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Bismuthum Oxidatum - General symptoms

Precipitated Sub-nitrate Of Bismuth, Bismuth, Bismuthum Oxydatum, Bism-ox.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bismuthum Oxidatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Irritation and catarrhal inflammation of the alimentary canal, is the chief action of Bismuthum Oxidatum.

Bismuth (including the Subnitrate "Magistery of Bismuth" Bi2 O3. 2HNO3; the Nitrate Bi O2 HNO5; and the Oxide Bi 03). Trituration.

Bismuth exerts its chief influence in the stomach and stomach region. It causes a pure gastralgia, not associated with catarrh like that of Nux Vomica Nux. There is vomiting of large quantities and intense thirst, with ejection of water immediately after it is taken.

food is retained a little longer. Burning, griping, lancinating, with dull pain in back or spasmodic vomiting. The pains are chiefly piercing, tearing, burning, cramping, and screwing. Headache alternating with gastralgia. There are tearing pressing pains in the bones of the hands and feet, spasmodic affections of the muscles of face and limbs. Haemorrhages.

the blood being dark, pitchy. Anaemia, and with this there is an itch-like eruption. Corrosive itching on side of tibia. Gangrene and gangrenous ulcers, bluish.

or dried, parchment-like. Piedvache has recorded a case in which a Bismuth dressing applied to a burn produced the following results Pseudomembranous stomatitis, with disseminated plaques, the membranes resting on black spots. Black borders on gums.

loosening of the teeth. Pharyngeal angina (uvula, tonsils, and palatine arch).

false membrane, slightly adherent, and of slight consistency.

slate-coloured spots all over.

later, sphacelus of soft palate. Vomiting, hiccough. Pain along oesophagus. Diarrhoea, albuminuria. O. W. Smith has verified "Pain in stomach amel. bending backward".

and "eructation tasting of food eaten twenty-four hours before." Cold drinks and cold bathing amel. headache.

toothache. When the water in the mouth becomes warm it agg. toothache. Summer complaints. Headache returning in winter. Motion relieves most symptoms and agg. some headaches. amel. Bending backward (pressure in spine). The patient is restless, moving about.

anxiety. Bism. has a great affinity for affections of r. upper extremity or forehead. Sensation of heaviness in inner parts. With gastralgia there is pressing heaviness. In gastric affections with vomiting, purging, and prostration, the surface of the patient is warm. In summer complaint of children there is cadaverous smell of flatus and of stool. Desires company.

child holds on to its mother's hand. According to Teste, Bism. corresponds to slow digestion, with fetid eructations.

it is hardly ever indicated where eructations are inodorous or sour.

or when gastralgia is accompanied by habitual constipation, without vomiting, or with vomiting of insipid ropy mucus. The stools are preceded by crampy, pinching pains in the stomach. Teste cured with the oxide a wearing, nightly cough in a hysteric lady.

and a case of sub-acute cystitis, with irregular paroxysms of crampy pains in the bladder.

also a case of phlegmasia alba dolens (left).

Petroz having cured another.

Hydrated oxide of Bismuth. Hahnemann. Bi2 O2 OH2

Diarrhoea; stools watery, profuse, painless and offensive or cadaverously smelling.

Vomiting of large quantities and intense thirst; water is vomited the moment it reaches the stomach; food is retained a little longer.

Restlessness, anguish, great prostration; pale with blue rings around the eyes; surface covered with sweat, but it is warm sweat.

Bismuth is one of our best remedies for cholera infantum; genuine cholera infantum, where the disease is sudden in its onset, and rapid it its course. Such cases die in a night or even a few hours, unless Bismuth, Veratrum Album Veratrum, Kreosotum Kreosote or some remedy of such rapid action saves them. With Bismuth the stools are watery, profuse, painless and very offensive.


First to sixth potency.

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