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Bovista - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Puff-ball, Bovista Gigantea, Bov.

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HPUS indication of Bovista: Acne

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bovista in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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A feeling of painful contraction, with stitches over the left eye, as if the left frontal eminence would be screwed together.

the pain began at the root of the nose, and extended outward behind the left frontal eminence, with lachrymation of the left eye.

afterwards the place above the eye was sensitive to pressure.

after the pain ceased heat arose over the whole body, with a feeling as if sweat would break out during dinner (fifth day),.

Pain in the upper front teeth.

they pain on touch, and do not bear chewing.

with the upper lip beginning to swell, the toothache was somewhat relieved.

the swelling increases so that the lip hung far over the lower one and was even with the nose.

after the swelling of the lip had somewhat subsided, the left cheek began to swell.

all the swollen parts were painful to touch (after fifteen days),.

Colic-pain in the abdomen, with trembling and gnashing of the teeth, on account of coldness, especially after the stool.

the pain is very violent, especially in the morning on waking, with distension of the left side of the abdomen and urging to stool.

on turning about, or pressing on the abdomen, the side was relieved.

it was more severe during rest.

stool followed after one hour, was first hard, then fluid, with immediate relief of the pain,.

Headache, with heaviness of the head, which makes her ill-humored and unable to think continuously.

the pain is increased on lying, and is most severe on waking from the midday nap, and is combined with a kind of pulsating beating in the head.

its chief seat is in the forehead over the nose, which is at the same time stopped (after fifteen days),.


Heaviness of the head,

Heaviness of the head (after a few moments),

Stupefying headache, especially in the forehead,

In the evening, the head is stupid and heavy, and feels as if bruised (second day),

Headache, on waking, as after too much sleep,

She did not dare to raise the head at night, from dread of unendurable pains, which were somewhat relieved toward morning (after twelve days),

Headache as if suppurating; a raging in the whole brain, coming on in the cold air and continuing in the room at 8 A.M.,

The whole head seems larger than usual, with the headache,

On waking, at 3 o'clock in the morning, very violent headache, with which he feels every pulsation, and which threatens to burst the head asunder; it gradually disappears on the outbreak of sweat, especially on the head (seventeenth day),

A contractive sensation and a feeling of dulness in the head, disappearing after breakfast (first day),

The brain feels as if screwed together, with a heavy sensation, in the morning, disappearing in the open air (eighth day),

Dull headache, frequently returning,

Dull headache, with weariness,

After walking in the open air, violent pressive headache, with a feeling of heaviness, mostly in the occiput, in the morning; this pain disappeared at night, but immediately returned when she went into the open air in the morning, and disappeared again in the room (fifth and sixth days),

Violent pressive headache on coming into the room from the open air, on both sides, with some throbbing, in the evening,

Dull pressive headache, in the morning,

Head feels as if compressed by a tight bandage, but without pain (after a few moments),

Tearing in the whole head, with heaviness and bruised sensation continuing almost constantly,

All the pains are felt deep in the brain,

Dryness in the throat, on waking, sticking on swallowing, and numbness in the mouth, disappearing after rising and eating,

Great dryness in the throat, in the morning, on waking, so that the tongue seemed almost like wood,

Frequent pain in the throat,

Burning in the throat,

Sore throat in the evening; painful when swallowing the saliva, as if something were sticking in the throat; he was unable to swallow food easily,

Scraping in the throat, with irritation to cough (first day),

Every morning, scraping in the throat, with mucus,

The sleep was frequently interrupted by scraping in the throat; she was obliged to hawk up mucus,

Scraping and burning in the throat, as if he had eaten something too hot,

Scraping and burning in the throat, causing a dry cough,

Rawness of the throat, in the morning, after rising, and in the evening, for several days,

Tickling in the throat, which obliges her to cough frequently, in the afternoon, at five (third day),

Slight irritation of the pharynx,

Swelling of the cervical glands,

Swollen cervical glands, with tension and drawing pains, for six days,