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Bovista - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Puff-ball, Bovista Gigantea, Bov.

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HPUS indication of Bovista: Acne

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bovista in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Burning, externally, in the pit of the stomach, together with frequent fine stitches in it, after dinner,

She relished the food, although afterwards she had a pressure in the stomach as if she had overloaded it,

No appetite for cooked food, only for bread (eleventh and twelfth days),

A child loses its appetite; the whole body becomes hot, with puffy, scarlet face; it lies and vomits mucus and food; followed by excessive sweat through the night, mostly on the head, with nose-bleed twice during sleep (after twenty-seven days),

Much thirst, towards evening, as if she had eaten much salt food,

Frequent hiccough, an hour after dinner,

Pain almost like burning, in both sides of the abdomen, after dinner,

(Colic, and some chilliness, always after dinner),

Violent twinges in the right side of the upper abdomen, after dinner,


Distension and fine twinges in the epigastric region; relieved by passage of offensive flatus at 8 A.M. (seventeenth day),

Distension of the abdomen, with rumbling in it, which disappeared after passing flatus in the morning (fifth day),

Great distension of the abdomen, which constantly increases till midnight, and at last disappears after the passage of flatus (eleventh day),

Much rumbling in the bowels, as from a purge, always relieved by passage of flatus,

Frequent passage of flatus,

Very frequent passage of loud flatus, followed by distension of the abdomen and colic, at 5 A.M.,

Much passage of flatus, after lying down in bed,

Offensive flatus, especially in the morning and evening (first day),

Offensive flatus, and rumbling in the abdomen, in the evening,

Cutting in the abdomen, which extends towards the stomach, and frequently intermitting in the evening; the pains are renewed the next morning and last till noon; only passage of flatus relieves them,

Violent motions in the abdomen, relieved by passage of flatus; with urging to stool, in the evening (fifth day),

Trembling and cutting in the abdomen, as if diarrhoea would ensue, for a quarter of an hour; relieved after the passage of flatus at 10 A.M.,




Nausea and palpitation, worse on motion; with chilliness,

Nausea and coldness, in the forenoon,

Nausea, with chilliness in the morning, with sticking-tearing toothache, especially on the left side; the pains were relieved by cold water,

Excessive nausea and shuddering, in the morning, so that she could not get warm; followed by vertigo, which relieved the headache,


Great qualmishness in the stomach, with inclination to vomit, in the morning; though only water was vomited; with nausea; this ceased after breakfast,

Nausea in the stomach, as if she would vomit, in the forenoon,


Frequent sharp stitches in the right hypochondrium, near the back,

Stitches, with a peculiar indescribable pain, in the right hypochondrium (twelfth day),

Some stitches in the left hypochondrium, and, at the same time, in the left elbow,

Burning stitches in the left hypochondrium, on sitting bent, which disappear on becoming erect,


Very transient burning internally about the navel, at 11 A.M.,

Sticking colic about the navel,

Stitches about the navel (after one hour),

Frightful colic in the umbilical region after eating, as if knives were cutting the abdomen, for several minutes (third day),

Twinges about the navel, with griping, in the morning on waking, as if he should go to stool,

General Abdomen.

Distended abdomen, with pain in it (eighth day),

Severe rumbling and noises in the abdomen, as if diarrhoea would ensue, though a diarrhoea-like stool occurred only after several hours,

Very severe rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen, with constipation,

Very violent pain in the abdomen, as if everything were dried up, in the evening in bed (eighth day),

Cold feelings creep about the abdomen,

Tension and sticking in the upper part of the abdomen,

Spasmodic pain in the abdomen, especially on inspiration and on drawing in the abdomen (after fourteen days),

Colic, night and morning, with diarrhoea,

Frightful colic, so that he was obliged to bend quite double, and could not stand erect, with high-colored urine and much thirst (after twenty-four hours),

Sensations of colic in the intestines, in the afternoon, with an inclination to an evacuation,

Twisting pain in the abdomen,

Cutting pain in the forepart of the abdomen, in the morning; was relieved after eating,

Stitches in the abdomen, as with needles,

Stitches in the abdomen on stooping,

Stitches in the abdomen, with a feeling of discomfort,

The abdomen is sensitive, internally and externally, so that she could not bear it touched and was obliged to walk bent (eleventh day),

Pains, as from suppuration and tearing, in the abdomen, with diarrhoea and great exhaustion, on the last day of menstruation,

Hypogastrium and Iliac Regions.

Pain in the lower abdomen, extending from the left side to the right, as if the bowels were suppurating,

Violent pain as from constriction in the right groin, relieved by stretching out the body,

Pinching as with two fingers in the right groin,

Frequent sharp stitches in the right groin (fifth day),


Gurgling in the stomach, in the morning, relieved after eating (eleventh day),

Gurgling on the left side, near the pit of the stomach, in the evening,

A feeling in the stomach, as if one had fasted, even after eating (twentieth day),

Every morning on rising, it seems as though the stomach was foul, with a nauseous taste in the mouth; after some time this disappears and he has an appetite; for fourteen days in succession,

A cold feeling in the stomach, as if a lump of ice lay in it,

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