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Benzoic Acid. - General symptoms

Benzoic Acid, Benzoicum Acidum, Benz.-ac, Benzene Carboxylic Acid, Carboxybenzene, E210, Dracylic Acid, Acidum benzoicum, Benzoicum Acid, Benz-ac.

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HPUS indication of Benzoic Acid.: Bedwetting

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Benzoic Acid. in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Wakes after midnight, with violent pulsation of the heart and temporal arteries (pulsation 110 in the minute), without external heat, and cannot fall asleep again. In the morning, the tongue, covered with a white mucous coat.

some nausea and total loss of appetite. Had eaten peaches in the evening. In the afternoon, at four o'clock, all these symptoms had vanished (fourth day),.

Given for a tormenting, tight cough, every powder produced a violent cough, then extraordinary weakness, sweat, and a state of coma lasting an hour.

at the same time the skin is paler and cooler.

the pulse weaker and less frequent.

respiration normal (from the sublimated but not purified flowers). (Ilish, in Med. Zeit. Russl., 15, 1852)..

Urine of a very repulsive odor, of a changeable color, brownish, cloudy, of an alkaline reaction.

effervescing with hydrochloric acid.

white, flocculent sediment in the urine immediately after its passage, consisting of the phosphate and Calc Carb carbonate of lime, without uric acid. The patient was pale, languid, with a sense of weakness in the loins. (Farquhar).

Dark reddish-brown urine, of greater specific gravity than normal, with an acid reaction, even after some weeks.

at the same time many fleeting pains deep in the region of the bladder, not when urinating, but at other times.

also with deposit of mucous granules, and, when standing, becoming, in a few days, covered with a thick, filmy crust, (one-twentieth grain of the undiluted acid). (C. Hg.).

The most marked characteristic pertains to the odor and color of the urine. It has a marked action on metabolism. It produces and cures symptoms of a uric acid diathesis, with urine highly colored and very offensive, and gouty symptoms. Renal insufficiency. Child wants to be nursed in the arms, will not be laid down. Pains suddenly change their locality. Anti-sycotic. Gouty and asthmatic.

Strong urinous odor of patient

Changing or gouty rheumatic pains, worse at heart or alternating with urinary symptoms

Pains alternate with heart symptoms

Painful, gouty nodes

Hygromae (Ammonium Carbonicum Am-c)


Meniere's disease (Salicylicum Acidum Sal-ac)

Salty vomitus

Copious, grayish stools; like soap-suds; of a pungent urinous odor; very foul; white

STRONG, HOT, DARK-BROWN URINE; foul, ammoniacal or odor of horse urine


Hard, dry cough

Cracking joints; in knees

Profuse sweat, without relief; night sweats

Benzoic Acid. Benzinum C6 H5 CO. OH. Obtained, by sublimation, from Gum benzoin; or artificially from several aromatic hydrocarbons. Tincture or trituration.

The leading note of Benzoic acid is the occurrence, as a concomitant of any morbid condition, of strong-smelling urine, generally also dark. Benzoic acid is a chilly medicine, the symptoms being agg. in open air.

by uncovering. amel. by heat. Pains suddenly change their locality, but are mostly felt in region of heart. Joints crack when moving. Symptoms appear left side first, then right. Asthma has been cured by it, especially in rheumatic persons. Inflammation of bronchi and lungs, with great tenderness of chest, cough agg. night, lying on right side. Some of the chief symptoms are Inclined to dwell on unpleasant subjects.

if he saw any one deformed it made him shudder. Tongue spongy on surface with deep cracks and spreading ulcers. Sensation of lump (as of food) in pit of throat.

of swelling and constriction. Throat symptoms are amel. by eating. Watery, light, very, offensive stools (in children), stools like soapsuds, with usually strong-smelling urine. Enuresis nocturna.

urine dark, strong-smelling.

heavy, hot. smelling like horse's urine. Shivering before stool. Long-continued, dry cough after suppressed gonorrhoea. Ganglion of wrist and bunion of great toe I have frequently cured with Benzinum Benz. ac. In these cases an ointment (one ounce of the 3x to cetacean ointment one ounce) is a useful external adjunct. Tearing and stitches in great toe, especially right (gout). Swelling and pain of right knee. Gouty concretions. "Most of the symptoms appear on the left side, but may subsequently come on the right" (Guernsey). Motion agg. most symptoms, but headache is agg. at rest, and toothache is agg. lying down.

