts are much disposed to take on a phlegmonous, erysipelatous, and gangrenous character,

Erysipelatous inflammation, which appears, disappears and returns frequently on the face, and sometimes on the chest and nipples,

Redness of the whole body (), with quick pulse,

Redness of the whole body, with quick pulse,

The skin red; superficial veins swollen,

Skin red, with only slight fever,

Face, chest, and extremities extremely red,

, In the girl, general scarlet redness,

Redness, like scarlatina, of the entire surface of the body (after six hours),

Scarlet redness of the surface of the whole body, especially of the face, with marked action of the brain,

A scarlet redness suddenly spread over the body, especially the face and limbs, with which appeared heat and exaltation of all the faculties; still without thirst,

Scarlet suffusion of the skin in young children and those who have a delicate skin. Generally, nothing more than a temporary blush, but in rare cases, and in persons who are liable to vascular irritation of the skin, the redness remains, and its disappearance is attended with slight roughness and desquamation,

Scarlet redness of skin of face and neck, followed, on the second day, by peeling off of the cuticle,

Scarlet redness of the face and chest during sleep,

Blotches and growths on the skin, like sugillations, ecchymoses, and boils,

Inflamed red patches of the skin, and irregularly-shaped scarlet spots over the body (after sixteen hours),

Spots and red pimples at the nape of the neck and back,

The skin of the whole body, especially the chest, is spotted scarlet, without heat of the head, or increased temperature of the body,

Dark-red scarlet spots over the whole body, with small, quick pulse, tightness of the chest, an existing cough much increased in violence, delirium, excited memory, rubbing of the nose, and dilated pupils,

Chest and belly are covered with small, red, somewhat elevated, painless spots, frequently disappearing and then suddenly reappearing, with general redness of the skin,

The chest and thighs are sprinkled over with very small dark-red spots, of irregular shape and size, (Case 19).

The backs of both hands are covered with small red spots, when disappear again speedily,

Dark-red spots on the face, resembling those of scarlet fever, with full pulse,

The skin is rough, and chaps easily,

Skin very easily wounded; it seems to be burned and excoriated by contact with the lightest garment,

Eruptions, Dry.

Small, hard, subcutaneous tumors,

A great many comedones or black pores in the skin,

Erythema of skin,

Erythema and burning itching of the vulva,

Scarlet eruption (first day),

Eruption like scarlatina all over face and body (after six hours),

The eruption, which recalls closely enough that which characterizes scarlatina, has been noticed by numerous observers,

The face, upper extremities, and trunk exhibited a diffuse scarlet efflorescence, studded with inumerable papillae, very closely resembling the rash of scarlatina. The eruption terminated abruptly at the wrists and flexure of the thighs, the rest of the body retaining the natural color. The skin was hot and dry,

Scarlatina-like eruption on the face and neck, not on the trunk or extremities,

Scarlet eruption on the arms and legs (in several cases),

Cutaneous eruption resembling measles,

Eruptions like roseola and scarlatina, with fever, sore throat, cough headache, etc.,

Red or whitish miliary eruptions, like nettle-rash, with burning itching,

Miliary and measly eruptions, as also pustules, as of small-pox, on the face,

Papular eruption resembling Usnea Barbata lichen agrius, especially on the hands,

Papular eruption on face, and furuncles,

Small, pale-red papules in the corners of the mouth, with sensibility; they soon disappear without suppurating,

Red, burning, and very obstinate pimples, especially on the forehead,

Pimples and ulcers on the lips,

A white-tipped pimple under the left wing of the nose, without pain,

Small, red, and very burning pimples on the tip of the nose,

Small, intensely itching pimples on the legs,

At the root of the nose, two small red elevations, which feel painful, as if subcutaneously ulcerated, only when touched (after sixteen days),

Moist, Pustular, and Ulcerated.

Blisters, as from burns, on various parts of the body,

Blister on the finger, with painful inflammations,

Eruption on the skin of bullae, which emit a quantity of limpid or creamy lymph; and there with such intense pain that the patient, though accustomed to suffering, cannot refrain from lamentations and tears. When on the foot, it is so painful that she has to keep the limb horizontally extended and motionless,

Bullae, which easily burst open, on the palmar surface of the foot, and on the tibia,

Boil upon the shoulder,

Boils on the calves and thighs,

Pustules and some small ulcers,

Pustulous pimples, with swelling and redness of the surrounding parts,

Small, red, painless pustules appear on the temple, at the right corner of the mouth, and on the chin; when scratched, bloody serum exudes (after thirteen hours),

On the skin of the face a slight pimply exanthema broke out, which suppurated slowly, and dried up in a few days,

Pustules at the borders of the lips, with smarting pain,

A small pustule on the upper lip, with creeping sensation while untouched, but contact produces an itching shooting therein,

Pustules break out on he cheek and nose, which rapidly fill with pus, become covered with a crust,

Pustules appear on the nape of the neck and on the arms, quickly fill with pus, and become covered with a crust,

The back, especially in the scapular region, is covered with large red pustules; the whole skin looks red, and smarts as if sore when touched, but in the tips of the pustules there is fine shooting (after ten days),

Eruption like small-pox with tendency to invade the brain and mucous membranes,

Herpes and pustules, especially on the face, ulcerating and bleeding easily,

Burning ulcers, which bleed very easily,

Ulcers and crusts on the pinnae of the ears,

Painful ulceration on the side of the nostrils where the latter unite with the upper lip,

The nostrils and the corners of the lips are ulcerated, but neither itch nor pain,

In the corner of the mouth an ulcer with red edges and corrosive itching,

Corners of the mouth ulcerate, just at the commissure of the lips, with uncommonly severe tearing pains roundabout, even when unmoved and untouched,

Scarlet redness over the whole body,

Scarlet redness over the whole body, with pain and heat in the throat, desire to urinate, and painful discharge of bloody urine,

Her body and limbs were covered all over with a beautiful scarlet rash, resembling the rash of scarlatina, but this disappeared in a few hours (after sixteen hours),

Transient redness over the whole body, especially on the chest and neck,

Face, neck, and upper part of the chest reddened and congested (after nine-hours and half),

Scrotum blistered,

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