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Berberis Vulgaris - Face symptoms - T.F. Allen

Barberry, Berberis, Berber, Berb.

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HPUS indication of Berberis Vulgaris: Itching

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Berberis Vulgaris in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



In General, and Cheeks.

Pale expression of the face (in persons much affected by the drug), a dirty grayish look, sunken cheeks, deeply seated eyes, surrounded by bluish or blackish-gray circles; very sickly expression for a long time.

A dark red, very painful, small spot appears, following a transient sensation of coldness; it soon enlarges, and by and by extends over the whole face, with a sensation of great heat; this symptom repeated several times in one afternoon (fifth day).

A feeling as if cold drops of rain spattered in the face on going from the house into the open air, several times (seventieth day, et seq.).

A chilly, tearing pain in a small spot on the left cheek.

Pressive pain, sometimes alternating with tearing, in the left upper jaw.

Sticking cold sensation in a small spot on the left cheek.

Tearing, pressive pain in the left cheek-bone, especially in the malar fossa (tenth day).

Tearing, sticking pains in both cheek-bones (fifteenth day, et seq.).

Tearing, sticking pain in the right cheek, shooting by jerks into the temples, lasting for several minutes (after two and a half hours).

Severe tearing in the posterior portion of the left cheek-bone in three violent jerks from below upwards.

Tearing pains in the right upper jaw, extending from the angle in front of the ear into the temple.

Aching pressing jerk in the right cheek, as if one had received a box on the ear (thirty-third day).

Lips and Chin.

A bluish-red color on the inner side of the lower lip.

On the inner side of the lower lip towards the angle, a dull red, somewhat bluish spot about the size of a small bean.

Dryness of the lips.

In the morning after rising and also during the day, a sticky feeling on the margin of the lips.

Fine burning in several small places in the upper lip.

Burning in the outer margins of the lips for half a minute, frequently also longer, as if they had been covered with pepper-water, or were swollen, several times.

Burning sensation in the upper lip, in the right corner of the mouth, as from pepper, with a bubbling sensation and a drawing-downward feeling in it (twenty-second day).

In the right half of the lower lip a pressive-pinching pain, as if it were pinched with the fingers for several minutes.

Fine stitches in the margin of the lips; sometimes itching, sometimes burning.

On the left side of the upper lip a twitching, bubbling sensation, as if something were jumping on it for several minutes.

Slight tearing in the left side of the upper lip, with some burning and tingling.

Fine, painless, quick throbbing in the upper lip just over the right corner of the mouth, for half a minute.

Itching in the lips, which disappears on rubbing, but soon returns; sometimes biting or burning.

Cold burning sensation on the left side of the chin.

On the margin of the horizontal ramus of the right lower jaw, about the middle, a pressive pain in the bone, as if the place were squeezed together with two fingers (fifty-fourth day).

A burning stitch in the left side of the chin.

Pain in the lower margin of the left lower jaw, near and just in front of the angle for half an inch, only noticed when touching it, feeling as if one had received a blow on this spot, for several days in succession (forty-sixth to fifty-second day).

Pressive-sticking pain in the jaws, especially in the lower, during the day and also in the night (thirteenth day).

Jerking stitches in the angle of the left lower jaw, digging-biting extending in the row of teeth on the lower jaw and the back teeth for half a minute, as if the gum were loosened from the teeth, or as if they were raised up.

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