Benzoic acid Benzinum C6 H5, CO, OH.


Whenever we see in the nature of a remedy a well-defined state and condition of the human system pointed out by certain distinctive groups of symptoms we may know that there is such a diseased state in the human family.

They have not the power to create by themselves any diseased state except there is first such a state in the economy of the human race to be aroused.

They simply call up in a single individual something that the individual has, and that something belongs to the human race, and so whenever we see a diseased state in the remedy we know that it exists in correspondence to something in the human race.

Things are so adjusted that everything is for use. There may be conditions in the human race that we, as yet, know no remedy for.

We see certain groups of peculiar symptoms frequently repeat themselves and we know they are representatives of a state of the economy, but up to this day we may not have seen in the Materia

Medica their counterpart.

In medicines we have the exact counterpart the diseases of the human race.

Gouty constitution Now Benzoic Acid. has a state and condition that is sometimes called the gouty constitution, the uraemic or the lithaemic constitution, and, these cases are very difficult to manage, as the state is so persistent. It is one of the manifestations of Psora

They are subject to rheumatic attacks and pains in the joints, showing the gouty constitution, and then they have relief when the urine is copious and heavily laden with deposits.

but on comes an attack when they have more or less urine, but it is light in specific gravity, and then they are full of pains.

in that way they fluctuate.

Now, the young prescriber will sometimes see the patient when he is passing large quantities of uric acid forming the red pepper deposits and he thinks he must stop that; his main idea is to check that one particular thing.

But the patient is a great deal better off while he has it. To cheek it is like suppressing a skin eruption, or restraining any other manifestation of disease.

It will be noticed, as one of the foremost things in Benzoic Acid.'s manifestations, that it has strong smelling urine; the urine is pungent, and it sometimes becomes so strong that it smells like, Hippuricum acid, and so it is said urine smells strong like that of a horse.

The odor in Benzoic Acid. approximates that of Hippuricum acid.

Complaints The complaints then, of Benzoïc acid are such as are changeable, and we know why they are changeable.

when the urine is copious and plenty of uric acid is being passed, and the urine is full of deposits, then the patient is at his best.

when the urine is scanty or of light specific gravity he suffers from backache and pains in the joints, he suffers from atmospheric changes, is sensitive to cold drafts and to the air.

but let the urine start up again, which it does in a sort of alternating way, light urine alternating with heavy urine, and the patient is comfortable again.

Then, there are complaints in which the urine smells strong and pungent; this often occurs in children. It is astonishing that these little ones manifest the uric acid diathesis in early life.

It has cured many times wetting the bed involuntary urination in sleep, when the bed that has been wetted several times becomes uncleanable.

You can smell it almost as quick as you go into the room; the children all, smell like urine, strong urine; the house smells like urine. If two or three of these little fellows wet the bed at night, the urine is so strong it tells the story at once.

Benzoic Acid. medicine needs reproving; details have not been brought ou yet in nature is known. We have a good many medicines having this nature, but this is perhaps as intense as any.

Benzoic Acid. does not. of course, fit all these patients, because it does not fit their special symptoms; but it has the nature or general state which, of course, precedes everything, and when it relates to all the particulars as well it does make wonderful changes.

"Inclined to dwell on unpleasant things; if he saw anyone deformed, it made him shudder."

Alternation of profound sleep with prolonged periods of wakefulness. In the period of wakefulness, he dwells, during the night, upon all the unpleasant subjects that he can think of.

Benzoic Acid. state alternates with nights of stupid sleep for weeks, and this fluctuates, in accordance with the fluctuation of the state of urine.


"Anxiety while sweating."

"Child cross."

"Fearful pain in occiput or cerebellum."

"Rheumatic pains in head."

That is well described, because these headaches of uraemic character take on a similarity to rheumatic pains.

"Pain and heat in region of organs of reverence and firmness."

