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Benzoic Acid. - Modalities Etc

Benzoic Acid, Benzoicum Acidum, Benz.-ac, Benzene Carboxylic Acid, Carboxybenzene, E210, Dracylic Acid, Acidum benzoicum, Benzoicum Acid, Benz-ac.

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HPUS indication of Benzoic Acid.: Bedwetting

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Benzoic Acid. in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), On waking, head symptoms occur; when sneezing, excitement, etc., of head; white coat on tongue; loss of appetite; nausea; directly after rising, cough; on waking, difficulty of breathing; while lying down, stitch through great toe, etc.; on waking, heat.

(Forenoon), While sitting, pressure on head, etc.; urinary symptoms.

(Afternoon), Vertigo.

(Evening), Symptoms of nose; thirst, etc.; in bed, especially on breathing deeply, stitch in chest.

(After midnight), 2 A.M., wakes, with palpitation; wakes, with heat, etc.

(Every day), Cold in head renewed.

(Open air), Eye symptoms.

(When walking in open air), Sensation of voices in ear.

(Exposure to draught of air), Head symptoms.

(When ascending a height), In pregnant women, gastric disturbances.

(Bending body to either side), Pain in left side.

(When blowing nose), Trunk-symptoms.

(On drinking coffee), Bitter taste.

(During coryza), Heat.

(After drinking), Palpitation.

(While eating), Sweat.

(After mental emotion), Head-symptoms occur.

(Inspiration), Excites cough.

(On drinking milk), Bitter taste.

(On moving after long sitting), Trunk-symptoms.

(Periodic), Head-symptoms.

(Reading by artificial light), Eye-symptoms.

(Respiration), Pain in side.

(Rest), Head-symptoms.

(While sitting), Palpitation.

(Before stool), Horripilation.

(When swallowing), Noise in ears; sensation of voices in ear; soreness of tongue.

(On turning in bed at night), Trunk-symptoms.

(Uncovering oneself), Head-symptoms.

(When walking), Stomach-symptoms; eye-symptoms; sweat.

(After drinking water), Flat taste.

(After drinking wine), Pain in knees.


WORSE, in open air; by uncovering.

Open air


Changing weather


(Evening), Increased appetite.

(After eating), Mouth and throat symptoms.

(Friction), Symptoms of the face.

(External heat), Symptoms of the face.

(Pressure), Symptoms of the face.

(After stool), Cutting about the navel.



Profuse urine

Desires and aversions

Appetite in the evening; lost in the morning; nausea.

Thirst with sleepiness; evening.

Position etc

Rest 4. Motion 34. Walking 5, 17, 40. Ascending 17, 24. Bending to either side 28. Stooping 21. Sitting 29. Lying 29.

Morning 3, 11, 14, 25, 40. Afternoon 2. Evening 14, 28. Night 29, 33, 40. Midnight 29.