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Benzoic Acid. - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Benzoic Acid, Benzoicum Acidum, Benz.-ac, Benzene Carboxylic Acid, Carboxybenzene, E210, Dracylic Acid, Acidum benzoicum, Benzoicum Acid, Benz-ac.

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HPUS indication of Benzoic Acid.: Bedwetting

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Benzoic Acid. in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Nodes on the joints of the upper and lower extremities, knicking and cracking on motion,

In both wrists, between the metacarpal bones, abundant gouty deposits, and swelling of the elbow-joints. The ankle, also is not free (1 drachm daily for six months),

Old, gouty concretions, (Neidhard.)

Tearing and fine stitching in various parts of the limbs,

Upper extremities

Sensation of swelling under the axillae,

Tearing pains, apparently in the bones of the arm,

Fine or severe stitching on the outer surface of the right arm; afterwards on the left arm, inner surface (evening of first day),

Tearing below, in the right radius,

Tearing at the outer surface of both wrists, as if in the bones (third day),

Cold hands,

Cold hands with head symptoms,

A kind of itching in the palm of the right hand, with slight but deep tearing in the upper metacarpal joints of the little and ring fingers (evening of first day),

The fingers are as if swollen; a ring became too small (second day),

The fingers remain somewhat swollen; therewith tearing and fine stitching in various parts of the limbs, especially in front at the metatarsal joint of the right great toe (fourth to seventh days),

Pain in the finger joints of the right hand,

Paralytic pain of the fingers,

Tearing in the metacarpal joint of the left thumb,

Tearing deep in the upper joints of the left index finger (second day),

Lower extremities

Lassitude in the lower extremities,

Sensation as if the lower limbs were tightly bandaged,

Pain in the right hip,

Gnawing pain in the left hip, then in the thigh, next in the knees, then in the toes,

Pain in the left hip, in the knee, and the toes at the same time; the worst in the toes; leaving the toes, it seats itself in the muscles of the calf, and then in the knee. After leaving these parts it appears in the right thigh and ankle,

Tearing pain in the anterior surface of the thigh,

Swelling of the right knee, with pain as of ulceration of the whole leg, with pains in the kidneys, (Neidhard.)

Cracking in the knee joint,

Sense of dryness in the knee-joint,

Pain in the right knee,

Pain in the left knee,

Pain in both knees,

Drawing pain in the knees after drinking wine,

Pain in the gastrocnemii,

Sharp pain in the left ankle during the time it supports the weight of the body while walking,

When supporting a slight part of the weight of the body upon the left foot, severe pain in the tendo Achillis, close to the os calcis,

Pain in the right tendo Achillis and in the region of the heart at the same time. After leaving the right, the pain appears in the left tendo Achillis,

Numbness in the toes,

Pain in the toes,

Pain in the large joints of the great toe, with slight tumefaction and redness,

In the small toes of the right foot, especially in the middle joints, a kind of deep sensitive tearing; subsequently, in the right knee, the last joint of the metacarpal bone and of the left thumb, and in the radius of the right forearm, etc. (second day),

Deep, persistent tearing in the lowest joint of the great toe (second day),

Tearing and stitching, especially in the metatarsal joints of the right great toe,

Stitch passing perpendicularly upward through the right great toe, followed by a burning, which increases gradually to a stitch; appearing afterwards in the left great toe, from which it vanishes with a thrilling sensation, in the morning while lying down (eighth day),

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