"Tearing pain in vertex."

The headaches are very numerous; the remedy is full of dull, aching occipital headaches, coming on in the night from change of weather.

Pains located in the base of the brain after pains have existed for some time in the joints, and they are passing but little urine.

Every time he takes a little cold the urine becomes scanty and he is full of dull aches and pains in the head and especially in the occiput.

Smell Perversion of smell.

"Sense of smell diminished."

"Pain in nasal bones."

Tongue Another form of transformation scene takes place in Benzoic Acid., when all the gouty symptoms of the body cease and inflammation of the tongue comes on.

The pains in the joints cease suddenly from taking cold, from stormy weather and on comes a sudden swelling of the tongue.

Merc Viv Mercury also has this state.

"Extensive ulcerations of tongue, with deeply chapped or fungoid surfaces."

Then, again peculiar kinds of sore throat take place from this same cause.

Sudden stoppage or slacking up of the quantity of urine.

it becomes scanty, high colored, and pungent, smelling like that of a horse (Nitric Acid Nitric acid) along with acute inflammation and swelling of the tonsils and throat inflammation of the tonsils with scanty, strong, pungent urine smelling like that of a horse.

Metastasis Another feature that seems almost like metastasis.

Take an individual who is going around with more or less rheumatic aches in the joints; he takes cold and all this ceases, but the next day he comes down with inflammation of the tongue or sore throat, or inflammation of the stomach; so that he vomits every thing he eats.

The gout goes to different parts and in this instance it goes to the stomach; and then Benzoic acid, Antimonium Crudum Antimonium crud. or Sanguinaria Nitrica Sanguinaria is likely to be useful.

When it goes to the throat or is followed by swelling of the tongue Merc Viv Mercury and Benzoic acid should be thought of.

Whenever this gouty condition goes to the stomach, of course it must conform to those symptoms that are in the nature of Benzoic Acid..

In Benzoic Acid. we have

"loathing, sickness at Stomach,"

"nausea with gagging,"

"vomiting of a salty substance; bitter,"

When we think of Benzoic acid for the stomach symptoms, it is important that we have in mind its whole nature, how it brings about its complaints and what characterizes a Benzoic acid patient.

We would not be able to distinguish from the stomach symptoms alone we must carry with them the character of the remedy.

Its striking ones I will call your attention to, but remember its migrating, metastatic nature, its complaints going from one part to another, which will accompany these symptoms.

"Stools, copious, watery."

Benzoic Acid. is true in summer diarrhoea that has come on suddenly, "excessively offensive,"

The white stool, like soap-suds, is so strong a symptom that the remedy does not fail to cure even when the gouty constitution is not present.

"Excessively offensive, scenting the whole house."

"Putrid, bloody."

"Watery, light-colored, very offensive stools (in children)."

So we get the idea that the stools are white and that the first passages are like soap-suds, but later the soap appearance subsides and leaves a white stool.

It is well, often, when a stool is passed that is of a light liquid, to bear in mind a few remedies that produce this state and ascertain whether it is like soapsuds or filled with bubbles of air.

"Diarrhea of children."

The urinous odor of the body, and especially that peculiarly pungent, intense smell of the urine.

"Slightly elevated, wart-like, round surfaces around anus."

The urinary symptoms are too numerous to read.

"Foetid urine."'

"Urine of a very repulsive odor."

"Effervescing with hydrochloric acids."

The odor is sometimes like hartshorn; it is pungent; these are only efforts to describe the strong smell.

"Urine dark brown."

It is true that normal urine after standing a while will get a foetid odor, but in Benzoic Acid., that just passed is properly described as being intensely urinous.

"Urine contains mucus and pus."

"Morbid condition of urine renders urine acid."

it says in the text "Hippuricum acid," but this is a rare condition.

"Brown urine smells sour."

"Too frequent desire to evacuate bladder."

"Nephritic colic."

"Urine dark, urinous odor highly intensified."

Gouty troubles of the liver; rheumatism; nephritic colic; it has cured such states after gonorrhoea, but it is not much of a gonorrhoeal remedy.

