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Bovista - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Puff-ball, Bovista Gigantea, Bov.

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HPUS indication of Bovista: Acne

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bovista in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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General Mouth.

(Internally in the left cheek a swelling; this disappeared and a burning blister developed on the cheek externally, filled with yellow fluid, which became flattened and dried up the next day),

Towards evening, the mouth became very dry; in the evening he was always full and satiated, and had no appetite,

Burning and heat in the mouth, without thirst,

Painful tension in the mouth, in the right cheek,



He stammered at times, when reading; was not able to pronounce several words,


The teeth, gums and lips are filled with clotted blood, in the morning, on waking,

Dull toothache, which she had not had for several years, followed by long-continued, elevated, pale swelling of the upper lip and sweat all night, till morning, which was especially profuse on the head (after three weeks),

Gums and teeth

The teeth are frequently coated with mucus,

Slight gnashing of the teeth, now and then, in the evening, as in a chill (after fifteen days),

A hollow tooth seems longer than the others,

Toothache, as if the exposed nerves were rubbed,

In the evening, in bed, toothache, which was only relieved by warmth (after fourteen days),

The toothache ceased on going into the open air,

Painful boring in the teeth, in the evening,

Digging-boring pain in a hollow tooth, with a tearing pain in the right side of the head, and stitches in the ears, very much increased by cold, Digging pain in a hollow tooth, morning and evening,

Tearing-digging in the hollow teeth, extending thence into the temples, in the evening in bed,

Drawing toothache, as if the roots would be torn out, in the evening,

Dull drawing pain in the hollow teeth (after twelve hours),

Painful drawing a few times in a hollow tooth of the right lower jaw, in the evening,

Very painful drawing toothache awoke her before midnight, and lasted an hour, three nights in succession,

Violent drawing pain in the hollow back teeth of the left lower jaw, for two evenings in succession, in bed, which lasted till morning, during menstruation,

Stitches in the sound teeth, especially at night, so that he could not sleep on account of it; the gum bled easily; the pain was relieved if he sucked the blood out of the teeth with the tongue,

The stitches in the teeth extend into the eyes,

Jerking toothache (fifth day),


Swollen, painful gum,

The gum retracts so that the teeth seem longer,

An inflamed spot on the gum over a decayed root, which is painful by itself, and still more when touched, like an ulcer, with throbbing, with a feeling as if the root were too long,

An ulcer on the gum, from which blood exudes on pressure,

Clear blood oozes from the mouth (gum) even without sucking the gum,

As often as he sucks the gum blood comes into the mouth, with which the whole gum becomes painful,


Great dryness in the mouth, as if she had sand in it, with thirst,


Much collection of saliva in the mouth,



Yellow-coated tongue in the morning (after seven days),

A red spot, painful to pressure, near the left ligament of the tongue, where it is united to the tongue, for several days (after thirty-five days),

A small depressed ulcer on the left margin of the tongue, sore and painful to touch,

In the morning, after waking, burning in the tip and a numbness on the posterior portion of the tongue, and over the whole mouth, for four mornings in succession (after thirteen days),

Cutting pain in the tongue, repeated several days,

Numbness of the whole mouth and tongue, in the morning, after walking; it disappears after eating,


Offensive smell from the mouth (sixth day),

The whole mouth seemed numb and burnt, in the morning, on waking, with a bitter slimy taste and soreness of the throat,


Bad taste with much mucus in the mouth,

Bitter taste,

Taste of blood in the mouth,


Sticking pain in the palate, which extends to the chin, for several minutes (first day),

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