When the rheumatic states and these symptoms are present there are more or less pains in the kidney.

" Sore pain in the back; burning in the kidney."

"Prolapsus uteri with foetid urine."

"Retention of urine in infants."

"Asthma with inflammatory rheumatic complaints."

"Cough followed by expectoration of green mucus."

Pains in the heart. So in this diathesis, with the strong smelling urine and the gout, we may expect affections of the heart.

"Pains change place incessantly."

"Palpitation of the heart."

The rheumatism, of course, is affecting the heart.

"Awakens after midnight with violent pulsations of the heart."

Think a moment and you will see in what kind of a case you will need Benzoic acid

"cannot go to sleep."

Think of the alternation of sleeplessness with sleep; think of the strong urine, of the fluctuating complaints, of the erratic constitution.

"Palpitation worse at night."

"Rheumatic pains in extremities relieving heart."

There we get relief; complaints going back to the extremities with relief to the heart. The heart will relieve when the urine becomes copious or when the rheumatism goes back to the extremities, into the fingers and knees, especially the knees in Benzoic acid

Rheumatism alternating between the extremities and heart. This medicine has cured affections of the heart when the rheumatism has a long time ago disappeared from the extremities and has ever since been affecting the heart.

after Benzoic acid has been administered a very good sign of its action is that the extremities become painful and the urine becomes copious.

free urine and solids increased.

the urine becomes heavy, whereas it was light.

"Hard, frequent pulse."

"Lassitude in lower limbs."

"Swelling of knee."

All gouty affections belong to Benzoic Acid..

"Gouty concretions."

"Nodes on joints."

Benzoic acid is often an excellent palliating remedy in old gouty constitutions; they want to be relieved of the pains in their fingers and in the nodes and joints. The fingers crack and are clumsy and painful.

But often the pain has been relieved and gone to other parts. This is one among the remedies that will drive the complaints away from the internal organs and generally increase the pain in the extremities, which they will scold about.

"Trembling with palpitation of heart."

"Extreme weakness; sweat and comatose condition."

Note that comatose condition with sweat; the Benzoic acid patient sweats without relief.

Copious, exhaustive sweat and profound sleep, but there is no relief.

"Awaken with difficulty of breathing."

Pulsation all over.

"All sorts of catarrhal states; gouty diathesis, gout with arthritic nodosites, syphilitic rheumatism, etc."

These patients are getting low down in the scale of life, the tissues become feeble. Ulcers form upon the skin and mucous membranes.

The grand central characteristic of Benzoic Acid. is found in the urine, which is scanty, of a dark brown color (like French brandy), the urinous odor being highly intensified. This odor comes at the time of passing and remains afterward. One need not wait on a long-standing specimen to find it. It is found in connection with rheumatism, quinsy, dropsy, diarrhoea, headache and other diseases. Of course many other remedies have offensive urine, like Nitric Acid Nitric acid urine offensive like horse urine, Berberis Vulgaris Berberis, but the deposit is turbid, Calc Carb Calcarea ostrearum, but the deposit is white. Benzoic acid often smells horribly, with no deposit at all. Both Benzoic acid and Berberis Vulgaris Berberis are great remedies for arthritic troubles with the urinary symptoms. Lycopodium Lycopodium and Lithium carb. also claim attention in this affection, the concomitants deciding the choice. I have seen wonderful relief from Benzoic acid in nephritic colic with the characteristic offensive urine. In dribbling of urine of old men with enlarged prostrate it has also done good service. The urine in the clothing scents the whole room. Menstrual difficulties and prolapsus uteri with the characteristic urinary symptoms are. also relieved by it. Heart troubles of rheumatic origin also. So we have a widely diversified list of diseases in which Benzoic Acid. is the one, and all seem to be connected with this one strong characteristic symptom.


Asthma. Bladder, affections of. Bunion. Cracks. Diarrhoea. Enuresis. Eye, tumours of. Ganglion. Gonorrhoea. Gout. Joints, affections of. Knee, pain in. Rheumatism. Sycosis. Throat, sore. Tongue, sore. Tonsils, enlarged. Ulcers. Urine, disorders of. Wens.


URINE Kidneys





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